SDCC 2016: Richard Rider Returns!

Longtime Nova fans rejoice because Richard Ryder, the original Nova is returning to the  Marvel  Universe in a new on going series with his successor, Sam Alexander. The announcement was made as a part of San Diego Comic Con during the private Retailer Presentation.  Marvel  had previously teased fans in the  Marvel  NOW! preview book.

The cosmic side of  Marvel  got a boost with Annihilation but most of it reached its end with the mini event Thanos Imperative where Thanos took on the  the cosmic heroes of the  Marvel  Universe that left Rider with the choice of allowing Thanos to be free or sacrificing himself to trap the Mad Titan in the Cancerverse. Rider made the heroic sacrifice and was gone from the  Marvel  Universe leaving fans waiting for his return. In the years that followed, every other character that was locked in place in the Cancerverse made their way out including Thanos and Star-Lord who said that Richard Rider was gone forever.

In 2013, Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness introduced the world to Sam Alexander – the new Nova that was closer to the teenage outcast that Rider had originally been. This Nova wore a helmet from his father who was a member of the Black Nova Corps, an elite faction within the main Corps. His father was missing and his series dealt with him looking for him as he learned the ropes. This didn’t sit well with a large portion of the Nova fanbase. While his inclusion in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series and his membership in the All-New All-Different Avengers have warmed fans up to him, and generated a fanbase all his own. But the longing for Richard Rider was still there, and now  Marvel  is giving fans on both sides what they want in a new ongoing with that will feature both old and new Novas!

No creative team or release date has been announced yet. Stay tuned to Comic Frontline for more information as it is released.

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