Shokugeki no Souma Ni no Sara Episode 6- Guess Who Won?

Yes! We finally got to the actual Shokugeki between Soma and Subaru! Let us jump into the moment you’ve all been waiting for, Shokugeki No Soma Ni Sara Episode 6!

The episode starts off with one of those brief outfits with Soma and Subaru in the feudal era. They are wearing the clothes and everything. I think the animation in this scene was higher quality than the rest of the show, but I’m not sure. I just know it looked really pretty and definitely stuck with me for some reason.

Subaru’s twist turns out to have something to do with garniture. As his twist, he uses a pretty amazing combination of spices. Nutmeg, Sage, bay leaf (no one ask me what that third one is I have no clue) and his secret ingredient brown sugar. Yukihira despite this clear leg up doesn’t seem worried and just keeps an eye on his own meal. Making the judges and especially his friends and classmates worry.

The judges analyze the process pretty much narrating about the importance of garnish. Not much to report here. There’s a lot of cooking terminology here, and an awkward groping scene. Again don’t know why but I like the pink haired judge a lot. She’s really adorable. I’m a softie for the cute pink haired anime girls haha. Everyone is thinking that Soma is arrogant and going to loose but those who watch the show naturally know better.

We also are revealed something else. As it turns out Subaru hacked into Sotsuda’s computer and was able to see everything about what Soma was doing in detail and thus making Soma’s defeat easier. This makes Sotsuda feel very guilty. I don’t think it’s his fault at all but damn is Subaru creepy! Him watching Sotsuda from under the desk was probably one of the creepiest screenshots I’ve ever seen in an anime! That’s going up against stuff from Higurashi mind you!

Soma finally start’s talking and it’s revealed he has a bunch of different beef parts ready to go and is improvising on the fly, in typical Soma style. I call Soma style, arrogant yet classy.

Naturally, Subaru isn’t going down easily and prepared for a reaction like this, since all his opponents only react in one of two ways. The dishes are now finished and the judges try it.

The judges all love it and we get a fantasy sequence of one of the characters wrestling pig…wrestlers?? (This show man, I don’t even know I just roll with its weirdness and enjoy it). Naturally, Subaru thinks he has Soma for sure now but Soma merely smirks. I love when Soma goes into this mode. It used to annoy me because I thought he was being needlessly arrogant, but truth be told he has every right to be a bit full of himself. He’s amazing at what he does!

Soma presents his dish. His is obviously the superior one as it makes the female dodges have a fantasy sequence/food gasam. Soma wins by a landslide and will be continuing into the semi-finals!….AaAand no one watching is the least bit surprised. I mean yes it was a great win and awesome to see Subaru knocked down a few pegs. I’m definitely not arguing that but come on, he’s the main character! If he doesn’t win no more Food Wars!

Erina is naturally all pissy that Soma won and walks off, which is funny. I like seeing her not get her way as well. Subaru refuses to accept his loss and is pretty upset about it. Soma has him Subaru try his dish and this is where we get some character development! Soma’s food always triggers backstory drops and character development it seems, heh.

It’s revealed that Subaru really just wanted his Dad’s approval. He didn’t intend to but improved upon his own father’s recipe and actually made it better. His father because of this basically abandoned him and he was exiled. Because of this he basically became cold hearted and went out of his way to screw over the other chefs around him wit his talents. The weird guy with the glasses also suggested that Subaru comes work with him which is…interesting. I’m still not completely sure what his deal is.

We see all the other chefs getting their tools back. A girl thanks, Soma because the knife belonged to a late family member and glares at Subaru before walking off. Subaru agrees to leave the school and not cook anymore. Soma calls him an idiot and karate chops him. We don’t see why until a few minutes in, though. We see Takumi get his tool back and he promises not to loose to Subaru next time. He also lets Soma keep it because he will “Win it back from him anyway.” I honestly don’t doubt that truth be told.

Soma tells Subaru that the chefs at the school are really sore losers and tells Subaru to never plot to take someone’s pride in a single match ever again. Even if he did have a soul crushing experience and shows him that Subaru is a lot more like the other chefs then he thought.

Subaru’s heart finally softens again…after a weird fantasy and him with a sudden long black hair for…reasons I guess. Soma says that he is one step closer to being where Erina is but Erina still insists she is and always will be above him (bitch-). Soma doesn’t seem at all discouraged by that though still keeping his arrogant smirk on.

The episode ends after that! Overall I really liked this episode and love how human the characters are in this show. I think before I dislike a character I’ll try better to understand them before jumping the gun like I did with Subaru. He seemed scary but in reality he was just insecure and feeling hurt, kind of like how real people are! I think this episode teaches a lesson actually, that we shouldn’t judge people by how they seem and we should try and get to know them better, always!

I hope you enjoyed as much as I did! I shall see you all soon for D Grey Man and I bid you all adieu for now!

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