The Flash Races Back To CBS This Season!

The Flash races back to CBS this season, but this time to team up with The Big Bang Theory‘s Dr. Sheldon Cooper. The Big Bang Theory is known for their pop culture references and their affinity of comic book characters, especially The Flash. Sheldon can often be seen wearing his Flash t-shirt, and has even dressed up as him a few times. In fact The Flash is the only character that all the main male characters have ever dressed up as. This year The Big Bang Theory is actually going to bring a live-action Flash to Season 10, but it won’t be The CW‘s The Flash Grant Gustin, or the DC Cinematic Universe‘s Flash Ezra Miller, but with Pretty Little Liars actor Brandon Jones.

“He appears in one of Sheldon’s dreams. He does insane things. It’s a Flash we may not be used to.”

Steve Molaro, Showrunner

Sheldon is known for his dreams over the years he has had dreams of Gorns, Morlocks, Gollum, Professor Neutron as a Jedi Master, and Leonard Nimoy’s Spock. So it is no surprise that when the Scarlet Speedster speeds his way to The Big Bang Theory he would do so through one of Sheldon’s dreams.

The Big Bang Theory will return to CBS for Season 10 starting on Monday, September 19, at 8:00 p.m. ET. And it will be bringing back guest stars Judd Hirsch and Laurie Metcalf, as well as introducing Penny’s family, with Katey Sagal and Jack McBrayer joining the fun. The Flash will make his way back to The CW for Season 3 on Tuesday, October 4, at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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