D Gray-Man Hallow Episode 13: I NEED MORE-

I’m sad we’re at the finale now, but surprise you guys! Instead of waiting until Wednesday I decided to make today a double feature for my articles! Then on Saturday I’ll announce the animes I’m watching and the new format. That way it won’t interfere with the posting schedule I have planned in my head. OK let’s get right into D Gray Man Hallow again, sadly for the last time.

In an interesting turn of events, we get a flashback of Allen as a child in the beginning of the flashback. Cross brings him to a house where an old woman and a clown actor, he kind of looks like Mana but isn’t. I honestly don’t know the Grandmas name so I’ll just call her Grandma and the other guy Barba the way he was named. Allen will be staying with them!

 He doesn’t see himself deserving of the last name Walker but Mana points out how similar it is to what Mana said he should do, always keep walking. Since Walker means one who walks. I at this point kind of just sigh and feel stupid for not realizing it sooner since I literally just now realized his last name meaning and the impact on the story. I’m so dense haha.

We see Allen’s struggles immediately after the Mana incident to. He had broken down so bad that Mana had to hold him down so he wouldn’t hurt himself. Mana is not good at the whole child raising thing and everyone there knows about the 14th. Mana seems upset it had to be Allen but thanks to the Grandma he tries feeding Allen and gives him some support, the best he can anyway. It’s the most supportive we’ve seen Mana.

Allen apparently talks like Mana, according to Cross but Grandma seems to want Allen to hold onto that saying it’s better Allen be happy instead of a zombie before becoming the 14th. Mana seems to pretend not to care what happens to Allen but in my opinion, he seems in denial about how much he really cares.

Cutting out of the flashback Grandma is actually thinking about Allen. Speak of the devil, Allen actually shows up at the doorstep and collapses. It’s nice to see Allen made it and that he’s in a happier place for once in this god damn show! Even if it’s only for a second he was finally happy for like a second! I shall conserve the joy this second gave me like a camel because I probably won’t see it again for awhile.

Back with Lavi and Bookman Road’s father finds out that Road was severely injured. Tyki tells him what happened and asks if he was able to get info about the 14th out of Bookman yet. Bookman thinks to himself the history he’s supposed to record is finally moving. Lavi on the other hand looks dead but it’s confirmed he isn’t. Tyki wants them to use the parasite they put in Chaozii to keep an eye on Apocryphos. Meanwhile, Road’s father snaps even though Road isn’t dead. He demands to know the relationship between her and the 14th and hurts Lavi in an attempt to get it out of Bookman. Lavi tells Bookman not to give in but Bookman looks like he might crack soon.

Lvellie is looking at Link’s grave when he is called to the Asian branch. Everyone seems fairly OK at least as OK as they can be. Chaozii is seeming to recover somewhat well too. Even though he’s still fragile he still wants to fight Akuma. Krory, in particular, is still thinking about Allen but Chaozii insists that they should just give up on him since he betrayed them and killed Inspector Link. (CALLED IT). He says if he runs into him he’ll fight Allen which is definitely foreshadowing for epic fights in the future!

As it turns out it’s been 3 months since we last saw everyone. Lenalee’s hair has grown out a bit and her new hairstyle is cute. Everyone is divided at the order. Some still trust Allen but others see him as an enemy. Lenalee seems to regret not saying more to Allen and hates the fact that she wasn’t prepared to help him and sided with the order instead. Noise comforts her by saying they all have bonds and no matter how far apart everyone is they always will be connected. As they get ready to leave we get a surprise.

Yu appears to everyone. Turns out he’s still alive! Everyone is in tears seeing him but they seem sad he came back even after all the torture he went through. They say he could have left but Yu acts like his stoic self while being filled in on Allen and everything else. He even says that Lenalee got ugly and makes her mad which was funny. Everyone is happy to see Kanda but when Lvellie asks if Alma died Kanda gives him a scary look saying he won’t talk about him at all and that he hasn’t forgiven the order.

Kanda goes to talk with Zu who is bedridden now. He admits that the whole Alma and third exorcist thing is his fault and blames himself for everything clearly very regretful. Kanda gently holds his hand which is uncharacteristic of him. He smiles at him gently and says “I guess you’re going to hell too then” which is actually comforting. Kanda also gets his innocence back. It becomes a crystal type and Lenalee stops it saying he basically doesn’t have to do this since he was bound to them for so long and shouldn’t have to suffer. It becomes liquid and he drinks it out of her hand (much to everyone horror especially Kamui)

In Zu’s dying moments he gets to see Kanda become an exorcist this time of his own free will. Zu says that it wasn’t an illusion after all and that Kanda really is a lotus. He puts his exorcist outfit back on revealing he never told anyone when he saw Allen go Noah in Paris and that he basically came back for his sake which is very sweet! Loved this scene. Even though Kanda annoys me sometimes he is a very well written character with a lot of depth. Yes, he annoys me at times, but that shows how human he is when written and take talent to do.

In the last scene, we see Allen. In an interesting turn of events, he actually looks the way he does at the beginning of the opening, skin turning dark, the feather appendage coming out of him. He remembers Mana’s words and a little girl finds Allen asking if he’s an angel. He makes a shhh sign to her in a sweet albeit eerie and sad scene. Apocryphos is still looking for Allen and Allen is still fighting Akuma. I noticed he has a red eye now instead of both being purplish. Allen is literally fighting against the world right now. He’s running from exorcists, regular people, Akuma, Noah and the 14th inside him trying to come out.

Yet even after all that, he’s still standing and that my friends is exactly why I love Allen. I’ve never seen a character resist being taken this long. It’s amazing but I feel bad for him immensely. I do really hope he finds happiness in later arcs. The Noah are watching him seeming to enjoy his suffering. Allen remembers Mana and Cross and does what they told him to do. He gets up and keeps walking despite what he’s going through.

That’s how it ends much to my utter dismay.

I loved this episode a lot. It was a great ending to the season but damn it they better make another one and not take 10 years to do it this time! I highly recommend this show. Everything about is perfect in my opinion which is why I gave it 10/10 on myanimelist! It gave me everything I wanted and was waiting to see for years! I love this show and it’s one of my favorite animes and I think everyone should at least try it. This show is probably popular enough for more seasons and I look forward to it….but will probably be reading the manga because I’m too impatient and MUST SEE MORE.

That does it for this article I bid you adieu until Saturday where I shall make my announcement. Sorry that I keep mentioning it and not saying it, though. I know it’s probably annoying but I swear next thing I post I will spill the beans and reveal my schemes mwhahaha!

I bid you adieu for now!

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