Bravo’s Weekly Anime Lineup: #1


                                        This week’s anime screenshot is Show By Rock Season 2! 

So before we go forward this I just want to tell you guys something. When I was trying to write the article for this week I decided that I was also going to do away with summarizing the episodes. I spent a whole afternoon working on the Saturday section which defeated the purpose of me changing the format. So from now on just my opinions will be in this. I think you’d prefer that since that’s probably what you are all here for either way. This post WILL contain spoilers, though, so before you read be sure you’re caught up so I don’t spoil too much! Alright, let’s begin!

September 27th, Tuesday: 

Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku:

This show has a plot I really like. I know a bunch of cute anime girls with superpowers is really cliche, but I actually like this so far.I haven’t seen what this show is based on, but I like this version of it that’s for sure.  I find the characters to be cute and well designed even though they don’t necessarily have a lot of depth, at least not yet. This show is a cute shortie anime and I think it’s a nice little adventure show! The animation style is cute and the characters and their designs, in particular, got my attention. My favorite one so far is Zetton and I’m excited to see more of her in later episodes and hope that she is that deadpan type!

October 1st, Saturday: 

Time Bokan 24:

Not gonna lie, this show is cheesy. I went to check if it was a remake or continuation of a much older series and turns out, my hunch was right. It was actually a series from the 70’s and this is just a newer version of it. Don’t be mistaken, though, I kind of like the series and mean cheesy in the most endearing way possible. It definitely has a charm to it! It’s one of those shows that’s for shits and giggles if you like that cheesy humor you’ll enjoy it. It also reminds me of a title that’s a bit more serious that finished in Summer. It had the same time travel thing but it was more focused on Science and was more historically accurate.

 The bad guys also remind me of Time Rocket so it played into my own nostalgia for things I enjoyed when I was young as well. The goofy funny versions of history they use for this show is pretty cool as well! I would have never thought to write something like Cleopatra being a husband and wife comedy duo! It’s an acquired taste but I think a lot of the readers here would enjoy that since it plays into that nostalgia! I know I do and will continue watching this show for the foreseeable future! I also have a theory that Calen is looking for her parents that may have been kidnapped by Oyadarma or something, but we’ll see!


Well…that was interesting. This is a pretty good pilot. Lots of action and it explains it’s universe and setting pretty well. I also loved the series opening! A few issues, though. I feel like it wasn’t emotional enough. I don’t feel quite connected to everyone yet like I should. I’m interested in them and their past which is something, but I still feel like it needs a little more! I feel that weakens the pilot a little bit but other than that, this was good and I can’t wait to see more of it! I just want more character development as well. Obviously, they were framed and I think it was Mi Lui’s father. I also think the reason Mi Lui resents his Dad so much is because maybe he caused his Mom to go missing or get badly injured. Something like that. No wonder the poor guy has so many issues! He grew up without a Mom! Maybe he’ll find her towards the end of this series? I’m also interested in Lee Shin. He didn’t talk much so a lot of my curiosity is focused in his direction.

Shuumatsu no Izetta:

I like this show, I think it’ll wind up being one of the most popular this season. The art and music are really nice especially Izetta’s song and I love Fine as a character so far! A princess who doesn’t take any crap is an awesome character and definitely something I can get behind. I also love historical fiction so this one is pretty much calling out to me. Especially when they mixed magic into it. Though the show confuses me a bit and is a little hard to follow, I think I’ll get used to it and I enjoyed this pilot! I also wonder if they’ll be using lesbian undertones for Izetta and Fine. I don’t know, it seems a lot of popular shows do that these days. I also wonder what’s up with Berckmann. I can’t tell exactly what his motives are but he stands out compared to the German army he was with.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: 

This was so cool! I absolutely adore this show and the concept so far! Having a serious male magical girl is awesome but I wish they let him stay a boy even when he goes magical. It would be really unique if they did. However, I’m so excited to see where this goes and to see the other magical girls in action! I bet Himekawa and the black haired magical girl (forgot her name) will become friends later. They seem to have a Homura/Madoka dynamic going for them in my opinion. I also love the designs of the other magical girls so much! The art style of this anime is also very cute which will actually help when all the horror kicks in. It makes all the death and such sadder.

Vivid Strike: 

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a martial arts anime. I like Fuuko a lot in this show and I love seeing strong female characters, so I think this show will be for me! I’m excited to get to know the other characters better as well and I’m excited to see them kick some butt. Rinne also seems kind of sad, though, so Im also wondering whats up with her. Fuuko’s backstory is also so well written and believable! I wonder if this show is connected to Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha? Haven’t watched it yet but the characters are similar.

Tiger Mask W: 

Decided to drop this one so I won’t be writing about it. Sorry guys but wrestling just doesn’t interest me, even in anime form, haha! Saturday’s also going to be very busy for me article writing wise so this one is the perfect one to drop since I’m not too interested. Maybe I’ll revisit it but as of right now? Nahhhh…

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star:

Ohhh, my god, this was really awesome. Since I have a bias for this show I have a little more to say haha. I love the opening and ending and am excited to see the Starish vs Heavens vs Quartet Night thing. The fact that Quartet Night allowed a do-over even when they won was awesome. This episode for the most part though was mostly a big musical number after they explain the results of the contest. Each band gets a number and each member gets all handsy with Nanami.

 One thing that bothers me is how Starish has been kind of swept to the side like…why? Im not interested in Heavens at all really, the characters are like…other versions of the characters in Starish, and Eiichi is an asshole that I dislike immensely. I feel like they should focus more on oh, I don’t know the show’s title characters??? Just a thought.

I hope they don’t get kind of swept aside and watered down like last season. It was enjoyable but not seeing Starish and my precious Natsuki upsets me haha. Im still hopeful though and inviting the next episode with open but somewhat cautious arms.

October 2nd, Sunday: 

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru:

I know no one is going to like this show. Most shows that are geared more towards a female audience get low ratings for whatever reason but I think this was great. I love how they introduced the characters as well with Kiyomitsu and Yasuda running through the place where they live. The characters, their design and personality in particular really caught my attention and I felt a connection to them immediately.

 It was very immersive to me, made me think about how cool it would be to have an anime boy (and to be honest even a girl) as a magical sword that can talk and be it’s own person. God, I wish that would happen to me haha. The fight scenes were also awesome, I was surprised by them showing blood in a show like this and how gritty it was during fights. I’m excited to see more with the other swords as well. Hopefully, they’re able to fit in some more backstory/character development stuff. I’d love that! So excited for next weeks episode!

Magi Kyun Renaissance: 

Ok, Im fully aware that this show is painfully similar to Uta No Prince Sama. Before you point out, I KNOW. I know but…it has magic…magic combined with art and music stuff. I can’t deny that those are some of my favorite things in shows! The main character is cute if not a bit generic. I love all the powers they have, I think it really brings out their personalities! So far I love the guy that does calligraphy,Suminomiya, the most! He seems the most adorable and has a personality I can get behind.

The song they played in the episode sung by Teika was a highlight of the episode for sure. It was really beautiful and I’ll be looking for it when the ost’s come out. When he found out her name and said she was his enemy, though, that was interesting. They seem to just be talking about the battle for a position but I wonder if it will be a serious fight to the death with magic sort of deal. I’d love some epic fight scenes in this show as well! Also, the mysterious brother is interesting too! Definitely looking forward to next week with this one!

Ao Oni The Animation: 

This was….interesting. I’ve never played Ao Oni before. I only saw Hetaoni back in my more cringy days where I liked Hetalia a lot, and Hetaoni was a thing. This was weird, though, it was dark humored but to a kind of uncomfortable gross and brutal degree. Almost the whole episode is the 4 talking about what to do and them still talking while the Oni hangs one, bites the head off another and it’s just…gross. I’m going to keep watching to see what they do but right now Im mostly kind of unsettled. Then again I’m not sure what I was expecting from a horror changed into a “comedy”.

The opening was catchy, though. I had it stuck in my head as I wrote this. The animation style was also somewhat cute.

Show By Rock Season 2:

Ohhh this was also amazing! I loved this! The more sci-fi direction they took this sequel is not what I expected at all! The new characters are amazing and I now actually want to try voicing the singer on the new evil band. It was also great to see some old faces again! The ones in ShinganCrimsonz are my favorite characters and seeing a new song from them was great. This whole taking music away from people plot has the potential to go to a lot of cool different places as well! Lots of drama. What if when the music crystals of characters get corrupted they lose their voices? I’d love to see that! Seeing everyone react to Cyan come back will probably be very touching as well! I also noticed a new guy with a horn! Is he a unicorn? It would be so funny and cute if he were a grumpy tsundere unicorn. I’d laugh so hard. The new robot ninja dude from the future, I forget his name, the one who says gozaru a lot? He totally reminds me of Yukimura which made me have an even bigger soft spot for this show. I’m so excited for next week!

October 3rd, Monday: 

Gakuen Handsome: 

This show is so ridiculous. The moment the teacher turned around with the sparkles I laughed really hard. It just hit me the right way at the right time. One of those moments haha.  It’s a brilliant parody and even though I like the shoujo sparkly anime, I’m not really offended or annoyed by this at all. It pulled plenty of all the cliche stuff in the book. It was hilarious and the exaggerated chin thing, even though it’s something I saw in another cartoon. One issue I have with this though is that I have a huge suspicion this anime is ripping off a Youtube series I follow called Sempai Club. I can’t prove anything but other than that it was pretty funny!

It pulled plenty of all the cliche stuff in the book. It was hilarious and the exaggerated chin thing, even though it’s something I saw in another cartoon. One issue I have with this though is that I have a huge suspicion this anime is ripping off a Youtube series I follow called Sempai Club. I can’t prove anything but other than that it was pretty funny!

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori:

This was also amazing! This show pretty much presented me with everything I want, this whole season, in general, has been AMAZING so far and I’m so happy with it. This, in particular, was really interesting. When I saw the white haired boy I thought he would be aloof but he’s surprisingly emotionally volatile. It was so sweet and yet so sad when he unleashed that burst of power when the main guy tried to get close. I think he might have some super human abilities though I’m  not sure where he got them.

The main character is also interesting. If he does detective work though why is he wearing an ugly orange gym suit with a whistle? Just saying. It was sweet how he went out of his way to try and interact with the albino guy, most people would try and run away. It reminded me of Dazai and Atsushi in Bungou Stray Dogs (Which will be back in less than a week yay). The girl character with the pink hair is pretty interesting and quirky as well, I like her! It seems that some people are after the albino dude with the powers. It kind of reminds me of Stranger things actually. That was an awesome show so this one should be pretty awesome as well. Can’t wait to see the other detectives as well!

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume:

First thoughts on this show? Damn! These girls are very intense about ping pong! That one girl cried in the beginning just because she didn’t win the match! I know it was an important match but still…I don’t know over ping pong? A bit much. Either way, though this was good as well! The art style is pretty cute. It’s kind of sketchy looking and cute, reminds me of other styles I’ve enjoyed seeing!

The main character is adorable as well. Normally the main is the over-confident one, but she’s all cute and shy. My two favorite type of anime characters are the deadpan ones or the shy timid one. It was cute how she kept hiding behind the light purple haired girl. Though she seems jealous of her at the end and all the attention she gets. I wonder how that will turn out!


And that was the first week of the Fall Season! I hope you all enjoyed, I know that overall I loved this week’s lineup! My favorite one this week would have to be Show By Rock and Touken Ranbu.It goes to two because I love them both equally! I wanted to give it to Uta Pri, but the start was a little on the weaker side because of Starish (the literal title characters of the series) being pushed to the side. The fact that it was pretty much a big music video weakens it a little as well.

 Touken Ranbu and Show By Rock established itself really well, though. It made me really excited and made me feel a big connection to the characters. For all the new ones in Touken Ranbu and the old and new in Show By Rock. Uta No Prince’s new characters, on the other hand, seem a little weak thus far, as much as it pains me to say that. My least favorite though was Ao Oni. Its sense of humor is kind of awkward and uncomfortable to watch and it doesn’t translate very well to funny and if this is the theme they’re going with it’s going to be very meh and probably the worst this season.

I bid you adieu for now and shall see you all again on Tuesday! Hope you enjoyed the new format, and hey maybe I’ll remember character names better next week!

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