Hank, Dory’s Seven-Armed Sidekick From “Finding Dory,” Wins The day!

Hank, Dory’s Seven-Armed Sidekick From “Finding Dory,” Wins The day!

On Oct. 8, cephalopod supporters around the globe will celebrate World Octopus Day, a day that recognizes the earth’s eight-armed sea creatures. But today, Friday, Oct. 7, Disney•Pixar is celebrating a new holiday — World Septopus Day – in honor of Hank, Dory’s curmudgeonly seven-armed wingman from the summer blockbuster Finding Dory.

Hank may have lost a tentacle (and his sense of humor) somewhere along the way, but now he’s gained a special day all to himself … just the way he likes it.

Join in the celebration (#worldseptopusday) and get to know this cranky and comedic character through a new World Septopus Day video starring Ed O’Neill (the voice of Hank) and a list of Hank’s Seven Favorite Hobbies.

Finding Dory swims home with hours of immersive bonus features on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere Oct. 25 and Blu-ray™ Nov. 15, just in time for the holidays.

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