Bravo’s Weekly Anime Lineup: #2


                                                   This week’s anime screenshot is Natsume Yuujinchou Go!

Here’s the second week of Fall Anime! As always be sure your up to date with everything so you don’t get spoiled! Enjoy!

October 4th, Tuesday: 

Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku:

This episode was cute and gave me a pretty pleasant surprise to boot! I got to see two new Kaijuu girls, Red King and Gomura and when Miku gets passionate about their fight on TV she is able to transform! The transformation sequence switches to a more serious anime style which was great! I thought that it would just be chibi style and it looks really nice either way! I wonder what the other girls transforming triggers will be, still waiting on Zetton though, much to my dismay.

Nobunaga No Shinobi:

Another shorty! This was really cute but Basara has honestly ruined Nobunaga being nice for me haha. Chidori is such an adorable funny character, the fact that she already kills people as a ninja aside. She’s so straightforward and I love that. I also like Sukezou. Poor kid so devoted her,he’ll go to the end of the world with her just because he loves her so much. She’s gonna get him into lots of trouble for sure haha.

Soushin Shoujo Matoi:

This was interesting. The pilot didn’t quite strike an emotional cord with me and was kind of cliche, though. Single absentee Dad, the main character having a dead Mom she gets her magical powers from. There’s also the small matter of Matoi’s father GROPING her because he thought she was his wife which was…very awkward. I did love Yuma though. I think she saves the show to be honest because her character is way cuter then Matoi in my opinion. I’ve also never seen an exorcist girl instead of a magical girl though so that’s also the interesting. I’m going to give this show a little pass. I don’t want to dislike it straight of the gate and much like Uta Pri welcome it with open albeit cautious arms.

Natsume Yuujinchou Go: 

Another one I was looking forward to! Thankfully I managed to watch the first 4 seasons before this started.  I’m glad I did because I adore this show. It has a main character that isn’t uber powerful and more gentle hearted and it’s something I can really appreciate since I’m tired of bad-boy protagonists and the other characters are great as well. Season 5 hasn’t changed too much and is just as enjoyable as before if not more so!

The plot keeps deepening every season and I love seeing Natsume go on all these different little adventures and I’m curious as to what he’ll find about his Grandma! It makes me so sad to see how he gets treated by people around him in the past. He was tossed from family to family just because he vocalized being able to see yokai and suffered so much for it. It’s clear it still really hurts him to be around people like that or remember it but I wonder where it will go, he seemed to be acting unusually dark this episode!

His Dad also seemed a little sterner than usual! Now that I think about it, the animation improved too, though! So Natsume is actually improving a lot and I’m loving it! Definitely excited for next week!


Oh, my god. I wasn’t expecting something THIs great out of this show. I normally don’t like comedies as much but this was an exception. Im appalled Prison School has better ratings than this. The first episode was absolutely hilarious and I laughed really hard several times throughout the episode. The designs are over the top and everything is so brilliantly dramatic, flamboyant and funny about this show. The characters have such dynamic personalities too and watching them clash is great.

 What really sold me on this show being a quality show though is my sister. She was around for it and we winded up watching it together. My sister is normally very closed off anime and finds it to be cliche but she loved this and now we have something to watch together every week! I’m very happy about it. So far my favorite characters are Nico and Seitarou.

Nico was hilarious along with the other 3 and Seitarou was…cute to me to be honest. I don’t get that unlockable cuff plot thing, though. Why’s Juugo so distressed? They are literally really big bracelets and necklaces if they are just cuffs with no shackles. I also wonder why those 4 are in prison, to begin with! What could they have possibly done to deserve the best high-security prison?!

I guess I’ll find out as the series progresses and we get more backstory. I will say this, though if I were the warden I would have to let them go after that escape. It would feel wrong not too, to be honest. Those were some CRAZY amounts of skill. I’d either let them go out of being impressed or them annoying me because of their constant escape attempts. Then again though despite being prisoners they seem nice enough. Maybe I could strike up a friendship haha.

October 5th Wednesday: 

To Be Hero: 

This one has more crude humor but I liked it! I thought it was pretty funny! I don’t get why Ossan had to completely change appearance to have superpowers but when it comes to comedies I just kind of let logic go haha. I also don’t get why everyone treats him so coldly, like Min and the two women I get, because he was acting like a pervert but why did that neighbor call him a pig, though? Most people wouldn’t be like that, especially to someone who looked homeless like that guy. The opening was also really good, didn’t fit the tone of the show but it was good. The ending fit it better and was funnier though so there’s that. I’m pretty sure this anime is parodying One Punch Man and other animes like it and as a parody, it’s pretty nice as well! I’ll keep following this series!

Cheating Craft: 

Another OK one! I’ve never seen someone do a battle anime that literally focuses on exams. Then again maybe because it isn’t really a great concept per say. It was kind of funny but to be honest I found it more dark and depressing. In our society, we have become pretty obsessed with test results and in Japan, it’s way worse. This show might be a social commentary on that obsession with education. This show could get more interesting but right now my general opinion is “It’s OK.” The types were interesting, though! I liked that, it has the potential for some interesting stuff. I also hope the whole show won’t be narrated like that the whole time, that would be obnoxious.

Anitore! XX:

This anime is…interesting. It is literally an anime designed to get you to exercise. It has a plot, but the focus is exercise and slightly suggestive shots of the girls. It’s filmed almost completely in the first person and it’s kind of cute but clearly meant more for the male gaze haha. Imagine they made one for girls like this. Now THAT would be pretty entertaining. In all seriousness, though I kind of like this show! I think it’s really cute and has a noble purpose trying to get people to exercise and be healthy! They even added a new girl season, I wonder what that’s about? Will be continuing this show!

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. 2nd Season:

To be honest I didn’t expect to see any more of this show. I thought it was finished after the first season! I’m happy though because I really liked the first one and feel the same way about this second season! It’s just a continuation of last season! I love the friendship between Yuzuka and Chiya a lot and it’s funny how they keep being all mad at Mitton haha. I wonder if they’ll add new characters next week. I’ll be watching this as well and not dropping it.

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki:

Ohh another anime about Yokai. This one was also just..OK! None of the characters really made much of an impact but maybe this is just a weak pilot? Either way, there’s nothing really notable to mention thus far. The yokai and the main characters just have a big fight over something and then it ends with like a drinking party or something. I dunno. If this doesn’t improve I’ll probably drop writing about it.


Ugh lots of “Just Fine” or OK one’s today huh? I like the main character she’s definitely relatable. Though an anime just with her solving puzzles? This has the potential to be either funny or very boring. The animation is also pretty stiff so I’m not sure what to make of this. I guess I’ll have to see next week before making any more judgment since it could go either way at this point.

Hibike! Euphonium 2:

Ah yes, the one I was the least excited for. For those of you who don’t know, I watched the first season of this. I don’t care how you feel about this show but personally? I despised it. Every moment of this show was an annoyance to me. The characters were annoying, the art was nice enough and the students are so god damn melodramatic. This is coming from someone who actually likes DRAMA but this anime? Most of the student were so whiny, or they did the other thing I despised, being nice to the asshole music teacher.

 I don’t care if he saw potential in them or not he was a bully. He made a poor girl in the anime cry and yelled at them for stupid reasons. I felt so betrayed because at first, I thought the teacher was cute! I can’t believe he was such an asshole! So when I saw this was on my feed today, I groaned closed my eyes took a deep breath and hit play. I hate this show. I  still hate it and wish it would just finally CEASE. I can’t tell you why I hate this show so much. It just rubs me in all the wrong ways. The only good thing on this show is character design especially the background characters and a few characters themselves are mildly enjoyable but other than that?

Either bland or annoying is the formula for this show. The show is still being a melodramatic high school girl. This show only serves to make me thankful I’m not in public school and that I homeschool. Thank god I don’t deal with this crap! These girls are obsessed with concert band. It’s all they ever do and they shun people who quit because you know, how DARE they leave the FLAWLESS band and Taki sensei.

 If I were in this anime the characters would be getting a ration of shit from me every single episode. Even worse, the pilot is a one-hour special. I had to sit through this shows bullshit for TWICE as long as I normally do. Needless to say, I am not pleased. The only saving graces to me right now are Mashiro, the new teacher, and Mizore the new student with the shorter hair. They make it at least somewhat bearable and I pray to god I finally get to see someone call this teacher out on his shitty behavior since he obviously hasn’t changed a bit.

Bungou Stray Dogs Second Season: 

Oh yes, thank god. I got to watch this immediately after Hibike Euphonium and am not so angered anymore. It’s OK Hibike Euphonium, Bungou Stray Dogs makes up for your dumbness any day of the week! My old friend back and better than ever haha. I read the manga so I was surprised when they started on flashback instead of how the manga did but I don’t care.

 I got to see Dazai back in his mafia days so it doesn’t matter to me. I love Dazai back in his mafia days, he was just as beautifully insane haha. I can’t wait until they show the death scene. I might get a chance to see Dazai be emotional since he seems to be closer to these guys. More insight into Dazai as a person just…give it to me, please. For those of you looking for a hint on who dies, though, look at the colors of their glasses when they clink them together. There’s a subtle hint there as to who~. Most of the episode was action but it was great and I definitely looking forward to next week!

Brave Witches:

This was cute! I heard this a spin-off of another show Strike Witches, but I never saw it. Hopefully, I don’t need to, though, but I think I have a good idea. It’s a military anime with moe anime girls that have animal ears? Right? I don’t get why they have ears though just because they have magical ability, but I’ll run with it. Why not? I love how Takami and Hikari have a good relationship. I see a lot of shows where sisters don’t get along very well so seeing Takami encourage Hikari was very sweet and very nice. I’m glad to see Hikari passed the exam as well and look forward to next episode.

Yuri!!! On Ice: 

Oh, my god, this was also really cool! When I saw the trailer a few months back I knew for sure I’d be watching this. The animation was so beautiful and fluid, especially on the skating. I also have a fondness for Yuri. Another more emotional male protagonist! This series really does know what I want to see, to be honest, most of Fall 2016 seems too.

Yuri is not only adorable but really relatable. For the first time in ever though we have a cute protagonist, that chubby. I have never seen that used as a serious plot point before so that blew my mind. The animation, opening, and ending are stunning and VERY fluid. I also suspect that Yuri has a crush on Viktor but I’m not quite sure yet. I just hope Viktor is kind to him and doesn’t poke fun at him for being chubby, even if he is supposed to be a figure skater.

Basically, this anime will be a masterpiece if it doesn’t go full “Hibike Euphonium fake out he was an asshole after all” on me. Look forward to next week for sure on this one and more of that great animation and more characters!

October 6th,Thursday: 

Flip Flappers: 

This has really pretty animation and an interesting art style! The plot is pretty interesting as well. I’m not quite sure what the plot is but it seems to actually be about two girls who by the end of the episode having the ability to travel to another dimension called Pure Illusion.

The animation on that is stunning as well. It brings out how amazing and mystical Pure Illusion is. The characters are also pretty interesting and the colors are gorgeous when they transform. I feel this anime will be more of an artistic experience though as opposed to characters. I may be wrong but I guess I’ll see next week!


Judge me if you will guys but I thought this was hilarious. This sport is so absurd. It’s literally an official sport where girls in bikini’s slam their boobs and butts against each other like swords to try and knock each other off the platform. It’s so dumb that it’s absolutely hysterical to watch. Other than that it’s mostly typical ecchi fanfare. Not much character development/personality so far.

As a serious show, it probably fails in all ways, but hey the animation’s nice, the characters are fine if not a bit generic and the plot amuses me greatly. I want to see more of it, it’s too absurd to not continue. It’s one of those things that are so ridiculous and out there that it just works despite all odds. Didn’t think I’d say this but I look forward to watching the next one.

All Out: 

Oh dear god- This show is absolutely great. The moment I saw this I was excited for it to come out and I’m so happy. The two main characters Iwashimizu and Gion have a GREAT dynamic and Iwashimizu is the cutest. I love him so much and may or may not be crushing on him slightly…Ok, I swooned I admit it I SWOONED over him. He’s literally like everything I want in an anime boy, all shy and timid, tall and not afraid to cry. It’s perfect for me haha.

 Iwashimizu’s backstory is so sad, though! He stopped playing a game he enjoyed just because he was scared to hurt other people like he did his friend and when he thought he hurt Goin he looked completely broken and so hurt! I want to see Gion encourage Iwashimizu and make him smile. I may or may not ship them so…yeah there’s that as well haha.

Hope Iwashimizu gets to keep his friends in the literary club. Everyone was nice to him there as well. I’m so looking forward to next time. Seeing them actually, do Rugby stuff will be interesting. Love the art style as well, took some getting used to but it grew on me for sure!

Bernard-jou Iwaku:

This was good! This show is kind of hard to enjoy unless you’re really into books, though. I got some of it but not all of it. The characters are pretty entertaining, though and the jokes are pretty funny as well! The animation is pretty average, though. It’s fine but it could be way better, not going to drop it though since I am curious to see where this literature lover who doesn’t even read gets herself into.

October 7th, Friday: 


This anime is like Sengoku Basara meets Hellsing Ultimate. Fitting because the same people behind Hellsing made this. I like it! It’s pretty dark and gritty and there is some interesting mystery going on as well. The white room Shimazu gets stuck in before getting stuck in that weird elf world where everyone has that look is creepy. I want to learn more about it. Maybe this anime will go for more psychological horror as opposed to being gorier like Hellsing. Who knows, either way, I like the Sengoku era and I like mysterious plots like this so this anime is good so far if you ask me!

Stella No Mahou: 

This was…a bit boring to be honest. I loved an anime that finished this Summer called New Game. This anime is like that but watered down. Even the colors compared to that aren’t as nice. I don’t find the characters to be particularly interesting and they just don’t…speak to me I guess. Not even Tamaki’s backstory does it for me. The episode felt way longer than it really was which isn’t a good sign. I’m sticking with it because I apparently like to bore myself but don’t be surprised if next week I don’t have much to say on the show haha.

Lostorage Incited WIXOSS:

Woohoo yes, another great one! This was awesome! For those of you who don’t know, I watched both Infected and Spread and am a fan of this show! The rules of the game seem to be different this time. Instead, they have no choice to fight and if they loose 5 times they will basically disappear. I wonder who’s behind this new card deck since in the last season we saw that get taken care. I like the characters more in Incited compared to this show’s previous incarnations. I find them much more believable and likable.

It’s also really interesting to me that boys can become players in the game now! I really like that! I wonder if the guy that fought her will show up again. I think his LRIG may be connected to a girlfriend he had in the past. These LRIG’s take on the appearance of something the person liked so maybe! The new fight scenes also look way more awesome than before as well! I’m so excited for next week, especially since the friend the main character was looking for has found a card of her own now.

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda:

This anime is pretty funny and pretty good! To be honest, though I have a bit of a gripe with it. I don’t like how the boys only like Serinuma because she isn’t fat now. They accepted her for being an otaku but not that? That’s kind of shitty of them in my opinion. I also don’t get why she had a totally different voice when she was overweight. I don’t get it, and don’t find it funny. Other then that though the expressions they give in this show are hilarious.

The jokes are also pretty funny too. I personally like some yaoi as well but nowhere near the level of a fujoshi and more specifically, Serinuma. She’s pretty obsessed with the genre. I more enjoy it casually. I’ll watch more but I hope that the boys get more personality as opposed to being just tropes. I’ll probably be able to get past my gripe with this show even though I don’t like what I feel this show seems to imply.

October 8th, Saturday: 

Time Bokan 24: 

Ok, so this episode was pretty damn funny. I love the part in the beginning where the narrator talks about Tokio and Tokio responds. Especially the part in the beginning with “That’s a little rude don’t you think?” and then “I’m only reading what’s in the script!” That type of humor gets me every time. It also turns out that Calen is looking for her missing boyfriend, not parents. I’m surprised actually, I’ve never seen an anime with a girl going on a quest like that to find her boyfriend. I like it! The Wright brothers plot twist was not what I expected either.

 I tried to guess but failed. I expected that maybe the Wright brothers would just wind up being little kids. This anime is completely insane, though, so it’s honestly impossible to guess what they’ll do. I also like the running gags in this show. They are so cheesy but I find them funny. I also don’t understand that Time Bokan Beetle’s special abilities when it’s in trouble, though. What if they get an ability that’s useless since it’s random? How does that work? Still enjoying this show! It has a low rating on MyAnimeList but I don’t care I like it anyway!


OK, this also has a low rating on Myanimelist apparently but screw it. I like this one a lot too! I was looking forward to it a lot and am happy with this! I thought it was really cute and funny and I like the designs and how much the colors pop out. The closest I’ve ever seen to a concept like this was Read Or Die and in that they were villains. So this is great to me since they are just regular really quirky people now.

So far we’ve only seen Mozart and Beethoven but I look forward to seeing more. I also like how Kanae doesn’t take crap from people either. I’m nor quite sure what the Classicaloids are yet. In my opinion, I say they are musical themed magical boys/girls fueled by the power of the music of the people the characters are based upon or things that make them happy. That’s just a guess but based on what I saw I’d go for that. The humor is cheesy but I love that too! This anime is awesome and I like it a lot. I’m really looking forward to the next episode of this!

Gi(a)rlish Number:

This anime was pretty cool as well! Unlike Stella No Mahou which is semi-similar since it’s cute colorful girls doing media related stuff (except instead of games it’s voice acting in this show). These characters pop out way more and aren’t as bland as they are in Stella No Mahou. They are much more amusing to watch and even the designs they have are nicer to look at. I want to see them succeed or at least try too. It just speaks to me way better and as a result is to me a much cooler show! I like it and look forward to getting to know the cast a bit better.

Long Riders!: 

Another pretty cute anime! It’s a little bland thus far but I want to give it a chance to get better. So far it is pretty cute, though! The characters and designs are cute and I think that these 4 girls are going to wind up in a cycling club or tournament of some kind. I say that because the outfit and helmet they wear are reminiscent of a show I’ve yet to watch Yowamushi Pedal. In order for the show to get better, there should be a goal for the characters and more character development. Let’s hope it starts to do that soon!

Shuumatsu no Izetta:

Okay! I think I’m getting a better understanding of the show! It didn’t bounce around as much as it did in the first episode. The plane chase theme where we see Izetta use her magic more is awesome. I’m surprised to see that Fine knew about her when they were kids and was friends. I’m not sure what went wrong but I think maybe the germanic army attacked her village and Izetta was the last one left alive. That would make the most sense. I’m excited for Fine to heal so we can get more action! Those fight scenes are epic and animated really well! Berckmann seems to be looking for them, though. I really wonder about him. He’s pretty mysterious and creepy.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku:

OH MY GOD. When the contest seemed so peaceful and civil I honestly thought the summary was lying. Everything was pretty peaceful in this episode. It was just whoever gathered the least candies lost the game. I should have known better, though. The moment the dream magical girl died my jaw dropped regardless, though. I think this will be the least brutal of the death scenes. What they are probably doing is showing us with this devil of a mascot has the power to do. The next scenes are probably gonna be even worse and more gruesome.

I also wonder why exactly Suzu has such a bad relationship with her mother. She doesn’t seem SO bad. Maybe she’s neglectful when it comes to actually spending time with Suzu. It would explain her delinquent personality. Kids get all angry and rebellious when parents aren’t emotionally there for them, at least psychologists seem to think so. Either way, we’ll probably find out more about that later. Definitely looking forward to everyone’s reaction to finding out this is a death game!


This was interesting. I like this show and the characters seem fun and all but the show is also SUPER obnoxious in my opinion. In this show, there are moments where the characters talk super fast and it makes it harder to follow at least for me. I’m still not 100% sure what the plot is. It seems like it will be a supernatural murder mystery but they shoved way too much in the first episode it made me pretty confused. Hopefully, it’ll sort itself out like Izetta did.

It’s pretty interesting though but MY GOD are Ryouka’s breasts distracting or what!? Like yes, I have seen worse but in a show like this? Probably the biggest I’ve ever seen. I could not stop staring in the scenes she was in.

The physics on them and how they defy gravity, I’m still amazed by anime breast physics even to this day as a veteran anime watcher. My favorite character thus far though as creepy as she is would have to be Aria. I’m super interested in what she’s all about even though she does black magic and is probably the bad guy. Especially with that last creepy scene. The middle-aged cross-dresser who runs that cafe thing that Yuuta hangs out at was pretty amusing as well! Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star:

Ahh yes, things are getting better. They found a pretty interesting way to focus on Starish and Heavens that I didn’t consider. They paired up the characters that were similar in the two bands and each episode will have a plot focusing on Haruka with one member of Heavens and one member of Starish. It doesn’t really make sense to me, though. Why would they do that if they are competing against each other?

I also take issue with Natsuki having to be paired with Nagisa. He  was a huge asshole to Natsuki in season 2 and to be honest I take issue with them having to work with Starish at all but that’s business I guess.

The other half of this episode focused on Quartet Night. They aren’t getting along living together but they all work it out and become a better group because of that. I was a bit mad because I didn’t really want yet another arc focusing on them, the whole 3rd season focused on them. Thank god it just seemed to be the one episode. Poor Nanami was a lot of work on her hands though haha. Also BANANA IS PERFECT is my new favorite line from anime. That was way funnier than it should have been.

3-gatsu no Lion:

This was really good too! This anime is going to be another long one. The main character reminds me of one of my OC’s. Kind of looks like him as well. I feel really bad for Rei. He’s been through a lot and clearly suffered a lot psychologically. The visuals and the animation in this show are absolutely gorgeous too.

 I think this is going to be kind of like a coming age story where they use the Shogi game as a metaphor for the things he goes through in life. I like coming of age and metaphors, so let’s do this! I also hope I get to see more of Rei’s relationship with his adoptive family. That would be really cute. I love seeing adoptive families in TV shows. It’s another favorite thing of mine.

Vivid Strike: 

This was also good! In this episode, it seemed to be split into two parts. Showing us Fuuka’s new life with the gym and training and the magical transforming power they have. I loved seeing her describe how her life is at the gym now and how she still calls the others “shorties”. It’s also great to see how they look older when they transform but it’s funny how they just get taller and have a bigger bust at least to me haha.

 It seems to be confirmed that magic is a thing in this world and this show is connected to Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. I should probably check that series out so I can have a better understanding of this. I’m not sure if Rinne is that bad either, she seems kind of modest at least in the clip we were shown. I’m looking forward to more fights, magic and fun stuff! Still, hope we get to see more actual character development for the characters we don’t know much about yet.

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

This is an interesting short anime. The premise being that all the people from the Sengoku era are represented by an animal. I think it’s based on real historical events as well but I’m not completely sure. I find it hilarious that Oda is just a little bird and him whining that he wanted to shoot things was funny. I like this I find it really cute and look forward to seeing more despite the average rating it has.

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari:

Another cute good show! Our main character has a single Dad thing going for him and he is such a good person. He actually quits his job in order to take care of the boy he finds when he goes back to his hometown. This anime has a Wolf Children vibe to me. The boy even transforms into a Tanuki and even then Souta still doesn’t get freaked out and seems to want to protect and take care of him regardless. This anime is going to be so sweet and adorable, I can already tell! I’m looking forward to next week!


So this anime went full on Deadman Wonderland on us. All of the bloodivores have an explosive collar and are locked in a building where death is around every corner. The warden was also a robot version of Anji which makes me wonder about her past. I  also got to see a bit more of Chen Fong like he wanted. He seems to be the logical decent one of our group. It was very nice how he protected the robot looking Anji even though she for all they knew was the one keeping them captive. The others didn’t take any interest in protecting her at all. I also think that maybe the reason Mi Lui is how he is because of pressure since he was supposed to be the “The one” I guess. I’m not sure but the action was pretty kick-ass! I enjoyed this episode. Look forward to seeing more next week!

October 9th, Sunday: 

Show By Rock Season 2: 

I expected the reunion with Cyan to be much more tear filled and dramatic. I mean last season things were pretty dramatic. It’s great to see how happy they were to see her regardless! The gangs back together and everything’s great. I have a bit of gripe with the sudden “Moa needs to go back to alien planet” thing. It was good she could impress her parents and I liked seeing them but the “Im a princess” thing felt out of the blue and I feel like this derails the plot of what season 2 is supposed to be a bit. Still enjoyed the episode, though! Can’t wait to see Shingancrimsonz react to Cyan’s return as well. Knowing them they might be a bit more theatrical about the whole thing!

Magic Kyun! Renaissance:

So they’ve had a political rivalry for years and are just natural enemies huh? Interesting. I don’t know why Kohana doesn’t just try and break the stigma. She doesn’t have to continue the fight at all. Still, though these episodes will have a theme. Kohana gathering the other main characters to her side while Teika acts all uppity and treats her badly. This episode was cute. I thought Aoi would be a tad more affectionate but either way, I still like him a lot. Look at the poor awkward boy sitting in a chair. He doesn’t even wear shoes haha. Excited to see what else this show will bring!

Touken Ranbu: Hanmaru:

Still really good! This episode actually brought us, even more, new characters. I forgot to mention or at least I think I did, that I know what this series is. It’s a card video game where you collect the swords. The anime I would say represents it pretty well. I hope not every episode is just nonsense followed by a brief fight scene. If this gets a bigger plot I’ll be happy with that! Fight scenes and everything is still super fun. I wonder if they’ll ever show who their current master is or leave it to the viewer so they can self-insert themselves. I’d be happy with it either way personally.

Ao Oni The Animation: 

This show is still weird. It has a weird and uncomfortable sense of humor and yet I can’t look away at the same time. To give you an idea, in this one Takeshi is trembling so fast he generates electricity?They use him as an electricity source???? Then he overeats and he Oni takes him out and puts barbecue sauce on him and…yeah. This show is weird. Weird as hell. The only thought I really have on it is “Um…what?” and yet I can’t stop looking at it. I’ll probably stick it out until the end even though it’s a trainwreck.

October 10th, Monday: 

Soul Buster: 

Ah, so basically another card fighting anime but with more ancient China themes huh? I can get behind this! It’s pretty cool! The female card the main character used is a badass! If she isn’t used just as ecchi crap, I will probably enjoy this a lot! A few complaints, though. The animation/art is weird. It looks like it might possibly be CGI but I’m not sure. There are weird blackish lines in all the drawings. I can’t tell what they’re going for with that but I find it distracting. If any of you know why they do it, though, explain to me. Then maybe I’ll get it haha. It’s a pretty good show, though!

Aijin Second Season: 

I watched the 1st season awhile ago. Both dubbed and subbed! I thought it was pretty good! I thought the story was good enjoyed the characters for the most part but the animation to be kind stiff and awkward. This is just a continuation of the second season and my feelings haven’t changed. It’s a good show, very good and enjoyable. Especially the fight scenes, those are badass especially in the finale last time.

 I knew that Kei and Tosaki would wind up being stuck working together at some point. They have a whole opposite thing going on and seeing them work together will be interesting. I’m bothered at how Kei is so psychopathic but I understand why he’s like that. Still,  it makes him harder to identify with as the main character and it’s hard to root for someone so…emotionless and uncaring about everything. Looking forward to seeing where this goes, though.

Stella No Mahou: 

So since the 1st episode was aired late subbed Im actually watching this show a second time this week. At first, I wasn’t happy about that but hey it’s not so bad! It improved a little and got funnier to boot! I love Ayame. She’s such a funny character. I can’t wait to see what game they create together and what antics they’ll all get into. It seems like it’ll get more interesting from here on out!

Gakuen Handsome: 

This was also pretty funny this week! The animation on this is so absurd and awkward but it fits the tone of the show cause weird stuff goes down at this school. We meet two new archetypes, the delinquent (though he just gave back an eraser and didn’t do anything) and the meant student council president. When they fall the characters also do a pinwheel move that’s pretty funny. Now the main character is just in love because they all reached out to pick him up haha. This should be fun. Looking forward to next time!

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori:

I can’t tell if the whole detective thing is a club or a job. Maybe both? I don’t know the details are kind of hard to follow. We did get to see Yoshio and Kensuke do their first case. It’s…pretty scary and gross that Yoshio’s body can ingest anything like…that scene was ew. I also don’t like Kensuke so much. He doesn’t seem to have Yoshio’s best interest and happiness at heart and that bothers me. Still want to see how this goes. I bet now we’ll get to know more details about this detective agency thing itself.

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume:

We got to see Koyori play more table tennis against the other members. She holds her own against them very well! I loved seeing their techniques and such, this episode was nice! I like Hokuto a lot as well. She’s really adorable and I love how her mouth is always covered by something. I don’t get why Agari is so annoyed with Koyori winning. She isn’t valued less as a person if isn’t on the top. Most likely Koyori will win this and Agari will just be angry with her for no reason but maybe not? Who knows.


Another really good week for anime! Some shows we didn’t expect to see improve, improved and we got mostly good shows going right now. Some are meh but they were shorter shows anyway so it was to be expected kind of?

 My favorites this week are hard to choose but by a hair, Bungou Stray Dogs won my heart this week! It was everything I was waiting for and I am very happy with what I got. Close seconds were, All Out!, Natsume Yuujinchou Go, Nanbaka, Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku, and Uta No Prince Sama! Too many good things going on to choose only a few.

However, the weakest this week for me was definitely Hibike Euphonium and Ao Oni. I don’t like both very much at all and am not looking forward to it very much.

That’s it for this week! If any of you agree with me on Hibike Euphonium I will be completely shocked to be honest. Hope you enjoyed reading and I bid you all adieu for now!

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