Bravo’s Weekly Anime Lineup #3


 This week’s anime screenshot is from Nanbaka! 

Here I am again with the next week of Fall Anime! Be sure that you guys are caught up on everything before you read my post as always and enjoy!

October 11th, Tuesday:

Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku:

Yes, I finally got to see Zetton! She isn’t completely emotionless as it turns out and she is actually very nice as well! We also got to see Windom transform, as it turns out what triggered it was yaoi manga. That was pretty funny. Agira transforms when a car starts rolling towards a preschool and she becomes determined to help. Both the transformation scenes were gorgeous and I love how the animation looks on them a ton! This is probably my favorite short anime and I’m enjoying this a lot. Zetton was just as awesome as I hoped and I’m very happy with this episode!

Soul Buster:

I think I’m starting to get used to the black lines! I think this episode had better lighting than the last one. The female card really did her best to defend the main character (Im sorry literally everyone’s names in the show escape me). Unfortunately, the main character has that “I have no idea how to do anything” syndrome. She seems to be fond of him anyway and so far no sudden ecchi moments. That’s a good sign. I think the one other girl they showed briefly is going to wind up saving him and his card, though. She looks way more capable than him but maybe it’s the glasses? This was good I look forward to next episode!

Nonbunaga No Shinobi:

This episode was really funny! I loved the character introductions more specifically when they got all overly specific and then simplified it with those little bubbles with one trait on them. Especially when Oichi’s traits showed up and Nobunaga almost shot Hideyoshi for perving on his sister. My other favorite part was when Chidori fought with Mori and defeated him in like 2 seconds. This is another short anime I really enjoy watching and I look forward to next episode!

Soushin Shoujo Matoi:

This episode was pretty good! Though Matoi’s I’m easily embarrassed bit is getting kind of annoying, to be honest. Yuma really is the one more suited for this whole powers thing. When Matoi gets caught in a fight she even tries to save her even though she has no powers. Though so much for that all her magic being a secret though because everyone’s taking pictures of her and putting them online making it easier for that one shady woman to find her.

Claris for whatever reason wants to kill Matoi but I’m not sure why, since she seems to be an exorcist girl like Matoi, but she also let her off easy without hurting her. It won’t be good for Matoi if she runs into her again obviously. I’m starting to get more invested in this series! I like it. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Natsume Yuujinchou Go:

Looooved this episode! It was so sweet and cute! Natsume helped a yokai return a towel to a human she interacted with many years ago. It was really cute how he interacted with her but I noticed something this episode. Is it just me or does Natsume seem sadder and jaded? He just seems different to me, sadder and such. I mean I can see why he would be but I don’t know I really feel like something’s up and that this season is building up to something pretty big.

 I also recently noticed that Natsume kind of has cat eyes. His pupil shape is odd. The episode itself was really sweet either way!I can totally see Natsume becoming a father in the future. He really would be suited for parenting the way he handles things. Loved it and can’t wait to see the other youkai Natsume helps out!


This episode was funny as well! I loved seeing the warden actually has a crush on the main guard for block 13 and all the “Please Stand By”messages when he was attacking everyone. Seeing the other guards was fun as well. They all have such great designs and awesome appearances and personalities. It’s a huge strength of the show.

The first half was funny but the next part was interesting. We get to see why they are all there, to begin with, and yet…yeah still don’t think they deserve it. They should honestly be set free the crimes they committed were very mild and they seem like very good people at heart. I’m glad they are at least happy there though but who was that creepy guy at the end!? That was pretty scary! I’m excited for the next week for sure!

October 12th, Wednesday:

To Be Hero:

I have to admit it, I find this show to be pretty damn funny. The humor is pretty vulgar I admit it but as a person who watches South Park and is not fazed this doesn’t bother me much. Even the creepy sex addict/might be attracted to his son/wears an apron and nothing else in his house neighbor. The aliens look so hilariously absurd as well. Poor Min-chan, though. I dunno if she’ll ever figure out what’s up with her Dad. It’s kind of like karma for him in a way but so mean spirited…then again though that humor is my guilty pleasure. So yeah I’m starting to enjoy this more.

Cheating Craft:

This show is also getting more interesting. I never thought I’d say this but I think this show is actually creative and super cool. All the methods they come up with to cheat that can be used as weapons to are amazing. I think the dude who wrote this probably did really well in school. Look at the stuff he came up with as cheating methods! It’s insane and so cool! Love the fight scenes in this show, and it’s funny how Mu-Ming is immediately distracted by a cute girl and the other girl Qiao Yi Huang just being like “Ugh-” at it. Looking forward to the next episode!

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. 2nd Season:

In this episode, we get to see some cute magic stuff. I thought it was funny when Chiya actually took a minute to boil the water after she got mad and was just “Wait a minute” and prepared it and then they time skipped. I loved this episode, it was funny and I look forward to seeing more.

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki:

Another OK episode from an OK show. I don’t get how a dirty house equals perverted yokai. I also don’t like the two human character’s very much, I find them boring and average. Not much to say about this show honestly. It’s meh and I don’t expect to see me make it past a paragraph for it haha.

Anitore! XX:

In this episode, we learn how to stay fit on train rides. It was an educational episode. I, of course, didn’t follow their advice at all because I’m lazy and don’t like exercise but I’ll keep it mind for when I’m trying to be fit for like 2 months and fail miserably. I loved seeing that one girl, Akiko trying to pretend she was cool haha. Look forward to more of these cute shorts!


OK, this anime is kind of fun. It’s a little bland but I like it. I try and solve the puzzles while Tokine does. She managed to get out of the situation she was in and her only concern was seeing the anime she missed. I like the main character she’s relatable and fun. I like this short show, I think it’s OK! look forward to more!

Hibike Euphonium 2:

Oh god, it’s only episode 2 why- I mean. -cough- So it turns of Taki sensei doesn’t have a wife or kids. No wonder he is incapable of not being a dick unless people act the way he wants. Good to know. We also see why Nozomi wants to be in the band again and why she quit, to begin with. Don’t get why she wants to get back with these guys. I say she runs while she still can or else her entire arc will just be concert band concert band concert band and nothing else like all the other characters in this show.

We also figure out why Mizore hates competition and to be honest guys? The girl has a point. That is pretty true about contests especially for subjective things like art and music. It all comes down to personal taste and I find contests to pretty pointless myself truth be told. Another woman shows up to train them at this music camp they’re staying at basically and everyone suspects she’s with Taki Sensei. I don’t think so, though, Taki Sensei is not the relationship type. We’ll probably never seen him get a girl.

For someone who hates this show, I always find a lot to complain about. I really passionately dislike it for some reason.

Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season:

Ahh, yes, this was awesome. I’m so happy watching this show again. It’s so fun! I loved how great Oda was with kids. He is definitely that hidden power type of a guy, though. You can tell he’s that type of character. It was funny when they hugged that one guy just as an interrogation technique. Also, Ryunosuuke was treated pretty cruelly by Dazai! Dazai was a pretty scary monster back then! When he hung up the phone and turned to the camera like that?

 Yikes. I also wonder why he only wore an eyepatch back then. Either way, I feel bad for bashing Ryuunosuke. Poor guy got the shit beat out of him. I think we also see Oda’s death. That was sad though because his last thought was about Dazai. I can’t wait to see Dazai’s reaction to his death. Also loved the opening and ending song too! Look forward to the next episode.

Brave Witches:

Another good episode. We get to see more sister bonding and stuff. It was sad to see her sister get injured even after she fought so well and epically. I don’t get why it’s so serious. It doesn’t look very serious at all. I’ve seen way worse. Hikari held her own pretty well too though and it’s so great how she stepped up to take her sister’s place even though everyone seems to underestimate her. Look forward to seeing her prove everyone wrong about her!

Yuri!!! on Ice:

This anime is so gay. The opening is amazing and gorgeous but you can not look at this and deny there is SOMETHING there. Victor likes Yuuri for sure. He gets all weird and handsy with him. I ship them so I’m happy with this development but still. I don’t like Victor calling him a pig and the fact that he just…dropped weight in one episode. I expected it but I dunno that’s still mean to me. Yet at the same time, I’m not as angered as I thought I would be.

 I get why Victor is saying that and he also seems to be kind of an asshole to everyone he trains. The other Yuri is so mean but he’s a nerd behind that bad boy exterior. I hope Yuuri gets to eat with Victor like he wants. It’s such a simple sweet thing, it made me “aWww” out loud. I also think relationship wise Victor likes him no matter what Yuuri’s weight is.

 He got all affectionate and touchy with him before the weight loss so that want for him to lose weight may have just been just purely professional.I hope we get actual canon gay couples in this show. It seems like it could actually happen! That would be the first sports anime I saw that didn’t just tease the possibility and went right for it! Look forward to the next episode for sure.

October 13th, Thursday:

Flip Flappers:

The story is actually coming along. This anime is actually quite amazing! I love how Papika came in a transfer student looking absolutely insane and the new world they went into! I thought it was kinda cool how the pet bunny became an epic powerful guy. I love all the color changes as well, especially on Kokona! I wonder what they mean by freeing Pure Illusion.

They show it like a bad thing but I dunno. The world would be way more interesting if it was. I feel the artist girl might know about True Illusion, she seems to have her head in the fantasy world. I also wonder if Yayaka will become a partner as well. That should be fun. As always visuals were amazing and I loved this episode. I look forward to more.


This anime is great. I know you’re probably raising eyebrows at me saying that, but I love it because it makes me laugh. It’s so absurd it’s amazing and a quality show. The characters also aren’t half bad. Cliche personality I will admit but I like them and their designs a lot. The school where they train is hilarious as well.

The stuff they make them learn and how that one teacher could probably kill a man with her butt? Amazing. So absurd and amazing. The plot itself isn’t even THAT bad and the show’s jokes can be pretty damn funny too! That siren girl is insanely strong, though. I wonder if any of them will be able to beat her. I’m also excited to see all the characters shown in the opening. I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did at all so I’m pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to more!

All Out!!:

Another great episode. Never thought I’d find myself saying this but I’m happy this show is gonna be longer! Normally I groan a little when a shows longer since I bore easily but this show is quality and will definitely hold my attention in the long run! Lots of training with Gion and getting introduced to the other members of the Rugby club. I’m surprised there’s a member that’s a girl.

 Imagine all the members are like her buddies even outside rugby and if anyone tries to harass her they get all intimidating and protective. For being so short Gion’s pretty strong. Especially by the end! The muscles these guys are crazy. If I didn’t know any better I’d say a lot of them are college aged. Even the first years don’t look like high schoolers, and the only reason Gion is passable at being younger is because he’s short.

 Loved this episode though it was so fun! Poor Sumiaki though, he’s scared to play because he’ll have to play against Miyuki. I hope he explains the situation or at the very least the team is supportive of the stuff he’s going through. I also wouldn’t quite get it if Miyuki were angry with him. It was an accident and he seemed like good friends. Wouldn’t he forgive Sumiaki? He obviously didn’t mean it and I’m sure the other people who were in their team told them that. I do wonder how this will go. Looking forward to next week for sure!

Bernard-jou Iwaku:

The librarian is adorable. It’s cute how she’s crushing on Endou and how a lot of the characters seem to have a lot of useless trivia on stuff. It’s funny when she yelled at him “Who cares?” and it was also cute how Shiori was so passionate about Sci-Fi and was like “NO YOU MUST READ IT NOW” That’s me getting people into all of my fandoms Amnesia in particular. Heck, I might be having a stream tonight to show the series to two friends haha. Loved that segment! It was the most relatable of the two and I look forward to next episode a lot as well!

October 14th, Friday:

Fune wo Amu:

This looks like it’ll be another good show to add to the Fall 2016 lineup. Fall really is the best normally and I like this. Masashi and Mitsuya have a great dynamic for the two of them. I really like Mitsuya he’s definitely perfect for the job and his awkwardness is cute. I love the opening and imaginary sequence animation. It was really cool. This seems like it’ll be a laid back and slice of life. So far not too many huge things went on, but I look forward to this immensely!


Another good episode. I think I watched the special  OVA for this and I realized it was actually the first 2 episodes so this isn’t my first time seeing it actually. This episode was cooler than the last one. I don’t know if I like this show more or less then Hellsing but I do like it for sure! It’s funny and has the seriousness to it as well. I love it! I’m not sure who the good or bad guy is, though.

Like, yes I can see why that new woman is the bad guy the dude in the white room sure as hell doesn’t look any less threatening! He’s pretty scary as well! I guess he wants to gather drifters to fight this weird woman, though? For what reason Im unsure but I’m definitely curious. Also good for Shimazu and the gang for freeing the elves and teaching them to fight for themselves! They have a bunch of people on their side now. I’d definitely consider them heroes but of a more Chaotic-Good variety.

Lostorage Incited WIXOSS:

This episode focused on Chinatsu. We see how invested she is in pretty much only work and school and how stressful it is in her life. I like Chinatsu a lot, she is relatable and a character I can really root for and get behind. The character she chose to be her LRIG is cute as well but we all knew that was the avatar she would choose. Her next fight will probably be with Suzuko but I don’t know if she’ll win or loose or what she’ll do now that she was fired. Things are really bad for her right now, even though she did win that next battle. Looking forward to next episode!

Gi(a)rlish Number:

To be honest I haven’t paid a lot of attention to this show. I like it but I loose my attention with it easily. It is a good show, but it doesn’t hit me in that way I guess. Though we got to know some other cast members our main girl will be working with. Even though it’s only the beginning of the show there still seems to be drama coming up. Not all the members seem to like each other very much. I also love how anime within animes are so low budget looking haha. I look forward to seeing the new episode.

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda:

In this episode, we see our main character play soccer. Seems even after all the weight loss she still doesn’t have the best stamina. We still love her though haha. Not as many BL moments as I thought there would be in this episode, though. There was also the part where her Mom wore a bunch of makeup because of all the boys over.

Of all the boys I like Asuma the best and I feel he will be the primary love interest of all of the characters he seems to like and be the most protective of Kae, and still treated her nicely even before the weight loss if I remember right. I’m interested in seeing how everything goes and the part where the character Sae liked that died had a shrine she had everyone pray to was hilarious. I look forward to seeing more of this and am really starting to like this series.

October 15th, Saturday: 


This was a fun episode. It seemed to focus on Mozart this time around. It seems he had amnesia of some kind for a bit which made him not sure how to activate powers. It’s fun to see all the boys hang out because it gets crazy when it’s just the 3 of them. Look at all the antics they got into to try and help Mozart remember. It was funny when he tried to welcome her home and she kept smacking him though haha. I do have a mean sense of humor and like side note but Mozart has the prettiest hair! Especially loose like that. I look forward to next episode, I still want to learn more about the Classicaloids and such, because I don’t feel it was explained quite fully just yet but I look forward to taking the journey that’s for sure! Awesome show!

Time Bokan 24: 

I actually don’t think I’m quite familiar with the Momotaro story. I don’t really have an original to compare it to but even though I didn’t, this episode was great! It was funny how Momotaro kept manipulating all the girls. I didn’t get it if it were me I wouldn’t fall for any of that crap. I would just be like “Don’t pull that pity party shit on me sit your ass down and listen to me-“. I’ve had people try that before so I’m an expert spotter of those sorts of tricks and totally called that he would do that. His Grandma gave him the ass whooping he deserved which was definitely funny though and everyone was funny as always! Looking forward to next week!

Vivid Strike: 

We got to know a lot more about Rinne this episode! It seems that even though Fuuko seems to think she’s a terrible person just because she’s rich, that isn’t the case. She’s also been through a lot and lost a lot. This whole plot is basically “Communication issues.” Both have things to say but won’t say it or some tragic, secret anime backstory they aren’t revealing.

I’m surprised these girls are super powerful and I love the drama and build up to this throwdown. One thing, if this is the under 15 category, then why even bother having that adult transforming sequence? I kind of like it but why is it there? It feels pointless. Like, pick a lane and stick with it. Do you want an adult fighting anime or a teen one? Other than that though still enjoying this very much. I love Rinne as well! I think I’d be unhappy with either of them losing! Even if it would be better if Fuuko did.


Some more awesome fight scenes in this episode. I’m not sure what this place exists for. Is it a prison designed by cruel Bloodivore racists? Like in an attempt to kill them in the most painful and fear giving ways possible? It feels that way. The bloodivore with the red ponytail is super badass and the one that killed her husband is as well. I called there being some boob groping scene though definitely. You could so tell it was coming. I’m getting a better idea of Mi Lui. It’s awful how he was treated as just a pawn. His hate for his Dad is justified for sure. He deserved so much better. Looking forward to more of this show and figuring out all these mysteries that are up in the air!

Long Riders: 

Another cute episode! I like this show! I actually love to ride my bike in real life so I totally get some of the stuff they’re talking about. Like switching gears and how to go uphill. I always had trouble with that to this day I do. The character’s as simple and a little bland as they are, are charming! I like them a lot and I enjoy watching this anime. It was also fun to see them in the store looking for biking stuff. It’s pretty relaxed and joyful and I like it! I look forward to seeing what they do next.

Shuumatsu No Izetta: 

Another awesome episode. The princess is still injured and this episode was a lot of war talk and focused on the soldiers fighting against the Germanians in the trenches. It was sad but it did well at conveying what it was like during those times. When Izetta did her thing, though? Amazing! All the fight scenes with her magic are kick ass and her and Fine get along so well. I absolutely love it! Though people seem to think Fine is the white witch which isn’t good. They’ll try and gun for her more instead. So excited to see how everything develops!

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku:

The magical girls seem to be starting to have little teams now. Not sure why that thing would allow it since a magical girl could just distribute the candies equally so everyone lives and interfere with the game but it makes for some interesting plot points. I love the swimming magical girl she’s adorable and I have a feeling the twins are gonna be the next to bite the dust. I’m surprised their reaction to this news wasn’t taken with more screaming and crying. I feel like Souta might die later down the line. The other magical girls on the team after them have morality issues though that’s for sure. They’re just helping people for candy, not because they like it or should do it like Koyuki.


I like this show but I get lost as heck a lot trying to follow it. If you can do it while watching other titles to? Bravo to you, you have earned my respect. I hate those types of people. The ones that contact psychics just with the intent to trick them so they can go “AHA! Your powers are fraud!” They are one of my biggest pet peeves. I hope this show has a lot of supernatural beings making skeptics damn well aware of their existence haha. There still seems to be that murder going on but the plot point with the fortune telling girl seems important now. There is also the black magic girl. She’s in contact with some mysterious creepy voice. I’m curious to see what happens next!

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star:

Ohh this was episode was great! Eiji is really nice. He’s like the one member of Heaven’s I’m OK with. He and Kira are cool! I enjoy them. The whole Tokiya might quit STARISH thing should have been drawn out! It would have been interesting to see like the group seriously consider splitting up and then coming together when it counted the most!

 Like, come on tell me that wouldn’t have been better? Imagine Tokiya like accepting his card and hiding it and like Ren finds out midway through the series and the group fights as the climax. Then like Haruka finds out where they all went and gets them back together. It would be cool! Maybe I should write my own episodes haha. I liked this episode reminded me of back when the show was better. I wonder how the other team-ups will go I’m looking forward to it a lot!

3-Gatsu No Lion: 

So the episodes seem to follow a theme. We see him play Shogi and then stuff with his family. He really is a good Shogi player but I personally paid more attention the family bits. I’m not quite sure why he’s so distant. He must have trust issues, poor guy. I hope by the end he opens up more. I think we’ll get to know the main character better as the show goes on. So far to me comes off as a guy who’s been through a lot of stuff in his life and has closed himself off because of it. Shogi is the one thing he still enjoys. I look forward to the next episode for sure!

 Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

This was funny. This show is a little bland, yes, but I like its sense of humor. It’s funny in a more simplistic way. Didn’t expect Mitsunari to be a bird but it suits him surprisingly well.I feel like Ieyasu getting smacked around is going to be a theme. Poor Ieyasu haha. Maybe he’ll get back at them? Either way, I’m loving this.

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari:

This show is so adorable! I love seeing this whole single Dad thing. He got freaked out at first but he made up for it with how easily he took on the parenting role and how sweet he was! He treats Poco very gently. When his crush from high school came in that was pretty cool as well! I think the girl and the boy will get along now even after her being a bully. She’ll probably apologize to him in later episodes or slowly warm up. Looking forward to seeing more.

October 16th, Sunday: 

Touken Ranbu Hanmaru: 

This episode didn’t have any fight scenes. It was much more relaxed and cute but I enjoyed it. I liked it! Got to see even more swords! There are so many I love it. The sequences with the cherry blossom tree were animated beautifully and seeing all the wishes was nice as well. I feel like Yasuda’s wish will come into play later in the plot for some drama. I’m not sure if this show will have a dramatic climax but who knows? It might and I’m ready if it does.

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance:

This episode didn’t have any recruitment. It focused on Kohana learning how to use her Mom’s power she inherited. Aoi was very supportive of her which is why I like him most haha. The other characters that are supposed to appear made a brief appearance but didn’t interact with Kohana much. It’s interesting how Aoi knew Teika in childhood. I wonder if the others did as well. When Kohana finally did it it was animated so nicely! I loved the colors! I’m looking forward to next episode.

Ao Oni The Animation: 

This just in, this show is still very awkward and a bit painful to watch. How I’m still here I  have no clue, BUT I AM. This episode had a love confession thing going on and she kept throwing people out the window who were interrupting.  That was kind of funny but then heads got eaten off again and wow…just wow. This is pretty bad-

Show By Rock Season 2: 

Another cute episode! We didn’t get a big reaction to Cyan’s return from Shingan Crimsons but they were still funny as hell this episode. When they were dressed in the bear suit and the other tight thing I laughed hard. The new candy themed characters were cute too and we got to see the redemption arc for Rosia.

I guess we needed to see that come full circle to make room for this new evil band. Full of guys this time. I like the secretary and the Unicorn. They were the coolest to me! I wonder what their songs will be like. It should be awesome! I look forward to seeing more!

October 17th, Monday: 

Aijin Second Season: 

This show actually reminds me of American action films sort of? Like that but with more character development basically. Satou looks interesting with the disguise on. Though if I were presented with him I would still question if he was him. To be honest, he looks like Satou, but with gained weight. I mean come on, I can’t be the only one who thought that!

 I’m surprised by Kaito starting to come back in the picture. I thought he wouldn’t be back ever but it seems they’re gearing up for his return! I still don’t like Kei very much as a protagonist. He’s still interesting as a character and I look forward to seeing what happens next with this!

Gakuen Handsome: 

Yes, the mysterious transfer student trope my favorite one! You’ll never take this trope from me it’s like one of my favorite anime tropes ever. That character is the scary emo type. The costumes were random as hell but it was pretty funny when they put him in a disco ball costume. I don’t know why they assume they’ll all get along after that but…OK then? That one that was supposed to be a delinquent hasn’t acted like that once yet, I’m surprised. This episode was funny regardless!

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori:

Kensuke is still an obnoxious twit in my opinion. I know he probably is hoping to make Yoshio actually want to live but he treats serious issues in such a breezy casual way. It makes me want to kick him in the jaw, to be honest. The barrier around Yoshio sucks! My first thought was actually. “Aww, that means no one can hug him or give him any affection poor child!”

Could also do without Akechi, I find him to be kind of obnoxious as well. I’m glad he accepted him into the group but still. It was also heroic of them to save the asshole, I suppose. I wonder if each episode will just be one case like this. I hope not because it feels like filler. I’m personally way more interested in that villain! Looking forward to seeing what he’s all about for sure!

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume:

The match between Koyori and Agari was this episode! We also get a bit of insight into Agari’s past. She realized this episode she’s too obsessed with being number one to the point where she doesn’t truly have fun playing table tennis. She looses but isn’t as sore about it as I thought she would be. A bit pouty but still civil about it. I think next time she’ll win but this time, she’ll truly love the game as well! I look forward to seeing them all bond now that the jealousy seems to be out of the way.


Another great week! My favorite this week goes to Uta No Prince Sama! It had the quality I wasn’t expecting after the small slump Uta No Prince has been in lately. I loved it a lot! As for least favorite, though, that would have to go to Ao Oni. That show will probably be the lowest every week. It just keeps getting more and weirder and uncomfortable! I hope you enjoyed this article and the anime this week as much as I did! I bid you adieu for now!

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