ResurrXion: A Beginning – Jean Grey #1 Teaser

Marvel has revealed a new teaser for the mysterious ResurrXion. The project will follow after Death of X, and Inhumans Vs. X-Men. This new teaser image plays off of the “A New Beginning” tagline from last week’s Resurrxtion An Ending. A Beginning Teaser. This teaser joins Monday’s ICEMAN #1 and yesterday’s WEAPON X #1 teaser with JEAN GREY #1 along with images from the Jean Grey‘s over 50-year history.

Jean Grey helped to found the X-Men as Marvel Girl in 1963’s X-Men#1 alongside CyclopsBeastAngel and IcemaJean Grey along with the original X-Men team traveled from the past to the present after present day Beast traveled back to recruit the young X-Men in an attempted intervention for his friend Cyclops who has began a journey down a darker path.

This series will mark Jean Grey‘s first solo title, previously she has only appeared in team or co-lead titles and a few one-shots including X-Men Origins one-shot in 2008, and a Marvel Girl one-shot in 2011. It is unclear if the series will star the young Jean Grey from the past or a “ResurrXion” of the original Jean Grey who has now been dead for 12 years.

Since returning young Jean Grey has struggled with her new powers as she came from a point in time when she was just a low-level telekinetic, who over time discovered she also possessed telepathy. Her powers were controlled by mental blocks placed by Professor X so her powers would not overwhelm her, her hurt others. She has wrestled with the knowledge of not just her death, but the way people view her growing powers. Jean Grey has also “outed” Iceman who has since come out to everyone that he was gay, something that until All-New X-Men #40 was only a joke on FOX‘s Family Guy.

Jean Grey has went by a few monikers over the years, during the ’60’s of X-Men Jean used the codename Marvel Girl. In ’76 she took on the name and powers of the Phoenix after an encounter with the Phoenix Entity. The Phoenix eventually became corrupted and became the Dark Phoenix who destroyed a whole system and was ordered to death by the Shi’ar Empire. It was later revealed that Jean Grey was never the Phoenix, the entity had created a look-a-like of Jean. Since then Jean had gained the powers of the Phoenix and alternated between, Marvel Girl, Jean Grey and the Phoenix codenames. Jean died in New X-Men #150 in 2004. She has appeared a few times since then, but has never returned for good.

Jean Grey has appeared in X-Men related animated series as a regular including FOX‘s X-Men, Kid’s WB X-Men Evolution, and Nickelodeon’s Wolverine And The X-Men as well as appearing in FOX‘s live-action X-Men movie franchise.

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