Bravo’s Weekly Anime Lineup #4

hjgfreyjuer.JPG                                                                          This week’s anime screenshot is Yuri!!! On Ice

This week’s anime lineup for all of you! As always be sure your caught up so you don’t get spoiled on any titles you are watching and of course enjoy!

October 18th, Tuesday: 

Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku:

This episode was cute. Miku really didn’t think  it through when she threw those flyers. Pigmon is the best with kids and that is really cute. What I didn’t expect was to see a new monster girl this episode! Her name is Eleking and she is unlike a lot of Himedere character’s because she has a deeper voice. Looks like Windom made a new friend because she likes yaoi as well. She’ll probably warm up to the other girls as time goes on. Another good episode! I look forward to seeing more!

Soul Buster: 

Some more awesome fight scenes. I’m surprised that they used the sun like that. It was pretty kickass and our main character became pretty good in a short time. It moved very quickly and now I get the title so…yay. Turns out that girl with the glasses wants a fight now as well. I wonder if this whole show will just move from fight to fight. Guess I’ll find out, huh?

Nobunaga No Shinobi: 

We got to see Chidori’s first mission. I didn’t know they used the cup trick back in the feudal Japanese era. Chidori is pretty much the best ninja ever. The world’s always in her favor and she’s super powerful which is part of the joke. To bad Nobunaga forgot to tell her to KILL said target but she did her best at what she as ordered to and nothing more haha.

Soushin Shoujo Matoi: 

So they seem to think that Matoi is still her Mom but not dead. I don’t know why they can’t tell the difference. To be honest, this episode confused there was a lot going on and it kind of made me go, “Huh?” quite a bit. We got introduced to a new villain, the one Claris was looking to find. I think she wants to kill Matoi because the goddess she’s connected with causes destruction. I also wonder if the relationship with her Dad will get better. I guess we’ll see!

Natsume Yuujinchou Go: 

A lot going on this episode! I’m surprised that Natsume is going to be working with Matoba. This should be really interesting. Maybe Natsume will grow to like him as a person despite the difference in how they are with yokai? It’ll also be interesting seeing a possessed person again. It’s been a bit since I’ve seen that! The plots of Natsume Yuujinchou seem to be getting a bit darker and more intense as time goes on. I like it a lot. That phone call was scary! If I ever got a call like that I would destroy my phone and chuck it out a window! Overall a great episode.


Another funny episode! The ninja guy would have been an interesting addition had he stuck around. He was quieter than the others and added interesting contrast. It was also funny how the main guard figured out what it takes to get those 4 to stay where they’re supposed to be. They have it down to a formula haha! Then there was the cleaning which was funny. The warden was so thrilled but man she has the best poker face in the world. She’s such a cute, great character. I enjoy this show so much it’s great! Looking forward to seeing more!

October 19th, Wednesday: 

To Be Hero: 

Ugh, OK this was kind of gross.  I want to like this show I really do but if they use Yamada too much that’s gonna make things really difficult really quick. It was sort of funny in small doses, but now they’re using him too much. Using him entirely as comic relief makes everything fall flat because he’s a huge creep and he doesn’t really have any other character he bounces off of. Not even our main character that’s he’s hanging around. I laughed at the villain that was supposed to be the ideal guy and the aliens analyzing males and females. Poor Min, I really like her the most in this show. It’s nice to see her Dad still cares. I know this is a comedy but I want this to have a happy sweet ending regardless. I really hope it does.

Cheating Craft: 

Another good episode. I actually thought Jiu Liu was cheating. I’m surprised she wasn’t. It was great how Mu-Ming helped her against that weird mammoth guy. She’ll probably wind up joining the main group. I don’t know what she’d do since she doesn’t have those special abilities or cheats like the other characters. I guess it’ll all come together as the show goes on regardless.

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki:

Another OK episode. This show is pretty average thus far. Nothing really makes it stand out to me and Kiitarou is super obnoxious. The part where he was staring at the yokai was kind of funny but I don’t get how he was looking up that girl’s dress on purpose the first time but I digress and I guess I’ll see more soon.

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. 2nd Season: 

Good episode! We got to see what it might be like if Chiya were to transform into a magical girl. I don’t know why they thought maid outfit, though. Well…that’s a lie that was obviously fanservice or something but like a maid doesn’t fit her? I thought Chiya’s form would be like a military looking, though. The girls super hardcore and tough I mean come on wouldn’t that suit her her better? I have a feeling the next one to actually transform will be Dia. They seem to be foreshadowing it. Look forward to the next one!

Anitore! XX: 

Today we did stretches and somersaults with Saotome and Hiraoka. Lots of fanservice, lots of chest/butt shots. I don’t mind THAT much because I actually enjoy the characters and find them to be adorable. Though for some reason no one noticed that white haired girl like, if that were me I would point it out. Like, “Um? Guys? Did anyone notice the girl that just broke in-” I don’t know that’s just me. Wonder who she is and how that will develop.


So that thing can suck regular people into the puppet world as well. Obviously, we know she will solve  it and free them. Thank god I’m not the protagonist, though. I suck at puzzles I’d never be able to figure this stuff out. The people with me would just float around in the void for an eternity while guilt gradually consumed me. The little shit running this place is evil, dear god. We haven’t seen the puzzle yet, wonder what it will be.

Hibike Euphonium 2: 

Well, I think I have, to be honest about this series. I do dislike it IMMENSELY but those of you who follow my myanimelist profile will notice I give the show 5s and 6’s. You’re probably thinking, “Bravo if you dislike it so much why don’t you just give it a 4 or lower?” Well as much as I hate the shows characters and how the plot can be executed it still isn’t worthy of a bad rating.

 The art is very nice, and not ALL the characters are bad like I said before. I just can’t stand all the drama between all these annoying girls and how literally the whole show is this dumb band. Im aware they are in a club for it, but come on! Free was about swimming but we saw them do other things and got to know them as people way better. There also wasn’t as many dumb catty fights over stupid things like “WaaHHHH! Sempai won’t let me rejoin the band! The older kids bullied me wahhh!” among other annoying hits on this show. :clears throat:

Anyway. More practice for the Kansai competition. Turns out Taki is a divorced guy so apparently, there WERE women that had common sense and didn’t put up with him! Thank god! I also don’t understand them bitching at Mizore. She isn’t even really happy playing. What do you expect from her? Isn’t that why you’re having all the students play it like 50,000 times? So they get PERFECT at it. You should be more worried about her mental wellbeing if nothing else. Also since when do the students get to decide who gets to join their little clubs and who doesn’t? Wouldn’t that be Taki’s sensei’s responsibility? He is the teacher, it’s his job to watch over the well-being of his students, isn’t it? He doesn’t seem to do that at all come to think of it!

There’s also the small issue of Reina’s mad love for Taki sensei. Like this goes way beyond a crush. The thought of her dating someone else apparently destroys her. She is too young for the guy I don’t get why she’s hanging on him so much. Typical episode of Hibike Euphonium. Guess we’ll see what happens next week.

Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season:  

Ohhh this episode hurt. It was nothing but pain. I’m starting to get worried, though. 3 episodes in and we’re still in the mafia arc. There is a particular fight in the manga I really want to see and at this rate, we may never have the chance. Let’s just say it has something to do with the Port Mafia/ Detective agency alliance coming up. Im starting to feel worse for Ryunosuuke. The poor thing really just wanted to be acknowledged by Dazai. He deserves it to he’s very powerful! There was also Osasaka seeing all the people he cared about being taken away in one big explosion. That scene hurt. An awesome episode, super emotional as well one of my favorite things! Looking forward to seeing more!

Brave Witches: 

We got to see all the characters that Hikari will be working with. Waltrud is definitely a lesbian, though. Just, I’m going to call it now. She has that Sailor Uranus syndrome radiating off her like no one’s business. It seems like Hikari can only really activate her true power when under stress. I hate how demeaning she is treated by that dumb girl with the black hair. Hikari deserves better than this treatment, she tries really hard at what she does! I guess now that she’s “proven herself worthy” she’ll be allowed to be in the group and be more friendly with them. Guess we’ll see next time.

Yuri!!! On Ice: 

….-deep breath- I love it. I do not have one single complaint. This was perfect. Yuuri and Victor are a perfect couple. There is no doubt in my mind that Yuuri and Victor like each other. Yuuri because he literally said he found him hot and Victor because he can’t keep his hands off of Yuuri aND WHISTLED AT HIM. This anime doesn’t dance around the gay subtext. It tackles it like a lion after a freaking gazelle! There’s no denying it, they like each other and I hope they will become a thing. I need to see that happen. There was also the training between the two Yuri’s which was awesome. Yuri has an adorable cute sneeze as well which was adorable to me since he always acts so tough. Feel kind of bad he lost but my want for Yuuri and Victor to be happy together trumps that so…yeahhh. The dances were also so beautiful and the outfits were as well. I also loved Yuuri feeling insecure and Victor making him feel better about it. I’m so excited for the next episode!

October 20th, Thursday: 

3-Nen D-Gumi Glass no Kamen: 

I didn’t notice the first 3 episodes came out so I quickly caught up with it! Though to be honest there wasn’t much to catch up with. I’ve never seen the show this is based on. I have seen the art of the other version and don’t get why this one has such pretty color. The other was more realistic. The animation on this one is also awful. It looks like my MMD projects back when I used to attempt them. This show is probably going to take the cake for being the worst one of the season. Not only the animation is the bad part. The jokes aren’t even that funny. It’s supposed to be a satire on modern society but it comes across more like “Those Damn Millennials!” the anime. That comes across as annoying to me, sorry. That and the jokes aren’t even that funny, again. Only the beginning running gag was kind of funny. That’s about it…a poorly animated not even that funny anime series. Ugh.

Stella No Mahou:

I’m surprised the club went to meet Tamaki’s family. She only met them 2 episodes ago. It was a cute laid back episode. Tamaki really has a nice peaceful family. I also really like Shiina. She’s a funny character as well and the part where they showed her later on with a drink in the imaginary scenarios. The game they’re planning also looks pretty cool! I would play if it were a thing. I’ve played indie anime games before though most of them were horror themed like Ib (which I highly recommend btw)

Flip Flappers: 

The place Papika and Kokona went was a desert. There was also temple looking things. It was a really cool realm! The mind control plot didn’t go as long as I thought it might. Then again, the adventures only last for one episode. One episode per world. I don’t mind that! I think it’s cool and enjoy it. The villain they fought had a creepy and cool design as well. Turns out Yayaka was already exploring Pure Illusion. She’s on another team, with these 2 twin looking kuudere characters. They were pretty cool too but the guys they work for? Creepy as heck. I wonder what their goal is. They seem to want to use the crystals for something nefarious for sure. Looking forward to the awesome fight scenes to come between these two teams!


Another fun episode! Nozomi, as it turns out, did some special legendary move. It was so powerful it managed to rip the bathing suits off the other players. This gets the attention of the elite players but Nozomi is forbidden from using it…because injuries can happen. I don’t get that logic, by those standards this whole sport is a massive safety hazard as well as a bunch of other Olympic sports. Nozomi really is a strong person, the swimsuit winded up really suiting her in the end. The types were also interesting. For being a fanservice anime it is surprisingly likable and interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing how their first official match will go.

All Out!!: 

This was a good episode. We got to see our main characters play rugby against the other school. It was super cool to see and nice rock music in the background as well! I knew that Miyuki wasn’t angry. It was cute how he got all protective of Sumiaki when they poked fun at him. I’d ship them but like…I don’t know I wish these sports animes weren’t afraid to be more emotional and show affection between two male characters.

Don’t get me wrong I love this show and I’m not trying to say they should do yaoi. I mean platonic affection. It would have been much better if Miyuki had taken a second to say like “It’s OK Sumiaki, don’t be scared to show your full potential just because of one little accident! I’ll be fine!” something like that. Insulting him is just…mean. Like yes, that sort of tactic always works in these kinds of shows but in real life, it isn’t really psychologically sound. Especially when we’re talking about Sumiaki or someone like him. Insulting him would only make him feel worse about himself and would be very mean spirited. The incident was obviously very traumatizing to him.

 He freaked out just because he thought he MAY have hurt Gion. I also don’t think his arc is over with. If it were 12 episodes I would say that, but this show is going to be 25 episodes long. Assuming each of the main characters arcs lasted 3 episodes, we’d still have to fill the time with something. Sumiaki is also the main character so we will get to know more about him for sure. Same goes for Gion, Takuya, and that new first-year character. I think Sumiaki might accidently injure another character in an official match bringing the trauma back that got buried and causing strife in the team. Looking forward to the next episode for sure!

Bernard-Jou Iwaku: 

Another pretty funny episode! A pretty big overreaction to Shiori for a simple question, though. A funny overreaction, but an overreaction regardless. It was also nice to see Shiori and Sumiko become friends! I didn’t even consider them bonding and such. I don’t know how Sawako hasn’t read at least one book the whole way through. Sometimes I can be slow when it comes to books, I’ll admit it but I do at least FINISH eventually. Still enjoying the show regardless! A very nice set of quirky nerdy characters we have here!

October 21st, Friday: 

Fune Wo Amu: 

I loved the party where they welcomed Mitsuya to the group. He seems to have a great new team to work with that will treat him well and with respect. Masashi as well, even though he kinda gets on Mitsuya for his more timid personality. He is definitely well suited for this job despite that more timid side of him I would say. Everyone here takes this dictionary job so passionately and just enjoy their profession so much. I never thought of went into writing for a dictionary, this anime had me thinking and appreciating that more! I also wonder where that woman came from. I assume it’s Mitsuya’s girlfriend or family of some kind, but she seemed to appear out of nowhere! Will this show have supernatural themes as well? That would be kind of cool I have to admit.Also, this show randomly throws in words that fit the situation. This time it was encounter. It reminded me of that Tumblr aesthetic where people but words and definitions of said word in AMVs and stuff in fancy text.


Okay, I’m starting to get it now! The Drifters seem to be real people from various different times and eras gathering in one big magical place to fight this evil black king guy. That is actually really cool and pretty unique as well! There are a couple of different storylines going on at once. I like how Scorpio defended Hannibal from being laughed at. They already seem to have a strong bond. That dude in the plane is also pretty crazy and insane. I’m not sure who he is, but I guess we’ll see. All the characters in this are so cool, though. It’s so hardcore and badass but I expect nothing less from Hirano Kouta. This sort of thing is what he does best! Looking forward to the next episode!

Bungou Stray Dogs Second Season: 

Yes, I loved this! This was awesome. The fight scene between Odasaka and the leader of the other group was epic! When they started playing the opening during it not going to lie I freaked out a little but most importantly? This was a huge insight into Dazai’s character. I have a whole theory on it but to summarize, I think Dazai’s more sociopathic way of being is because he was brought up by Mori. I also think this is the first time he ever got attached to someone as a friend. Dazai and Odasaka are obviously close.

I wouldn’t say romantically because they act more like old friends but they are definitely very close. Seeing Odasaka die before his eyes like that destroyed Dazai’s psyche even more than the way he was raised by Mori. He leaves the port mafia because he feels betrayed by them and sees them for how truly bad they are now, and because Odasaka wished it. Though even though he has improved emotionally, he’s more broken than before.

That’s why we see for the most part he isn’t really good at being comforting in the conventional sense of the word, and is more distant and hides behind a funny mask. The suicide thing isn’t just an act, Dazai’s severely depressed and in a lot of a pain but now hides it behind a big goofy smile most of the time. That’s how I see it at least! It looks like we’ll be getting back into the regular manga now that the port mafia arc was over! I’m so glad I got to see two Bungou Stray Dogs episodes this week and loved the Port Mafia arc immensely! I’m so excited for more!

Lostorage Incited Wixoss:

Yes, this was awesome as well! Mikage is an asshole, to be honest. I know an odd way to start but she is a huge sociopathic bitch in my opinion. I hate how she like names the emotion or tone as she talks and just ugh. The card store was pretty cool as well and we got to see another male WIXOSS player and his LRIG. His backstory and his reason for his card are so sad! He’s so traumatized by everything and I hope he has a happy ending. As for the whole losing personality as well as memory thing I’m not very surprised. I expected it considering the dark tone the last series had but it weighs even heavier here! There’s also the mysterious (Kinda cute) guy with the lollipop in the store that hangs out with Mikage. I’ll probably hate him as well but hey at least he’s pretty I guess. Looking forward to the next episode!

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda: 

This episode was kind of funny! It was the school culture festival and we got some funny moments like one of the main boy’s being dressed as a princess. It was funny how she called real life a shitty game but the boys all trying to like share her was annoying. I would have put a stop to that so quickly like there would be no episode. Then again I would actually want to date one of them instead of having yaoi fantasies. The haunted house part was funny as well what a girly scream! Looking forward to seeing what antics they get into next time!

October 22nd,Saturday: 

 Vivid Strike: 

This episode was awesome. Let’s just say it’s going to be hard to choose a favorite episode of the week! We get to see Rinne’s full past in this episode. She was adopted by a great family but those bullies were completely soulless. Though I loved that ending immensely. They stopped her from seeing her dead Grandfather and she never got to say goodbye to him! She loved him immensely and even reached into the toilet to get that gem she was given by him. I wonder how Fuuka will take hearing her full backstory. It should be interesting  next episode. I also swear guys I’m not a bad person but just…seeing swift and violent justice being given like that? Can’t lie, I enjoyed Carrie, ergo I enjoyed this as well.

Time Bokan 24: 

A dinosaur-themed adventure. This actually for whatever reason reminded of that TMNT episode, the Return of Savanti saga? There was a part where they kinda showed the turtles in a prehistoric era. Dinosaurs being pets isn’t really funny, more interesting. Imagine if that were true? It would mean us humans had like amazing animal taming abilities. It was also kind of funny how they became caveman and cavewomen. I enjoyed this but I’m looking forward to the more funny episodes. This one was staler than normal and a bit more annoying. I’m sure it’ll be better next time!


EEee what a cute episode! I knew I would love Chopin. The poor thing is so cute and shy and them trying to get him to come out of the closet was so sweet! I’m excited to get to know him better as the episodes go on! I didn’t expect to like Liszt as well! I can see why they chose to make her a girl, feminine name and all. I’m surprised by how surprisingly civil she is as well and loved the songs! I wonder why all the Classicaloids have to stay in that one place. Why do they want to recapture them? Maybe to use their magic to brainwash people or something? That could be the case! I’m not sure what their motives are but I enjoyed this episode!

Gi(a)rlish Number: 

Paid a bit more attention this episode. The creator of the anime was so quiet. Another male character not so great at the whole socializing thing. I like him and his quiet voice. Most of the character seems to have kind of subdued personalities. Then there is Chitose though who’s…an uppity…not very fun person. Her acting at first made me cringe but she did improve later. I do like Kazuha! Another personality type I like! I’m excited to see the anime finished!

Aijin Second Season:

This season to me isn’t as good as the last one. I find myself getting more bored with it, then again this episode was slow. They seem like they might try and break Kei’s more sociopathic nature. I’m also surprised to see Kaito is in jail. I guess he was caught after him and Kei separated. I think that maybe seeing him again will break Kei of this emotionless phase he seems to be going through right now. A slow episode but I am curious. I also agree with Kou. It doesn’t matter if he’s a girl or not, what hurts just hurts damn it haha!


A lot of cool action scenes and some surprise character development! I’m kind of shocked that Chen Fong and Win Chao knew each other as kids. Poor Win Chao. He acts really tough but all this stuff is weighing really hard and he obviously never did something this serious. I’m also pretty sure that Mi Lui likes Anji in a romantic way. I mean it was transparent as heck already but I somehow missed it to be honest. I wonder how this will go all down, but I do have to admit the art/animation is a little wonky on occasion. They should probably work on that.

Shuumatsu No Izetta: 

In this episode, we see Izetta at the castle! Unfortunately Fine’s father died but she’s handling it really well all things considered. She truly does care for her country so much! I also love the maid and the other guard character I think? It was funny how a vase fell on Izetta’s head and I’m excited to see what these new characters will do! That guard girl will definitely do a lot later in the plot! I look forward to another awesome battle and I think we’re gearing up for another one so yay! I’m looking forward to next time.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: 

Glad that princess girl is dead I have to say. She kinda had it coming after how she acted. I do feel bad for the swimsuit magical girl. She really did like her and I can see why from her perspective. I’m so surprised that Himekawa had so many candies! She must do a lot of magical girl stuff. Personally, I hope the twins kick the bucket eventually. I find them super annoying. That new magical girl is pretty I have to admit…scary and pretty! I look forward to the next episode!

3-gatsu no Lion:

This game had a lot of shogi playing in it. I think a bit more than it usually does. Our main character seems to view emotions very passively. Like he’s very observant. He doesn’t seem uncaring just more…aloof and observant I guess. The part where one of the main girls in his family was crying over her dead Mom was very sad and heavy as well. It was realistic and just very heartwrenching at least to me. Just his being there seemed very comforting to her which is nice. I look forward to next time!


I actually paid better attention this time to see if I could get it. I did and to be honest? Kind of wish I didn’t. I’ll start with the big pink elephant in the room. My favorite is…not my favorite anymore to be honest. Her backstory is creepy and uncomfortable as hell. I mean…glad it probably wasn’t incest but keeping the body of her dead brothers pretty gross and creepy! The dude with the glasses also had a fight with his Dad over THE stupidest thing ever. I’d kick him so hard that is just a stupid reason to disconnect with your Dad. Over a difference of opinion about the supernatural!? Really!? I also think it’s cool how detective boy is a book character and not even actually real. This show is getting more interesting! I actually look forward to seeing it again!

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star: 

Today’s episode was about Syo and the dude like him in Heavens. He also happens to be the younger brother of Syo’s mentor and idol which complicates things. Syo challenges him to some manly contest thing because he wants the other guy to record the song. They had a super passionate music video and I loved how they acknowledged it was a hallucination, I laughed really hard especially when they both knocked each other out at basically the same time making it a tie. There were some cute Natsuki and Syo moments as well but I still don’t feel really connected to the guy from Heavens here at all. He just isn’t my cup of tea at all. Still looking forward to the next episode!

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

This episode had Date and Kojuro in it. It made me laugh because of how random and all the silly banter it had. It felt very natural which contributed to it being so funny not going to lie. If you picture Sengoku Basara and you’re a fan like me it makes it even more amusing. I still wonder if this was based on an actual historical story about Date. I’d have to research it, but this show honestly makes me want to look into it which is a mark of a good show! If it’s a factual story they should show it in school!

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari:

Another really cute episode! I think that guy who likes to fish is going to become Poco’s unofficial Uncle. They were kind of mean to him though teasing him with the Octopus. I know he should get braver but still he’s a little kid that’s so mean! Souta is obviously more responsible, though. I bet seeing his friend made him feel better about the state of his own life or think about what he would want for his future haha. A good cute episode in general! Loved all the family fluff vibes it had! Pretty art as well!


OK, I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING- BRAVO RWBY IS NOT AN ANIME! WHAT IS IT DOING HERE? I hear you loud and clear but I absolutely adore RWBY and a lot of anime fans also follow it. It’s pretty popular nowadays and since I would love to talk about it to anyone who would listen, there’s nothing to loose. After a year of wait the beginning of Volume 4! The fight with the rock thing was badass and I loved it. I had no idea Jaune wore a hoodie either! I didn’t laugh as hard as Ruby I was more surprised.

I did get sad seeing Jaune took on Pyrha’s shield. I love how Ren and Nora have longer hair as well! The acronym for the team joke was really funny as well. Onto the more serious stuff, I think that farm boy has a connection to the Spring maiden. He appeared too soon after her being mentioned at the bad guy conference for it to be a coincidence.

Maybe the Spring maiden is his sister or something. I like how Cinder is all injured now she got what she deserved but I like Salem way more then I should honestly. New villains are impressive as well! I’m kind of intrigued about seeing more family stuff from Yang, Blake, and Weiss. We are about to see Weiss’s Dad and I think the two people in the opening are Blake’s Dad and brother. There’s also Yang with her and Ruby’s Dad which is awesome! I’m so excited for next week and this was a great pilot! I loved everything about it IMMENSELY.

October 23rd, Sunday: 

Show By Rock Season 2: 

This episode was for the guys. Lots of bikinis and water sports. Saw a scene that reminded me of Keijo and that made me laugh pretty hard. The girl who I used as my screencap awhile back also showed up. She’s cool to me even though she’s so mean. My two favorite archetypes are badass girls who don’t take crap and shy kind of timid boys. Anything with either of these has a special place in my heart. I liked this episode but not a lot of big plot stuff happened! This one’s just a fun one!

Magic Kyun! Renaissance: 

Angelo has a pretty tragic and sad backstory. I think the main character helped him want to dance again. The two boys with the shorter hair seem very hesitant to join the council or indifferent about it. I’m sure we’ll see what their deal is in a few episodes, though. I do like Angelo a lot. He’s very pretty I have to say, even though his personality is pretty generic. Still enjoying this show!

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru: 

More new swords were introduced. The one with the girlier design was introduced and I liked him a lot even before this. His design I was always really fond of. The swords in the store buying stupid silly things was hilarious as well, especially the cool glasses. I enjoyed this episode a lot and I look forward to more for sure!

Ao Oni: The Animation: 

This episode for once actually wasn’t the worst. It was slightly amusing this time. Still gory and gross but showing how this monster’s life is day to day was somehow funny and just so silly and ridiculous. I still don’t like the human characters as food dishes but I can’t win them all I guess. Maybe it’ll get better after this.

Luger Code 1951:

My friend watched this before me and thought it was like a self-insert fanfiction gone anime. I took a look and honestly? She was right. It wasn’t THAT bad and it was pretty amusing but it has those vibes. The characters were pretty bland the plot went in a very predictable direction but it was still kind of fun to watch. If they made a sequel I would watch it…for some reason. If you like that kind of cheesy supernatural/human romance you might enjoy this. Pretty decent OVA in general I guess.

October 24th, Monday: 

Gakuen Handsome:

Another very silly episode. Let’s pee together was…very very uncomfortable. That and where did that main character get a bomb!? That was definitely an overreaction and it wasn’t very funny. This episode was more weak and uncomfortable to me. The show has amused me more thus far, but not really this episode. It just didn’t really hit like it normally does. It was a mess.

3-Nen D-Gumi Glass no Kamen:

Another episode of this. This actually was pretty amusing to me! The whole self-awareness humor made me laugh but then the rest of it was very “eh”. This show is just so…average and more leaning towards the bad side of average. Mediocre if you will. The only thing this show is accomplishing is that it makes me wonder what the original is like.

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori:

I actually did not think the one in the wheelchair was a high school student. He didn’t look it all. Them demeaning Yoshio and the whole “Do as I say or be punished” thing was pretty annoying. I’m glad Kensuke wasn’t around much and wonder if that one guy will rejoin the Boys Detective Club. The more I hear Boys Detective Club though the more it sounds like…high school boy scouts. Like I can even picture them all in the uniforms because like they have all these dumb silly rules and like codes of honor. I wonder if Yoshio will ever warm up to them, maybe he shouldn’t though they really aren’t that great. I wouldn’t hang out with them that’s for sure.

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume:

So remember that evil looking girl from the first episode that made that one girl cry? Turns out she’s captain of the team. She has godlike skills to the point where she can play multiple tables at the same time and still win. She easily beat everyone but is an idiot in every other area. Also, she puts everyone in costumes as a losing penalty. This time cat ears. I suspect my favorite character lost so she could have them on purpose. I wonder if Koyori may win against her. It is possible at this point with everything else she’s done. Guess we’ll see next episode!


A very good week! We had a few bad eggs in there since some of the shows do fall kind of flat but I enjoyed myself! The reward for best this week will be going to Bungou Stray Dogs and Yuri!!! On Ice. I couldn’t choose just one again they were both just so good! As for least favorite, that would have to go to for Gakuen Handsome. I really didn’t like this weeks episode at all. It didn’t make me laugh even a little bit. but Ao Oni did so it escapes being the worst. Hope you all enjoyed this post! I bid you Adieu for now!

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