Bravo’s Weekly Anime Lineup: #5


This week’s Screenshot is from Nanbaka! 

 It’s that time of the week again! Here is this week’s Lineup of anime goodness! Be sure to make sure you’re fully caught up before reading any further so I don’t spoil you and enjoy!

October 25th, Tuesday:

Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku:

I had a feeling Miku would get to meet Red King or the other monster on TV! I like Red King she’s so laid back and calm and seems like a really pleasant person to be around. Windom really is powerful though to be able to beat her like that. There is apparently Kaijuu girls that can go berserk without gear because they can’t control their powers. I wonder how the new girl will be, since their obviously alluding to one who can’t control her powers. Miku will also probably start fighting in those matches when she gets better at the whole Kaijuu thing. Maybe her friends as well! Another good episode!

Soul Buster:

So the girl with the other card was actually trying to protect him. There is now a new dude they are fighting and he has two cards. They were both really cool in design I liked them. I wonder what the main character did with the card. He’ll probably have some legendary power. Since he’s the main character he obviously has some special thing other characters don’t.

Nobunaga no Shinobi:

In this episode Hideyoshi is sick and Chidori and Suzeko. It was funny how Chidori was literally watching him at first I laughed at that. Nene is also really cute. Normally tsundere’s are a bit annoying to me but this time, I really liked it! She’s really adorable, a shame Hideyoshi doesn’t love her back but still she’s very cute! Suzeko being upset when Chidori said she’d be single forever was also hilarious. Great episode! Got a lot of laughs out of it!

Soushin Shoujo Matoi:

This episode was really cool! I loved the character that Claris was with before. It would have been cool if she were still around. I don’t know why Matoi wants to try and negotiate with these bad guys. They clearly can’t be reasoned with. It also seems like the bad guys are separated into different factions. Forgiving vs Unforgiving. I’m kind of confused, to be honest, this show is kind of hard to follow.

Natsume Yuujinchou Go:

This was a good episode. I feel like maybe a yokai killed someone precious to Matoba. He doesn’t seem like THAT bad of a person otherwise. The face yokai was creepy at least to me I have to say. Glad they got that taken care of. Matoba is also very…touchy with Natsume. That’s…weird and uncomfortable. His other friend seems to be up to shady stuff, though, I’m excited to see what happens next!


I had no idea there were contests in prison. This was an odd tone change. It was fun to see all the different contests. I had no idea Seitarou was so good at that game I was impressed! The one with the hammers was really fun as well it was a great fight scene. I can’t wait to see what Uno does to the gay French guys…I mean Honey and Trois next week! I’m really liking this contest for sure!

October, 26th, Wednesday:

To Be Hero:

This episode was pretty gross. It was the prince basically attacking the main character while he picked his nose. Then said alien prince eating the booger because he thinks it has special abilities. The first part was just gross to me, ordinarily, I wouldn’t care too much but him eating it was too gross. Even I have limits. The Prince being in love with Min is also kind of weird especially since he affiliates his love for her with his MOM pretty much. I did like how the Prince’s voice changed whenever he got all flustered. Him living with the main and Yamada should be interesting, next episode should be funnier if they do this right!

Cheating Craft:

In this episode, Mu-Ming gets to spend time with Bai Jiu like he wanted much to Qiao Yi. He also goes to buy a pen from the same place Bai Jiu did but things are different here now. That dude running the shop? Gay. He gives off that anime gaydar I’m so good at it haha. The way they discuss pen’s sounded so suggestive I laughed at that part. I wonder what that guy’s ability is and how he’s going to take advantage of Mu-Ming. He obviously has some manipulation ability over the pen so who knows.

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki:

This episode was surprisingly funny. I loved the hamster voice over. At first, I thought it was the actual thing so when I realized it was Kiitarou doing the voice I laughed. There was also Kitsumen’s first appearance. I like her she makes the show more entertaining in my opinion! I hope we see more of her!

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. 2nd Season:

Another food episode. This one had plenty of Chiya being her brilliant self. The fact that they addressed magical girls being bad at school trope was really funny. This show really does kind of go against the grain! The texting part towards the end was pretty funny as well!

Anitore! XX:

On this episode, we do hip lifts and sit ups with Akiko. I like her character a lot she’s such a nerd and it really amuses me! The hip lifts look like they would be really good for you if you did them on a consistent basis. I didn’t expect us to see her mother. She seems like a good Mom but Akiko seems all awkward around her for whatever reason. I found it kind of adorable regardless!


In this episode, she solves a puzzle. The people when they all screamed when she put them on a row was unexpected. I jumped a little. There is actually an easier way to figure out the puzzles. They always have something to do with the situation she was in albeit vaguely. If only those people knew what she did for them haha. Guess we’ll see another puzzle next episode.

Hibike! Euphonium 2:

This was a good episode mostly. It focused on Mizore so I was pretty content with it. I can’t believe this whole fight between them was caused by a lack of proper communication. Such and over dramatic reaction from everyone though Jesus H Christ! I like Mizore but I’ve never run out in tears because there was someone there I didn’t like.

 The whole fight was silly. That and the one annoying short one grabbing Nozomi like that like um…excuse me bitch? You don’t get to grab me and stop me from going anywhere. I’d wrestle out of her grip how strong can the little twerp be? That and she has a mouth on her if they’re gonna always have GRIPPING TEEN DRAMA on this show someone may as well slap her, go big or go home! I didn’t know Kumiko was having family issues. I probably should have known but I guess we’ll learn what’s up later huh? A bit more enjoyable than normal for me but otherwise an average Hibike Euphonium episode.

Yuri!!!On Ice:

Another good episode! I loved all the Yuri and Victor moments especially. I really feel like they have a strong emotional connection and want to see them as a couple. Since Yuri won’t be skating anymore after this whole thing, I’m worried Victor might leave Yuri after it’s through! I don’t want that! Please let them be a couple writers oh dear god. Yurio’s new dancing is also amazing I love it! The character from Thailand was cool as well I’m so excited for the next episode!

October 27th,Thursday:

Flip Flappers:

A great episode! Papika and Cocona bond a lot here. I’m surprised at well the two took living together. In a lot of anime’s normally that abrupt “You two have to move in together, ” plot usually results in a zoom out on wherever they are followed by “Ehhhh!?” Yayaka’s organization also wants to take over the world with the crystal thing. Generic bad guy goals I guess. The new realm they went to reminded me of Alice and Wonderland and was very pretty. I think by the end they achieved resonance which was the goal! I liked this episode!

Stella No Mahou:

In this episode, we got introduced to Ayame’s family. I wonder if we’ll get to see all the other characters family members. I love seeing families and I didn’t expect we would see anymore! I think it’s cute that Ayame’s little brother likes Tamaki. Tamaki trying to plan at the beginning of the video is basically how the writing process is as well. If you ever wonder why I don’t get stuff done there’s part of the reason.


This episode was actually really great. It’s especially great after…the interesting article I read about this anime this week…but I’ll get to that. This episode featured the rest of our main characters fighting the girls in the elite class. They pretty much have literal superpowers, now THOSE are some powerful lady characters. Even if I wanted to I couldn’t complain about the fanservice. This is what any girl would want! These women could easily cause catastrophic injuries with their butts and breasts alone especially the elite class!

One of them had literal superhuman speed, a basically iron butt and the girl with the big breasts even swung those things back and forth to hypnotize them. The fights were impressive (again never thought I’d be saying these things about a show like this). I’m excited to see Nozomi go up against the girl with the headphones. She’s my favorite! There was actually an article written by some feminist SJW person complaining that this anime was sexist and condoned sexualizing minors even though all the characters are 18+ in this show.

I don’t get it, though, there is rarely a male to be seen in this anime and the girls, for the most part, are strong, powerful characters who can fend for themselves without a man. They also CHOOSE this profession so it’s not like some EVIL man is objectifying them and making them play for his own sick pleasure. It’s a genuine and real sport that the characters take great pride in participating in as ridiculous as it is. I hear the article got deleted though so I guess enough people but that dumb woman in her place. I’m going to keep enjoying and watching the show, screw what other people think regardless.

All Out!!:

More Rugby playing! Gion finally got his chance to play along with the other more abrasive blond guy. I cared more about Gion. They didn’t win but that really was a nice play! For being so small Gion really packs a punch. I really liked this episode a lot! I love how great the team is with each other they are very loving and supportive which I didn’t quite expect after the loss. I expected more brooding and angst. I look forward to seeing what they do after this!

Bernard-Jou Iwaku:

The whole group discussed book recommendations among other things. The way Sawako reads books actually is pretty solid. If she knows about a book to that extent and can still talk to other literature enthusiasts about it. She’s basically kind of read it. Why she doesn’t just read them since doing what she is doing would take the same amount of time is beyond me. It was still a funny episode I definitely enjoyed it!

October 28th, Friday:

Fune Wo Amu:

This episode was so adorable! Mitsuya’s crush on the new chef girl moving in is just so adorable! I think Kaguya is interested too and being cooler about it! Masashi and Mitsuya’s talking at the end was cute as well. It’ll be nice to see Masashi give Mitsuya confidence and maybe Mitsuya teaching Masashi to treat thing with a little more tact. I think by the end of the series they will be really great friends but I seriously cannot get over how adorable this show is especially Mitsuya blushing! Great episode really enjoyed it.


The shows concept was explained to us better and now I get it and am really interested. There are other drifters as well but they are opposite to the other characters and called End’s and do the opposite of the drifters. I think the dark’s will be historical figures who died in tragic ways. I’m surprised Nobunaga isn’t an End, though, he is not highly revered in the slightest in Japan. In fact, he’s pretty hated and viewed as dishonorable based on what I’ve seen. I’m excited to see more end characters and how assembling an elf army will go down.

Lostorage Incited WIXOSS:

A great episode! I still don’t like Hanna very much at all. I don’t feel connected to her at all she’s way to robotic and logical for me. That’s coming from someone who enjoys’s kuudere characters. What was really interesting this episode was the black haired boy from earlier. He sets up battles between Selectors but loves seeing strife and people losing themselves. That punkish guy died in a fight and was replaced with his LRIG so that’s still the same. Chinatsu has also become very heartless and cruel which shows when she rips off that charm. This is getting so epic! I’m so curious and interesting to see what happens next!

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda:

A good episode for sure! The first part was Serinuma going to comic-kit with the boys. Asuma is still easily my favorite boy! He is so nice to everyone but just seeing everyone look for the comics she wanted was hilarious and cute. All of them in the karaoke booth was adorable as well! Her friend dressing as Sebastian was awesome as well. A+ cosplay and funny as heck scene as well! The fact that she was Serinuma’s first kiss was also amazing. Maybe Serinuma’s bisexual? She seemed to like it and not get grossed out! I’m starting to like this show a lot and this episode was great!

October 29th,Saturday:


I was surprised this episode! I knew that prison escapee was an Aijin for sure but I didn’t think that he would be an Aijin! Let alone have an IBM with wings! I loved how it looked it was so pretty and well designed for just being a dark black thing. It’s looking like Kaito will be with Kei soon and with Kei and Kou it looks like some epic fight scenes are coming again like at the end of season 1! I can’t wait I really look forward to seeing it!


This episode was an interesting one! We got introduced to Schubert and get to see how Beethoven and Mozart escape with who I assume is Liszt. They looked like they were in lab clothes! Maybe this show is going to take a dark turn and it turns out they were all treated really badly in the lab! There was also Schubert able to turn everyone into babies.

I knew he was the one causing it at almost the beginning of the episode. I got a little more of cute Chopin as well! It may be a bit before he breaks out of his shell but it will be great when he does. I hope Schubert will be able to interact with Mozart in the future. It’s not like he himself did anything wrong to Schubert! I love this show and this episode was good! I look forward to more!

Time Bokan 24:

This episode was actually Halloween focused…kind of. They made a fake origin for the term of trick or treat which came from the names of two areas of the country and a bunch of game show antics. It was kind of funny but again this episode didn’t as hard as it has for me the last few times. I think they’re in a slump with history stories to choose at the moment. It was still better than last time and I do wonder what will happen next and what they have planned. I wonder why Calen is only sad about her boyfriend in some episodes and not all but maybe I’m reading into it too much.


A really good episode! Turns out Mi Lui’s dad but a sapphire computer thing in his arm when he shocked him in episode 1. We learn a bit more from the computer thing and Mi Lui’s able to give Anji blood but she’s going berzerk from it. We also saw a silhouette of what I assume is his mother. There was also a new guy named Yao (I think) and he is the strongest Bloodivore so far. Everyone respects him immensely but I bet he’s probably an awful person. This was a good episode and I look forward to seeing more!

Long Riders:

A cute episode. They tried to ride a harder cycling path but Ami had trouble and hurt her legs pretty bad. Hinako seemed worried she wouldn’t want to cycle with them anymore over that which was a little overdramatic in my opinion. Ami isn’t the type to give up I can already tell and she got right back on the bandwagon like I thought! The new girl seems pretty cool too! I think she’s more experienced than everyone in the group! The next episode will be cool!

Shuumatsu No Izetta:

Oh boy, I sense an epic climax building! Fine is now queen of the area and they decided to be out in the open about who Izetta is. I don’t know why they’d go for this, maybe they have a bigger plan? Already that creepy guy Berckmann knows she has a weakness. I can feel the tension! It’s just a matter of time before they figure it out and I’m so worried! I really look forward to seeing where this whole thing goes it just keeps getting more and more interesting!

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku:

I like how the morality in this show exists on a spectrum it makes everyone’s reaction feel more realistic and gives me a better idea of what type of people the characters are.

This was a good episode for sure! So much went on! We got to see Nana and Shizuku’s human form! They look so cute and are actually canon lesbians! I’m surprised by that, I should have expected it all things considered but I didn’t so whoops on my part. I love the forest musician she is such an amazing magical girl and doesn’t seem that bad. We also got to see the new magical girl for the first time and she’s pretty cool. I don’t get why they wouldn’t be wary of her, though. She’s creepy and GORE is in her name.

The robot magical girl and Mary have something interesting going on as well. I wonder what’s up with them! There is also Tsubame who wants to live for at least 6 months but I’m not sure why. I wonder if Souta will die in the fight against Forest Elf. The swimsuit is the new ruler of the group that’s stealing candies! A lot of cool stuff can happen! I look forward to seeing the next episode


Again, I’m lost and I have no idea what’s happening. I know there was a weird ghost following Aria. I wonder who he’ll wind up being. There was also a weird supernatural mass murder drowning. Not much to report except that Narusawa’s breasts are still the most distracting thing I’ve ever laid eyes upon and that I have 0 ideas what is happening. Yet somehow, I’m still intrigued in this. It’s very strange.

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star:

I’m calling this episode the safe space episode. All I could think the whole time was that one episode, that whole PC saga and I have no idea why. I died when they were talking about “Invading his space” the dude from Heavens reaction was so theatrical and over-dramatic. It’s his job to work with other idols it was so ridiculous I got so much eye muscle exercise out of this episode from rolling them too much. In the end, they get along with first because Cecil figures out how to deal with crazy probably way too codependent people but still found this episode to be meh.

3-gatsu no Lion:

This episode was so adorable! Very family themed and it was so enjoyable. Them cooking/buying food was nice. I was surprised Nikaidou wound up eating dinner with them! They really like him and I wonder how Rei will learn to soften as a person. Will they just keep doing cute domestic family things like this? Confronting his past? Either way, though it was really cute especially when Momo attached herself to Nikaidou. I also wonder if Akari likes Nikaidou in a romantic way. That would be interesting if she were!

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

This episode was funny. Supposedly there were a lot of gay relationships in feudal Japan so my inner history person enjoyed this a lot as well. It was funny when they walked in on him and the others were just like “Yeah he’s been doing that a lot out in the open lately.” It was just so casual and out there I loved it! I look forward to seeing more!


Another great episode! I was so excited to see RWBY this week that I dreamt about it last night, to be honest! This was an, unfortunately, a shorter episode but it still had plenty to offer! We had Nora and Ren looking at each other. They definitely know something about that symbol but are keeping it quiet and between themselves for whatever reason.

 There was also Ruby having these weird dreams and Jaune rewatching the training tape of Pyrah over and over. That was super sad. There is also the Weiss plot that was introduced. I like her brother I bet he was probably lonely with his sister at school and everything. The school portrait also shows their whole family! It was so sad. I wonder if Weiss’s Dad is abusive. It’s been vaguely alluded to and he seems evil. I love the butler, though! He’s so adorable and sweet to Weiss! Seeing him more will be nice! I look forward to next time with this as always!

October 30th,Sunday:

Idol Memories:

Finally, someone subbed it! This show is another shortie but I liked it! My favorite girl already is the black haired one. She has such cute hair and is so sweet and adorable. I like the blue haired one as well! This idol school seems super strict and I’m surprised about the male headmaster. Not a fan of the CGI switch thing they do but I liked this a lot anyway!

Show By Rock Season 2:

Oh wow, this episode was really nice! We got a lot of ShinganCrimsonz and them vs that new idol band. I still can’t believe that one guy is a unicorn but the band played pretty well! The unicorn boy is so sweet! He just wants to take care of his family and he is such a good older sibling. His younger siblings are so cute as well! There was also the girls working on a new song and then the villain showing up again for the first time since the start! I’m so excited to see how this goes down and look forward to the next one.

Vivid Strike:

We get to see a little bit more of Rinne’s past this time around! What happened after that incident (with an oddly specific and precise name I have to say) and all that. More training from the girls and Fuuko getting a magic pet and her reaction to things. She took it oddly well and maturely if you ask me. I’m proud of her! The new people who came in to train them are pretty epic and powerful! I’m excited to see how this goes as well for sure. Not a lot of people seem to like this show but I still am! I’m glad I picked it up.

Magic Kyun Renaissance:

A good episode! A lot of silly antics with the group and the main character hanging out with that tall red headed guy. I think he really suits her! I think romantically he may be the best for as much as I did love my favorite blue haired one. The whole ghost thing was funny as well I laughed at it that’s for sure! I don’t know if Mr. No smile over here is warming up to the main girl yet. It’s hard to tell but probably not. It’s a little too early in the series for that. A good episode in general!

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru:

I’m very happy with this episode! Why? Well, two new words appeared but not just any! One of them is my favorite one in the series! Mikazuki! I knew they would choose that Seiyuu for him as well, I even heard it in the back of my head the moment I saw him. He had a much more prominent role than most new sword’s probably because he’s the rarest one! I hope he still plays a big role later even though the show focus’s on the twins!

Ao Oni The Animation:

Another weird episode from the always interesting Ao Oni. This time the hiding cupboard but them all in high-class clothing. Takeshi wearing a dress, one of them in a powdered wig and the girl dressed as a fancy drawer for whatever reason. The Oni chops their heads off and uses the blood to fill glasses. Weird and uncomfortable like always but I’m letting it slide this week because it’s almost Halloween.

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari:

This episode was so adorable! Today we see Poko bonding with his aunt since Souta’s sister comes by. They have a day out and at first, Rinko is a bit much and a bit too hard on him. I felt so sad when he hung his head like that! I grew to like Rinko a lot by the end though when she saves him and acts all motherly and just walks like a badass on the old bridge with no fear, unlike Souta. It was perfect and a great very sweet touching episode! It’s stuff like this I love to see stuff that’s suspenseful but can also emotionally hit hard! A+ this week Udon! A+!

October 31st Monday:

3-nen D-Gumi Glass No Kamen:

This episode was funny actually. The whole graveyard for read texts was funny to me, people ignore me all the time its relatable haha. I winded up laughing maybe this show won’t be so bad! The animation is still pretty atrocious regardless but maybe this show isn’t what I thought it would become! I guess I’ll get a better idea of what this is about next week!

Gakuen Handsome:

This episode was funny! I love when they fall and they spin in the air it’s funny. Sports episodes are always funny because of how ridiculous they are. I was so surprised by the wings they came out of nowhere! The principal just not even being shocked by the magic was even funnier. The last episode was just a bit of a weak point.

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori:

I was bored honestly. Didn’t completely pay attention. Yoshio was helpful and I think they respect him more now as a person. That other guy might rejoin the detectives now and Kensuke is back in the picture. The leader of the detective agency and the bad guy know each other as well. The episode was average to me. I feel very indifferent towards it in general at the moment.

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume:

Our two golden girls actually got a shot in with the chief of the time and had fun doing so as well. I’m surprised by how little problems they encountered so far. Normally there would be a training camp or something by now but they are perfect and godlike at table tennis! Next stop is a contest with the other school! I think they’ll win but maybe that’s where the problems will arise! I still like this show and look forward to seeing it!


A good week! For some reason, Bungou Stray Dogs didn’t show up on my feed this week where I normally watch! I’m sure it will appear soon but still, I really was looking forward to it haha. My favorite this week goes to Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku! I loved it a lot! That and RWBY of course! My least favorite was Occultic;Nine, it was really hard to follow and annoying for me. Thank you for reading my article! I bid you adieu for now!  

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