Bravo’s Weekly Anime Lineup: #6


This weeks anime screenshot is Classicaloid

A lot of animes are reaching their halfway mark or close to it assuming that most of these are going to be 12 episodes! It’s been great so far! Let’s see what this week and the next half or just the rest of shows have to offer!

November 1st, Tuesday: 

Hagane Orchestra: 

This anime was cute! It’s a cute show but not one to be taken too seriously. The boy character is adorable as well and I loved the character introduction,especially the 4th wall break and her throwing the words out the window. This is an interesting post-apocalyptic world for sure and I think I’ll like this show.

Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku:

A cute episode! I have feeling this one is a break episode before something intense happens! A lot of training and exercise! Overall just super cute and enjoyable! There isn’t too much to say this time around but Pigmon was the cutest for sure this time! Red King was unusually gentle on her. I guess everyone has a soft spot for Pigmon haha.

Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season:

Back in the present! Kyouka is doing her best at the detective agency but didn’t do too well on her first mission. There was also a new woman from the mafia introduced who I guess was Kyouka’s mentor but she raised her to be a weapon and sees light and goodness as bad. I kind of like her though she’s cool! Dazai using his unpleasant interrogation methods getting censored was funny! The port mafia parts were cool too and I got to see cute tiny Chuuya again. I was so happy to see that for sure! I look forward to seeing what happens even though I know what goes down!

Gi(a)rlish Number:

The girls had to do a surprise performance and they nailed it by singing but in real life? Man, that so wouldn’t have worked they came looking for the episode! I wonder if the blond might be trying to sabotage something. Anything is possible. The girl with the blue hair still seems very sad and dissatisfied and the main girl even though she was so snobby and stuck up before is being nicer. I’m surprised that she got along with them all so quickly. I expected that take way longer. A cute pretty nice episode regardless, though!

Soul Buster: 

The main character has some special legendary ability. I totally didn’t see that coming (Long sarcastic pause). They managed to get everyone out of there but him and his card collapsed because of the overuse of power probably. Next episode they’ll probably explain everything in more detail. This episode was good as well though this show has the weird pacing and it’s not really boding well with me. I guess I’ll have to see where it goes but as of right now, not too happy with it.

Nobunaga no Shinobi:

A funny episode! I think this the longest we’ve seen Nobunaga talk to Chidori. I love the preparing for the invasion and everyone freaking out. Especially Nene and Hideyoshi that made me laugh really hard! I wonder if there are cool fight scenes here like in the opening! Either way, I’ll definitely enjoy the next one and loved this!

Soushin Shoujo Matoi:

In this episode, we learn that Yuma has powers and we get to see fox spirits from the higher dimensions. It was sad to see them get hurt and how in her childhood she loved them so much. Claris is also bonding with the two of them even though she shouldn’t be so emotionally attached and such. I’m excited to see them become a team because I know it will definitely happen eventually. I’m enjoying this show a bit more now!

Natsume Yuujinchou Go:

We find out that the friend Natsume had’s technique to see yokai was forbidden and we see Natsume help the cute rabbit yokai and such. I really liked this episode and it was a bit solemn and still cute nonetheless. It’s sad she won’t be able to see yokai but who knows things could change, this anime does have some interesting stories and twists to tell! The yokai getting attached and I think falling in love with her was so sweet and sad as well. Another great episode of Natsume!


This episode mostly focused on a fight between Nico and the guy from the other prison block! The fight scene was epic and I’m glad Nico got to say all the things he wanted to say! Them censoring things and how they were casually discussing it was funny as well! I also loved the whole Uno being able to read their body language so well thing it really impressed me! I look forward to the next episode and seeing this next fight for sure!

November 2nd, Wednesday:

To Be Hero:

Oh! Well, this episode was actually kind of cute and touching which I didn’t expect. I’m surprised Min doesn’t know that he’s a pervert but she seems to have warmed up a bit to her Dad and Him and that alien prince talked a bit. It was funny how he got hit with a sandal. It was also weirdly sad even though this whole thing kind of spurred from bathroom appliances. The new alien girl looks pretty cool as well but knowing this show she’s going to turn out to be really weird.

Cheating Craft: 

This was pretty funny but kind of weird. We didn’t get to see what the pen did just yet. We saw the style of swimsuit they all wore and a shark then has an enhanced brain. I’m calling it Frankenshark because it reminded me of that the moment I saw it. I also knew it wouldn’t just be a relaxing pool trip. I called it the teacher’s here are from the pits of hell there’s no way she’d be nice. Guess we’ll see what happens with this shark fight/test thing later on.

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki: 

Those horse head yokai were freaky and creepy looking. I saw a dating sim that looked like it believe it or not, never played it but had flashbacks to the promotion images the moment I saw it. The fox yokai is still cute! An average episode, and still sort of funny!

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. 2nd Season:

This was so funny! I was so surprised when they spoke English but I loved it. Dia and the others are so smart! It was so funny how they didn’t even need her help a little. They are hinting more at Dia’s magical girl looking aesthetic, I really do think that she will wind up becoming a magical girl by the end of the show.

Anitore! XX:  

This episode was warm up stretches before going into the pool with Asami and Shizuno. It was funny and cute! I like when Asami got between them and accuses of you of having perverted thoughts. I forgot about that little pet ferret! I don’t know why you would want to spank the animal, though. An animal can’t be a pervert it does all that stuff with no intent to cause harm.


In this episode, the girls got together to help with a move. It was nice and cute just seeing them do stuff! The next puzzle looks pretty complicated. I don’t even know what it might entail. The people stuck in the puzzle world are giving some sort of hint, I do wonder what’ll happen with this puzzle because they are getting harder. I can only imagine what episode 12 will entail.

Hibike Euphonium 2: 

A big chunk of the last part was just then playing the song. They won the contest like they wanted and Mizore seems happier with contests. Though to be honest part of me wanted her to just say “Yes!” in response to the “Do you still hate contests?” That would have been so funny because of the happy epic music and such. I still don’t like the “Taki sensei is our lord and can do no wrong ever” mentality but I’m putting up with it because it’s here to stay…:heavy sigh: Typical episode. We’ll probably see what’s next for the club in the next episode. Probably more boring and melodrama to watch.

Brave Witches: 

This episode was magic training. This episode followed a similar theme like the others did. Most of it was her training her magic ability and she did well, yet again, under pressure. That’s definitely what her power is connected to. If each episode is just going to be training it might become a boring show, though. There should be more fight scenes and individual character development to balance everything out. Still a good episode!

Yuri!!! On Ice:

Another good episode! Two new characters. One was a younger boy introduced at the end and the other was a guy from China. Both of them are good and seeing the skating performances were nice. There was also some cute Yuri and Victor moments that I loved! I really do want to see them become canon but they seem to be dancing around actually making it romantic by trying to say Yuri’s dance is just inspired by things he loves in general. That annoys me but this show so far has been pretty unique and well done so who knows yet. I look forward to the next episode!

November 3rd, Thursday: 

Ame-iro Cocoa in Hawaii:

This was pretty cute actually! The new manager is pretty adorable and the antics they got into were funny as well. I have a soft spot for this show. The first season was OK but the next few were actually pretty charming! This one seems to be continuing that theme even though it’s short! I loved when his glasses fell down a little, that was so adorable and funny! I’m happy it finally got subtitled, it came out awhile ago. I look forward to seeing the rest!

Stella No Mahou: 

Another good episode! This episode focused on them working on the game, the last section mostly for a con. They all have a one nighter basically. This episode focused a lot on Shiina and the work she does for the group. I liked seeing her do it she has good leadership skills and she kept everyone motivated and such. It was a nice cute episode! I liked it and look forward to the next one!

Flip Flappers:

This episode was cool! It had a goth aesthetic I liked and actually reminded a lot of Madoka witch barriers! Yayaka played a heavier role this time she was being trapped in the loop as well. That jewel they have might be dangerous. I have a feeling maybe Yayaka might be on the right side and the show might throw a big plot twist at us. Who knows, either way, I’m loving it!


A good episode! We got to see the fight and to be honest this first appearance of men in this show ever. Turns out the girl with the headphones loves BL and also can knock any girl off the podium with her butt without even looking like it has a mind of its own. The teacher also gave Nozomi her blessing to use the move she forbade her from using and the breast hypnosis technique was actually forbidden and she was punished. The whole main class made it to the elite as well and the headphone girl has a new drive for fighting. I loved this episode it was great! Seeing what the elite class is like will be awesome!

All Out!!:

I didn’t like this. I don’t like the new coach. I don’t care that he was good at coaching and knew a lot about the game I know exactly who brought the old geezer in and already dislike him immensely. He’s that dumb annoying “Im an epic old man who knows everything and is never right” trope. I hate that. It gives off the message of “You’re young and stupid and will always be wrong because Im older and knows better then all of you cause Im older so ha ha!” That and he made Sumiaki upset and that’s like…ultimate sin. NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DO THAT TO THE POOR LITTLE…OK, NOT LITTLE GUY. I didn’t like this episode that whole thing killed it for me but other than that I guess it was OK. I hope it gets better next time, though, I liked it way better with just the higher schoolers and I hope he’s gone by the time the next match rolls around.

Bernard-Jou Iwaku: 

A funny episode. I’m surprised that Sabako and Shiori were able to bond over that joke book. I expected Shiori to hit her or something since she’s so snobby about literature but I love how she admired Sabako standing by her convictions are respecting her for that anyway. It was a message that was great to here, to be honest! A good episode from this as always! Next time will be good as well I’m sure!

November 4th, Friday: 

Fune Wo Amu: 

Another good episode! The Great Passage project is at risk for being shut down but everyone works hard. Seeing everyone work together and getting a better idea of how everyone is was really nice! Mitsuya tried really hard and is getting good at the work he does and Masashi might appreciate him more. I’m not sure he tends to poke fun at him a lot even if it’s not in front of him which is kind of mean but I liked this a lot! I’m also excited for Mitsuya’s romance with Kaguya to bloom she already seems to really like him!


This episode was really good! It was a lot of action! Turns out the elves had all the females taken from the village to stop them from breeding so Nobunaga and the rest of the group using their war/strategy skills lead them against the people that took them! That was really epic I love big rebellions like that and I’m excited to see everyone is reunited with the female elves and to see more Ends of course!

Bungou Stray Dogs: 

Another episode of this yes! This one had two great fight scenes but my favorite one was obviously Chuuya walking through security cameras like the boss that he is! He is my favorite other than Dazai of course! I saw this in the manga and the awesome epicness of the scene was captured really well and I was really satisfied with it all,the guild vs Ryunosuuke as well! I’m so sad we’re already at episode 6! I want more but if this gets big enough we will get more so that’s good!

Lostorage Incited Wixoss: 

Another episode airing on the more intense side of things. Suzuko had her heart broken by Chinatsu but I honestly still really like them both. Chinatsu’s just an overachiever and is mentally unstable right now. I’m sure they’ll make up by the end! Hanna’s even growing on me a bit she may not be as bad as she was presented. A new selector was presented, another guy! His story is pretty sad and his LRIG is nice as well! I’m nervous about the battles that one guy is setting up and know Chinatsu will get stuck in a situation where she may have to kill Suzuko. This will be interesting and I look forward to the rest!

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda:

This episode was funny! The first segment was chocolate making for Valentine’s day which Serinuma is bad at but it was a cute segment. All the guys are really protective of her over that Shima kiss thing. I wonder if she’s a lesbian but if anything Seriuma is probably bisexual. Then the second part rolled around and ugh. All the guys except 2 were dicks just because she gained weight again. I don’t like that, it proves how skin deep their “Love” for her was. I’m glad she isn’t too sensitive about her weight. Asuma didn’t let me down though and didn’t feel any different about her! Then there was Yuusuke who realized he was in love with her even when she gained all that weight which was sweet. She looses all the weight by the end but I liked this episode a lot overall and still really want Serinuma to be with Asuma! The yaoi kiss at the end was funny as well!

November 5th, Saturday: 

Time Bokan 24: 

This week’s amusing/ true history was about Hachiko, the dog that waited for its dead owner. I knew they were going to do that, turns out it was just a Wasp waiting on a dog’s nose for it’s Mom. This show really is good at coming up with things I never thought of. I don’t see how it’s funny, it was still kind of sad for the hornet. A weird thing about me but I think a lot of bugs are cute so I didn’t find it weird they were crying over it. It was a good episode and I liked it! It was cute but didn’t make me laugh really, so I guess you could also say it was on the weaker side as well.


This episode was really good! It focused on Sousuke and Kanae this time around and how the father was absent a lot and it was revealed after an awesome fight with Beethoven vs Rat and why Beethoven wants to cook the perfect gyoza so bad that he created the Classicaloids! It’s a kind of cliche note to hit, in hindsight, I should have seen it coming but still, I like this! I loved Chopin in this episode, he has research skills he showed here! I’m excited for next week for sure!

Aijin Second Season: 

A more action centered episode. No reunion with Kei and Kaito yet but it’ll be soon. Lots of battle and intense stuff going on this episode but the most important part was Tosaki getting kidnapped and Izumi trying to save him which was sad. She was so powerful as well and I hope we get to see her get her revenge on them. I do think she likes Tosaki in a romantic sense, yes she’s being blackmailed by him but I still think she has affection for him. I guess we’ll find out as we go!

Ame-Iro Cocoa In Hawaii: 

Another episode of this! They just left the poor guy with the Hawaii Rainy Cocoa and left. The dude always was a loose cannon haha. I love Shank already! He’s so nice and he’ll be helpful to the new manager he seems much more outgoing. It was funny how he planned on fighting said intruder with a mop as well!


Another good one! Lee Shin and Yao had a little fight and it looked like he sucked blood from him. My theory is Yao is as powerful as he is because he sucks blood from other Bloodivores. There was also Mi Lui and Anji and turns out Mi Lui likes her so much because he’s reminded of his Mom thanks to Anji. The childhood flashback was really sad I feel bad for Mi Liu he makes me sad. I hope he finds his Mom again and I’m excited to see the mystery get solved since that’s still going on.

Long Riders!: 

This episode had some funny parts! There was some buying bike’s and bike related things but the funny part was really the working bits that showed where the girls worked. The bit where they watched her friend at the maid cafe because they were concerned for her safety was the funniest part. Those are such caring friends! The next episode will probably have more biking!

Shuumatsu No Izetta: 

This episode was a bit more relaxed…to a point. There were the girls all in public to eat a pie. It was a funny cute part and there was also Izetta fitting in with royal life. Things are brewing that they don’t notice like one of the soldiers getting shot by that spy. That scene was sad because I really liked him he was a good character cut down in his prime! I hope they figure out all the stuff happening soon!

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: 

Oh boy, now this episode was a doozy. Two character’s died, the magical girl robot and the boy I thought would die. Not thanks to who I thought it was, more thanks to the car. The dark magical girl seems dead as well right after she found Snow White. The whole 6-month thing was mentioned again and everything is very emotionally intense. I loved this episode a lot the emotions running high like that was awesome! This might wind up being my favorite this week for sure!


OK, this episode wasn’t as confusing. All the different characters are starting to converge together to work to solve the mystery. I don’t like the shows format and such but I still enjoy it? It’s a really weird paradox. This episode was still a bit confusing but they are getting closer to solving the murder of one of the mains fathers. I look forward to seeing where it all leads, hopefully to a more coherent place.

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star: 

This episode was Ren and his Heavens counterpart. I liked him he was surprisingly cute honestly. The whole thing they were screening was pretty much Ace Attorney and I loved seeing them do it. Didn’t expect the love confession but I honestly should have. This show is kind of centered around it. I’m still waiting on my Natsuki episode but that should be soon enough!

3-Gatsu No Lion: 

This episode was cute but also sad. First off I take issue with the main’s previous family. What he did was child abuse locking his daughter outside like that. It doesn’t matter if she was strong enough to take it and he abused them both. The main character had a shitty childhood since his entire family died as well. This story seems to be about him adjusting to his new adoptive family and him taking care of Momo was so adorable!

Sengoku Choujuu Giga: 

This episode was funny. It focused on two people in the Sanada clan arguing about money and who would pay. I didn’t know deer would ride each other I didn’t expect that in this universe since they’re both animals! I laughed pretty hard when he did though so if it was for comedic effect it succeeded and did so gracefully!

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari:

In this episode, Poko gets to meet his grandparents. Another really cute one and I love how family oriented this show is. Poko is probably getting to do a lot of things he never had the chance to do! He made himself tired and fell asleep haha. I love when he scolded them though that was so cute and funny! I wonder what Souta picked up the phone for. It looks kind of foreboding! I’m excited to find out!


This week’s episode was great! We finally got to see Yang and Blake again which I was really looking forward to! Yang seems to have PTSD from everything. I guess the reason she doesn’t want her arm back is because she doesn’t want to have to go back to fighting and she’s scared after losing her arm like that which I understand. I feel so bad for her, though, Yang’s my favorite character. Cut to Blake as well, I knew that Sun would follow her, he is really in love with her. The two guys in the opening are definitely Blake’s family and I’m so excited to see that!

 I’m sad she slapped him though poor guy only wanted to help haha. I think Blake is staying away from the rest of the team because she is afraid that Adam will go after other people on her team because he promised to destroy everything she loved during Volume 3’s finale. She feels safe in her hometown since maybe the White Fang don’t know about it? I’m not sure but that should be revealed later as well! There is also Cinder and her weird healing thing. It feels more like an interrogation to me but there’s stuff going on there as well. I’m pretty sure Cinder is lying but either way Salem is onto her for it. I’m hyped for the next episode as always!

November 6th, Sunday: 

Show By Rock Season 2: 

A pretty good episode! This season doesn’t have the same feelings as the last one but regardless I enjoyed this week’s episode especially! I’m surprised at the past of Shuzo his appearance was so different then! I’m excited to see Rom’s reaction to it all. I feel it’s kind of OOC from Cyan to run off like that but then again I’m kind of excited to see where it goes and if they find her in time. I think Rosia is also playing a way bigger role in the climax then I thought. Definitely a great episode I’m excited to see where this all leads!

Touken Ranbu: Hanmaru:

This episode was so funny. The last thing I expected was a musical number while they were cooking. It was so random and sudden I couldn’t help but laugh and they’re pretty good singers as well so no one really lost. The food they made by the end was delicious looking! I would have eaten it. The new characters were cute as well, the short one reminded me of England from Hetalia, to be honest. I’m loving this show still and look forward to more!

Magic Kyun! Renaissance:

We learned more about Tsukushi and his art. He winded up joining them with Rintarou in tow thanks to them finding his lost pet hedgehog. Part of me wishes Tsukushi would have gotten all freaked out and started yelling about it voice cracking and all haha. Rintarou is not happy to be there, though. I’m unsure why but I think that’ll be revealed next episode. I’m surprised they’re all getting along so well especially in Teika’s case. I’m excited for them fighting at the end since he did proclaim the main character as his enemy! I liked this for sure!

ViVid Strike!:

I knew that Miura would loose against Rinne but she was so determined to win that battle I wanted to see it happen. The other opponents were surprisingly easy, though. I wonder why even if it was just the first round it should have been a little harder than that! They only took like 2 punches! Loved the action and the emotions this episode everything was super intense I loved it! I look forward to seeing more next week! I still can’t get over the adult transformations though a lot of them are literally just taller, bigger breasts, very small changes in face detail = adult. Sure Vivid Strike, Sure.

Gi(a)rlish Number:

I found myself getting kind of bored but it was an OK episode. The main character is so whiny and annoying and the brother is so needlessly emotionless and stoic towards her. The disguise part was funny and cute and I still really love the creator. The poor guy someone hug him, he clearly needs it. I wonder what they’ll do next and what that guy’s idea is! I guess I’ll see soon!

November 7th, Monday: 

3-Nen D-Gumi Glass No Kamen: 

This episode was pretty weird. The grass eating was weird enough but her eating mud balls? That’s where I’ll have to draw the line on weird. It was a pretty dramatic episode, why everyone suddenly admired her for eating dirt is a mystery but…pretty typical weirdness from this show to be honest. It was fine for this show.

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori:

A pretty good episode. The last two were kind of annoying but I liked this one. We got to see them doing work and got to know the characters a bit better. The birthday they did for him was so sweet! I was pretty amazed by the whole not dying even with lava thing. I knew he couldn’t die but still my jaw dropped. Pretty good episode!

Gakuen Handsome: 

This episode as so funny and ridiculous. I don’t even know what to make of it. It was the student council president trying to get a job. That purple haired student had a weird outfit. I don’t want to know what his job is for sure. The episode was the funniest yet, though. It was weird as heck but the delivery was great and the faces and some of those lines were hilarious. I hope the next one is good as well!

Idol Memories: 

I winded up watching 2 episodes of this today! I didn’t know two episodes were out and subtitled but I liked it! It’s still a pretty simple anime but I enjoy it regardless! I’m happy the black-haired girl came back and didn’t leave and that the other team didn’t let the headmaster sway them even though she’s doing her best to be cruel it seems. I also love how one of the boys is cross-dressing as an idol. He’s cute with the girls I like it!

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume:

This was a good episode! I, to be honest, didn’t know the Ping Pong paddle’s had rubber on them or that they could wear. I’d probably never play the sport so vigorously but I did learn something new and I appreciate that always! That girl who came into the shop was really creepy! I wonder if she’ll show up again. The working at the register segment was still really fun I liked that part! I look forward to the actual tournament which should be in an episode or two!


A good week! There was a lot of good stuff but a lot of OK or eh stuff as well. My favorite this week was undoubtedly Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku! It was action packed and nice and dramatic! RWBY as well for being awesome as always! My least favorite this week would probably be Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki. It was really awkward and kind of creepy and I didn’t like it. That’s it for this week! I’m actually riding a productivity wave right now and might come out with some short stories or get some project stuff done hopefully! I bid you adieu until my next post!

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