Bravo’s Weekly Anime Lineup #7


This weeks anime screenshot is Time Bokan 24

Wow, 7 posts already! I’m surprised, to be honest, and so many of you love these posts I’m, glad! I put a lot of work into this and I’m so happy you like hearing my opinion on these that much! Make sure you’re all caught up and as always lets dive in!

November 8th, Tuesday: 

Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku:

We get to see the new Kaijuu girl that went berzerk! She is supposed to be a younger girl character. I feel kind of bad, to be honest, she seemed so upset. I guess we’ll know more about her next episode since Red King got her after a little battle and she’s in custody now. The other 3 still have some stuff to learn about battles but I’m sure they’ll get better. It’s only episode 7 so we still have the rest of this half to get through! Anything can happen in that time!

Soul Buster:

Two new characters were introduced this episode. I liked them both they’re pretty epic. They seemed to come out of nowhere and the main characters card hasn’t really healed yet. I thought she’d play a much bigger role since she’s literally on the cover but maybe it’s too early to tell? I’m not sure. This show is still pretty enjoyable for its action stuff, though!

Nobunaga No Shinobi: 

This was also funny. No real fight scenes just yet mostly everyone just preparing and right after the war horn goes off. It was funny and I hope Nene and Hideyoshi become a couple. They would be so adorable together! I also hope we get to see Chidori fight like in the opening! That would be really cute and cool and I look forward to it!

Soushin Shoujo Matoi:

A good episode! I finally got to see Yuma’s new transformation outfits! She looked awesome I’m so happy she’s an exorcist girl as well and I knew that she would get to in the nick of time! Matoi also seems closer to her father and I wonder why all these exorcist girls are in one place now that it was mentioned, I didn’t think of that before. As well or if they’ll be more! I guess we’ll find out, I’m excited to see it!

Natsume Yuujinchou Go: 

This was another cute episode! It was a typical Natsume helps a yokai one again very laid back and cute! Natsume lost his voice and wore a mask for part of the episode which was adorable! I notice he tends to get sick a lot though now that it was mentioned! He was adorable and the yokai this episode was cool too! Another great episode from this show!


A good episode! I did not expect the main character had supernatural powers and this anime would turn more serious. I didn’t expect the powers they hid that really well. It was a huge surprise for me! There was also the guard being in love with the warden as well which I didn’t expect! I wonder who that guy with the scar is I’m excited for his identity to be revealed and am still loving it.

November 9th, Wednesday: 

To Be Hero: 

Turns out the tail on this girl is actually the alien, not the pretty kuudere looking girl. Darn. That was pretty awkward but I don’t know what I expected, to be honest. This show has always been pretty crazy. I don’t know why I didn’t predict something this crazy. I’m surprised by the dude who looks like the main from before going into the apartment! I wonder what’s going to happen next!

Cheating Craft: 

This episode was confusing. There were new characters shown that I like they’re interesting. I don’t get all the crime/mug shot thing and the strange cutting. Nothing seemed to make much sense I wasn’t sure what was going on but this was definitely a set up for something we’ll get to see next time! I wonder what it is! It should be pretty cool!

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki:

I loved this episode actually! Today the Yuki Onna were introduced! I love Yuki Onna they are some of my favorite Japanese yokai and the mother-daughter relationship is so great here! I loved both the characters they were so adorable! I hope we get to see them again I just can’t handle how cute it was! I know I’ve said it like a bunch of times but ugh…so cute. Especially when the mother leads her back into the forest. She was grumpy but I agree definitely a good mother!

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. 2nd Season:

I didn’t expect Yuzuka to become more comfortable with her magical girl outfit. It was a cute episode, though! I’m glad she feels more comfortable with herself and it was a nice unexpected growth since the joke that she doesn’t like her swimsuit has been around for awhile. The air conditioning not being on was a little funny as well but I don’t see why it would be so hot. I thought it was Spring so far in the show, not Summer. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention? I’m not sure but either way liked it!

Anitore! XX:

We were finally introduced to the white haired girl that’s been lurking about for awhile! She’s a younger himedere character. I guess we were missing a himdere archetype now that I think about it. We did exercise with her and got to know her a bit better. I guess everyone did know she was lurking around. I like these characters, to be honest. I have a weird emotional attachment to all of them. I would hang out with them in real life everyone seems so close and nice in this universe.


She solved the puzzle as always! The answer was cube like the shape of the boxes, haha get it? I expected it to end just peacefully like always but a new character showed up. I think she might wind up being a villain and challenge for the main character. I wonder what her deal will wind up being. I’m looking forward to it!


Wow. They actually did something, not music related for awhile. They did the school culture festival which I actually enjoyed a lot, to be honest! It was really cute and funny. Then the second half came and back to the melodrama. Kumiko’s older sister is quitting college and they work on the assumption that no college=Future jobless looser which is annoying to someone who never intends on pursuing college but alright. There was also Taki’s backstory drop which I still don’t feel pity for. He was still overly cruel even if he had good intentions and still owes them an apology. At least he drove Kumiko home, though. I have to admit, I’m enjoying this a bit now. This is a little better than season 1. Another pretty good episode of the show!

Brave Witches: 

I told you that girl was a lesbian! It was so obvious! The main character was also on a mission with two others. They got stuck in cold weather and had to strip down to their underwear because…body heat…and fanservice. It was a pretty good episode the characters we got to know were cute. I liked this!

Yuri!!!On Ice: 

This was amazing! All the skaters did a great job and I loved the new characters! The one that did the evil queen was pretty cool. I saw all the makeup jokes on Tumblr but as a serious performance, it was good. I feel bad for Yurio he seems so heartbroken but I was so happy with how affectionate Yuri was with Victor this time around. I really do feel like they love each other and I just love their relationship the more I watch it! I’m so excited for next time! Most likely there will be a bit of drama and it should be interesting for sure! Great and amazing as always from Yuri On Ice!

November 10th, Thursday: 

Stella No Mahou: 

This episode was cute! The showing off the game like they wanted went somewhat well! They should have promoted themselves though that was the  biggest irony after all the work they did. The second half also featured Tamaki and her sister talking about how their parents weren’t always supportive of them. I hope at the end she can make her parents proud when she shows them more of the work that she does! Shiina also had to leave because she got sick but I think Tamaki and Kayo bonded a lot! A good episode for sure.

Flip Flappers: 

This episode was sad! For whatever reason, it reminded me of that one TMNT episode insane in the membrane where Baxter keeps hallucinating his mother. It was so cool though the fight scene was my favorite part it was awesome! The dream Cocona is having doesn’t seem good, I wonder  what that will be about. I still think Senpai knows more than we think she does but that might be a plot twist later on. Either way enjoyable episode as always!


In this episode, the elite class started a training camp! It was pretty cool and cute especially the beginning part when they were buying stuff and going overboard. The new teacher is really cool I like her hair! She completely launched Nozomi like a freaking skipping stone! She’s going to be awesome and she isn’t too harsh her criticism is much more constructive! I enjoyed this episode a lot and noticed the character’s body types are actually kind of varied which i also like! I look forward to the next episode!

All Out!!: 

Another episode with more of the coach. I love how before he leaves he openly admits he’s going to give a bunch of kids a hard time. I really don’t like him, this reminds me of Hibike Euphonium, just not quite as bad. The backstory for the other blond was interesting, he really is passionate about rugby. I want more Gion x Sumiaki but it’ll probably be awhile before they are the focus again. It’s going to be a lot of rugby training for a bit. I’m not really happy about it but eh, it’ll be fun again at some point.

Bernard-jou Iwaku.:

This episode was cute! Sumika and Endou are a cute pair,  I hope they become a pair by the end of the show! My favorite interactions are from Shiori and Sawako. They are so cute when they talk about books and just be nerdy together! I loved their interaction for sure! I like this show a lot even though it’s short and I don’t know all the books. I look forward to next time!

November 11, Friday: 


This episode was amazing! The army just went in there and gave them exactly what they deserved for raping the elf women. They let one person there to live but only because he hadn’t done anything like the others. This part of the Drifters now has an army and I love the way they run everything! They also introduced new Ends. Saint Germain and I think Joan of Arc. This is going to be cool!

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2: 

I loved this episode! John and Howard have pretty creepy powers. I cringed when John used his power it’s so gross. Q is entitled to be mad after what was done to him even though his ability is way overpowered and intimidating. I feel like we really need to put an end to the whole slapping before making an inspirational speech trope. It’s really annoying and cliche and just, slapping someone already crying wouldn’t do anything but make it worse. I get the point of it but still. Love Louisa and Kirako though they’re so cute! Dazai has really changed from his mafia days which shows very well and I hope they bring Kyouka back soon. Overall a great episode!

Lostorage Incited Wixoss: 

A good episode! Our two mains fought but to be honest neither of them truly gained anything. Only pain. The girl with the Mamma card showed up again and I feel the most pity for her, that and the boy that Chinatsu defeated. The dude giving out battle opponents is evil for sure but I don’t know how he’ll be stopped. I’m excited to see what happens next, though!

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda:

This fight was so stupid and overdramatic. I guess it hit too close to home since I’ve gotten into fights over ship names. More like dragged, since I was an unwilling participant haha. It was still funny though and I enjoyed it, melodrama and all. Except when she cried over it that was such a huge babyish reaction and not really funny, crueler and mean spirited. I do look forward to next time, though!

Fune Wo Amu: 

This was another good episode. People are trying to get them to stop focusing on The Great Passage but they all still love the project. We learned a bit more about Masashi’s girlfriend. She’s sweet and really cute. I’m really excited though because Mitsuya finally confessed his feelings to Kaguya! It’s so cute how he wanted advice on confessing and I’m excited to see her reaction! Overall a great episode for sure!

November 12th, Saturday: 


This episode was awesome! All the Classicaloids got together to protect the mansion and we learned a little more about the Classicaloid and why they were made. It was said as a joke that they were made for evil but I think they really were even though the father said he was kidding. It obviously didn’t go as planned since they’re all very good sweet people, with the possible exception of Bach. Kanae also seems to like and respect the Classicaloids more now. I loved the part where they all used their powers together for sure! A great episode completely!

Time Bokan 24: 

I laughed so hard at the beginning of the episode. I did not expect that Donald Trump of all things would show up this episode! I winded up making it this anime screenshot because it caught me so off guard and made me laugh so hard. The episode was Colombus finding a new exercise, instead of a nation which was funny actually! He was so focused on his goal the whole time even with all the fighting going on. Loved this episode for sure, I hope the next one is good as well!


The Department of Defense has Tosaki in their custody and are torturing him. Most notably for this episode though was Izumi and her backstory. It made me admire her more because she’s such a powerful person and went through all of that and still came out kicking. They’re all working to save Tosaki and I bet the next episode will be really intense,even more so than this. This was more of a set up for next time I think but I liked it a lot either way.


A good episode! The thing they want to protect sounds very similar to Anji. It has something to do with her without a doubt and I know she’s not dead especially since she opened her eyes at the end. The new blond girl is mysterious and the scene where they were punching each other and crying out of grief was really sad and struck an emotional nerve. Those red things are really creepy and scary. I also wonder what will happen with Win Chao since he’s the only one still separated from them.


The moment they introduced that box, I knew that it would play a role in the plot. They typically do stuff like this in Durarara which is why I like this show probably. I have a soft spot for it because of the Durarara similarities. I liked this episode and I think the doujin has something to do with the detective and his creator and they’ll probably meet up with the main group soon. The kid with the box is creepy and scary as hell! I wonder where this mystery will go probably has something to do with the box I would say. That or the thing that

Shuumatsu No Izetta: 

A good episode! I got to see Izetta do more fighting stuff this time with missiles and a cute scene between her and Fine! I like them together! Meanwhile with Berckmann his assistant wants to be next to infiltrate Fine and her movement. I’m excited to know more about him since he’s just been the assistant thus far. Definitely one of the better episodes of the show!

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: 

Another great episode! This has been awesome! Calamity Mary went absolutely insane especially when she found out Makoto was killed. I feel bad for her but she hasn’t been a  great person so far. I also love Hardgore Alice. Her design is pretty and she’s a complete badass. Her teaming up with Nana,Shizuku, and Koyuki isn’t a great idea but it’ll lead to interesting things. I wonder what Hardgore wants out of her. There was also Kano’s backstory which was sad. I can’t believe her Mom didn’t find out and help her from her pervert of a step dad! I’m excited for nex time for sure.

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star:

This was great! Finally got my Natsuki episode guys and I’m more than happy with the results! First of I’m thrilled Satsuki came out to kick ass since I despise Nagisa and still do. He went out of his way to hurt Natsuki and I hate him, he’s an annoyance of a character. The song came out nice and I was glad they were able to cooperate. Still, wish they didn’t have to, but the song was nice so eh. I’m more proud of Natsuki’s self-improvement and how Satsuki is a part of him now and he can handle his own pain and sadness better. Natsuki is the greatest. I loved him and I loved this!

3-Gatsu No Lion: 

This episode was cute as well! A lot of it was more of him talking about Shogi. He’s starting to bond with his family more and wants to go somewhere with his family and we got to see what they would all like to do. The other dude with the white hair looks a lot Rei, he’ll probably act like an opposite/villain force to him. Art and metaphors in this episode were really good as well! I also wonder how it will go with the crush but that’s for next time! I loved this!

Sengoku Choujuu Giga: 

This episode was mostly just music with Ieyasu chasing after his pants that blew away. It was amusing and I liked it because even though the song was silly it was well sung. I like the art style in this show even if it is simple. A good episode as always!

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari:

A great episode! Turns out Souta was being called back to the city for work and he realizes he can’t juggle both his work and raising Poco at the same time. We met both his boss and his friend and Co-Worker Hiroshi and Poco got sick. Souta really is a good father though and so good with Poco and I love seeing it. I thought it was funny when Souta pretended he didn’t see the ears and made Hiroshi go to sleep as well. Even though he’s resigning they will be working on one last project together. I’m excited to see Souta and Hiroshi work together but it’ll be emotional when it ends since he’ll probably go back to the countryside. Either way loved this and I’m excited to see how it all turns out!


No official episode this week! Instead, it was a World Of Remnant episode. I don’t mind but I was excited for more Yang to be honest. For those of you who like it, it was about the grim and how cities and towns work and what purpose they serve, general knowledge for hunters and huntresses! Informative as always and especially useful if you RP or write RWBY fanfiction!

November 13th, Sunday: 

Show By Rock Season 2: 

This was good! If I remember correctly, the characters did a training camp thing around the same time last season. It was nice seeing them do that and I’m happy that Cyan and the rest of the group worked it out. Right now I’m particularly curious about Shuzo and why the band that he and Rom were in. I hope we get to explore that more as the show goes on even though it isn’t the focus.

Touken Ranbu: Hanmaru: 

This episode was so cute! It focused mostly on the younger characters or the shorter one and they got together with another sword character they missed after a day at the beach. It was just such a cute episode and it was so happy when they had a reunion. I also loved the little music part at the end, I don’t get why it was a nightmare for Yasuda, it was really good! Either way, I loved this!

Magic Kyun! Renaissance: 

So I’m surprised. Turns out Rintarou’s sculpting talent isn’t what his ability truly is even though he is good at it. Turns out his true magic is in cooking, seems to be sweet things more particularly. I don’t get why they thought his sculpting looked stiff, it looked gorgeous to me. Either way, I’m still enjoying this show and this was one of the better episodes for sure, even cooler than usual! I look forward to next time!

Vivid Strike: 

More matches have been presented! Miura got sent to the hospital because of Rinne and now she and Vivio are fighting. Vivio seems to have a chance against Rinne even though she’s trying her hardest to never loose! Fuuko had a fight as well, the person she was fighting had some pretty crazy proportions! A good episode, more buildup to the fighting between Rinne and Fuuko most likely. I’m starting to like this enough to check out Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid.

Ao Oni Animation: 

That was ridiculous and honestly a little funny. The fact that they went to such lengths to peek on her was ridiculous and eye roll worthy. Don’t tell me that they are so determined to see her naked they would sacrifice their life for it. That and they all died brutally anyway so it was all hopeless in the end. Still mildly funny regardless, it wasn’t the worst of this show for sure.

November 14th, Monday: 

3-Nen-D Gumi Glass No Kamen: 

Another rediculous episode. Not sure how to feel about this either honestly. For only being given 1 rose for the passion level it was pretty intense in my opinion. All they were doing was selling tissue packs! I also don’t get why no one reacted when they said their arms were broken. That’s rediculous! People in modern society don’t ignore people in pain that’s rediculous to imply! I also don’t see how you can find the deep meaning and passion between selling tissues but…alright Glass No Kamen…whatever you say.

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori:

Oh hey! Finally a good one! Kensuke has a brother that appeared at the end and is apparently doing some criminal stuff. That’s going to be angsty when they inevitably have to confront each other. There was also the past of Akechi’s which was sad. That other guy he was with is without a doubt the main bad guy. The resemeblance is uncanny. I actually look forward to next time!

Gakuen Handsome:

This episode was weird but it was random in that funny way. Just not with the same intensity as last time was. Mitsurugi got famous suddenly for something silly and now suddenly he might go somewhere far away. It’s presented in an all dramatic way it’s funny. It’ll probably be super rediculous

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume:

This episode was good! We got introduced to new characters and the creepy girl is fighting against main characters along with the rest of the team! This was a really cool episode, I love the new characters and the cute situations and interactions everyone had. I’m excited to see the rest of their matches!


A pretty good week for sure! My favorites this week were Bungou Stray Dogs and Classicaloid! They were really cool and good this week and stood out! My least favorite is Gakuen Handsome again, it was a really wacky episode and just…I didn’t get it. That’s it for this week! Let me know how you felt about it as well in the comments if you want!

I bid you adieu for now!

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