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This Weeks Anime Screenshot is Soushin Shoujo Matoi!

It’s that time again! We’re a little over the halfway mark now, so things should start getting intense for a few of our shows which you know I love being the drama queen I am haha!Make sure you’re caught up before clicking as always and enjoy!

November 15th, Tuesday: 

Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku:

In this episode, we got to officially meet Gomora. She’s cute too! I really do love all the characters in the show. I will admit this show doesn’t have a lot of depth but I still find it very heartwarming and sweet! I didn’t expect shadow creatures, though, I should have because what other purposes would they serve otherwise other than saving people from small dangers. I’m definitely excited for next time after that reveal!

Idol Memories: 

I need to point out the big pig elephant in the room. The headmaster of this school is a huge bitch. All of them are trying so hard to follow her advice even though it doesn’t make any sense. They got banned from using the practice room for no reason as well! How do you expect them to improve? Or does she just like bitching at them no matter how hard they try? The one that’s cross-dressing so he can hang out with them, I have an interesting plot idea for. It would be cool if the girls found out and wanted him to perform with them anyway. A good episode regardless!

Soul Buster: 

There was another cool fight scene this episode! The blond dragged the teacher off which was funny. I think the main character’s friend is dying. I’m a little nervous. We don’t know enough about her! She has to stick around! The Chinese old man at the end will most likely wind up being the one to train the main character. I feel bad for both the cards though I hope they’ll be OK.

Soushin Shoujo Matoi: 

This was a good episode! I’m starting to really enjoy this show! So far Yayoi has my favorite design and abilities. She seemed to know Matoi’s mother. I’m excited for what will happen and I hope she won’t die! I want to see her fight with the other characters. I also loved seeing the beach adventures they went on. It was cute!

Nobunaga No Shinobi: 

A funny episode! Of course, Nobunaga won and I got to see Chidori fight like I wanted! I laughed at the arrow thing because she was basically invincible. This was definitely one of the funnier episodes thus far. I do feel kind of bad the guy they were fighting died. At least history seems to remember him…somewhat well.


This episode was so cute and sad! I didn’t expect the ninja guy to be an actor. I should have I admit, but still! He has a great adoptive mother though which is nice. I hope when he gets out of prison everyone is forgiving. The way he is normally when isn’t acting was so sweet and cute as well! He may be one of my new favorites in the series! Everything about this episode was awesome and I loved it! I’m still excited to see what’s with the powers they have now. Kind of sad they didn’t reveal anything this episode, but I’m still very happy with this regardless!

November 16th, Wednesday: 

Stella No Mahou:

This episode was interesting. Nothing super interesting went on except for the introduction of a new character challenging our main ones. She came out of nowhere but her design really sticks out compared to the other characters which really piques my interest! There was also a childhood flashback which was really cute! I’m pretty intrigued on how this whole challenge thing is going to go, even though I know they’ll probably win.

To Be Hero:

The dude that looks like the main character is an alien disguised as Min’s father. He seems to be related to the Prince. This is going to make for some amusing moments for sure. The female alien getting er…plugged in for lack of a better word was awkward. Yamada is now a cute girl because of that which is either awkward or interesting or somehow both depending on how you look at it. I’m going more for amusing because of how silly it all was. The next episode will probably be even more amusing than this.

Cheating Craft:

For a brief moment we get to see Mu Ming’s father and who’s holding him captive. The person in the cloak with him was funny but I’m more interested in how he’s going to save his Dad and what tests he’ll have to do in order to get to that point. I wonder if all the others will team up with him when they find out what’s up. Guess I’ll find out then!

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki:

This episode was cute! This show is lately being better than average. In this one, Kiitarou plays a card game against a yokai but he winds up betting and losing almost everything. He should have found out he was cheating earlier so he wouldn’t have to embarrass himself in front of Yuki, but still, I liked this a lot! It was cute like last time!

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. 2nd Season:

This episode was good! Turns out Dia can see supernatural creatures but she won’t become a magical girl. She can see ghosts which are cute and funny as well. It’s really cool that they did this and I wasn’t expecting it either! The Grandfather coming out and being freaked out made me laugh as well. I look forward to the next episode!

Anitore! XX:

In this episode, we go jogging with Asami and Eri. I never realized you had to be so straight and stiff when jogging. I always thought you kind of just…ran until you couldn’t anymore. That’s proof you should never take fitness advice from me haha. I mean technically running a lot would burn calories but I assume doing it this way works as well. Another good episode from this show!


It took awhile for the puzzling to kick in. I thought it would happen way sooner truth be told. The hot springs are nice and the characters they introduced are pretty cute! I was surprised when the dude running all the puzzles appeared with a dragon, though! Definitely not something I expected to see. I wonder what role it will play next episode!

Hibike! Euphonium 2:

This episode was one of the show’s better moments and at the same time, it’s worst. This show has that “realistic” thing I hate. I hate when shows call themselves that and chances are if you call your thing realistic I’m rolling my eyes. Realistic in a show typically means negative and don’t follow your dreams all the time. We need far less of that in our world, too many people are pessimists these days and I don’t need shows shoving that in my face as well!

 I’m so angry the teacher was callous with the class for being worried but also just stood there when Asuka’s Mom slapped her! How could he do that!? He should have pulled her away when he did that for her safety! A teacher’s job is to keep his students safe! Not to mention again with the whole “SCHOOL IS MORE IMPORTANT THEN ANYTHING AND YA GOTTA COLLEGE BECAUSE YOU GOTTA WORK A GOOD JOB-” and all that nonsense.

 This is the second time this came up as a theme with Asuka’s Mom. It also looks like Kumiko’s sister ran away from home as well. Get ready guys. Here comes another big tween meltdown like last season! Let’s spend the week preparing!

Gi(a)rlish Number:

Speaking of “realistic” this shows another one of those pretentious realism shows. Great, like I needed one of those. This episode was still pretty amusing regardless. They all played around on the beach for the extras for the show and got drunk and such. This episode wasn’t so mean-spirited like it’s other ones were but just wait, it’s probably only a matter of time.

Brave Witches:

This episode was good! As it turns out all character’s seem to have healing magic since this is the second time I saw it used. I loved Sandra’s backstory. I think so far she’ll be my favorite character from this other than the main. It was so sweet how they comforted her when she was little. It hit me right in the feelings haha. The other characters were interesting as well, though! I look forward to the next episode where we get to know more about the other characters.

Yuri On Ice:

OK, a lot of nice stuff happened this episode. Great skating shots as always but let’s talk about the most obvious. Yuri yelling at Victor and being way more assertive than even last episode and being so passionate. That scene honestly made me a bit teary-eyed, it was so sweet and just punched you right in the gut. Then there was the big one. The big thing we’ve all been wondering. Is a gay couple going to be canon!?
The answer, for the first time in history in a non-yaoi and sports, shows is YES.

 At first, I thought they were just queer baiting because they landed in a hug. Then I realized thanks to my friend that based on how everyone reacted, they did, in fact, kiss. A full on tackle kiss which is UNHEARD of. Outside of yaoi or in a sports anime between two people of the same gender. I’m really happy because of how historic and unique this is compared to other shows. That and a couple I’ve gotten really attached is for once actually a thing and I’m BEYOND thrilled about this.

 It completely made up for the train wreck that is Hibike Euphonium. I BEYOND look forward to next time. I already give 10 out of 10 to this show. After that stunt plus all the other amazing stuff!? It’s perfect! Now my only hope is that it doesn’t have a sad ending involving them splitting up. I hope not but have a suspicion because of how the show is done in past tense and has a “Solemn story from a piece of my life that’s gone now” feel at times and after that? DON’T YOU DARE. THEY HAVE TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER NOW DON’T RUIN IT PLEASE OR I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL-

November 17th, Thursday: 

Flip Flappers:

In this episode, the Pure Illusion World starting bleeding into the real world. The cool part was being Papika as a boy! Technically all the weird transformed Papika bits weren’t even her but that was my favorite part this episode! I’m a bit suspicious of the guy running this. Maybe keeping them separate is what should happen, especially with that bad guy being there! I wonder what will happen next! I think the flashback was Papika’s father and her mother getting sucked away, though! That or her older sister!


In this episode, Nozomi does a lot of training and self-discovery and in the end, improves! I like their teach/coach in this episode unlike All Out these last few episodes. She still explained all the good things Nozomi did but told her how she could improve as well and Nozomi rode to the challenge and improved! We caught a glimpse of the students they would be challenging in the other school and I’m excited to see! We’re going to get to see characters in action we haven’t seen yet and the new ones from the other school! I look forward to it!

All Out!!:

Another episode focused on training. Gion rises to the challenge and we learn of his backstory. His older brother and other kids didn’t treat him fairly for being short. The coach bashing him and bringing that back in his head made him improve as per usual on how these sorts if things normally go. I like how Sumiaki was the one the most concerned and looking to comfort him, though! I love those two together. Hope this stupid coach goes away soon, though.

Bernard-Jou Iwaku.:

This episode was cute! I loved them all talking about how they chose books and where they got them the most. Especially when they saw how relaxed Sawako was about it and how she barely took it the least bit seriously. The girls are my favorite part in this show they’re the best characters! I look forward to seeing more as always!

Fune Wo Amu:

This episode was a bit sad with Mitsuya being sad about Masashi transferring and him running away from Kaguya because he was worried about her response. The poor guy! The best part though was when Kaguya approached him and said she liked him too! Yet another adorable coupling happening this week I’m so happy she likes him too! I hope we get to see them go on cute dates and all that sweet fluffy stuff and look forward to next time for sure!

November 18th, Friday: 


I was right about it being Joan of The Arc. The whole episode was basically an awesome fight scene with the main characters vs her and her army. It was definitely really cool. I feel had for her even though she went evil in this universe. Joan’s story is always sad regardless, and this confirms End’s can still feel sadness and pain. I wonder who will appear next and try to hurt them. I hope everyone winds up safe and OK in the end!

Lostorage Incited Wixoss:

Oh boy, this episode was pretty intense as well. The fight match-ups were interesting this episode. I love when the guy lost to the little girl character, that was a funny match up. There was Chinatsu’s match up with the sporty guy, and he’s down to one coin now. Everyone sees something’s weird with her and it seems to be exactly what Kou wants if you ask me. I’m surprised the dude who lost and became all timid is still around now. Can he still fight even after losing all his coins like that? I guess we’ll find out in more detail. Suzuko is also looking to learn how to fight better which will be interesting when she fights Chinatsu. I wonder about that red eye/insanity thing that follows Chinatsu around. I’m a bit worried about her mental state, but I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2:

This episode was great! I do feel bad for Q as psychotic as he is, he’s still just a kid and he deserves better. That one girl Atsushi defeated is a maid now and got a bit of a redemption arc which I’m OK with! I love redemption arcs and I’m so happy to see Atsushi make it and stop the curse! I also kind of find Lovecraft adorable in his own weird creepy way. I’m excited for the inevitable freeing of Kyouka but more importantly…double black is coming next week, Yes yes FINALLY. My ship in action, this was my favorite part in the manga guys, you will LOVE it I promise you! Loved this episode and  I know I’ll adore the next one even more!

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda :

This episode was interesting! I loved them being on this creepy island it was amusing to me! I’m surprised by the drama stuff but I loved Asuma in this episode the most! He was awesome and he was so cute with the main character. I think it’s funny how extreme the girls take this as well! Overall a good episode definitely!

November 19th, Saturday: 


This episode was interesting. Kind of random but interesting! Schubert lives with everyone now which is nice. I like the beginning where she was just “I have a bunch of free loaders living at my house but I promise it’s still nice!” The whole deer thing was odd but it was cute that Mozart cared so much! It didn’t seem like a serious more plot centered episode but I liked it! I look forward to next time!

Time Bokan 24:

This episode was interesting! Made me hungry as well. The doughnut was an odd choice but OK! It’s not even remotely related to animals but it was a fun episode. It wasn’t super funny but it was cute undoubtedly! I don’t have a lot to say about in particular other than the fact that Calen’s outfits are starting to grow on me, I like that running joke as well!

Aijin 2nd Season:

The blond girl has Aijin powers which I did not expect. This episode was awesome very action packed and intense which I like! It was an awesome episode but it would be nice if Tosaki were more grateful about being rescued. I know it’s not in character but is it wrong to hope? I look forward to a showdown between Kei and Satou! That would be really awesome. I also wonder if Kouji will ditch Satou for whatever reason. Everything’s coming to a head really fast and Im loving it!


This episode was good! I’m happy Anji’s back and everyone’s reaction was so sweet but I’m suspicious. She definitely has something to do with the overarching plot in a huge way. I know that Yaya might to and I like her! I want her and the dude with the ponytail to pair up. Not necessarily romantically just to pair up, I bet she’s deceivingly powerful. I’m excited to see what happens when the whole group gets together officially! That’s going to be awesome!


They pulled a literal M NightShyamalann guys. The characters were dead this whole time. I was shocked, to be honest, I didn’t see that coming at all. I don’t know whether to be impressed or annoyed. I like the new girl! She’s really cool and cute! I hope we get to see more of her, and I think we’ll get the chance to since it’s still fairly early in series!

Shuumatsu No Izetta:

This episode was honestly so sad. I kind of liked Ricelt and was so sad when Bianca got attached because I knew only angst would happen there. It was a stupid decision to have a MASQUERADE party where anyone can go. In war time? Really? I don’t know what that other girl did but I wonder if she’s a witch as well. Either way though R.I.P Ricelt and Bianca’s trust in people.

3-Gatsu No Lion:

This episode was so cute! I love when Rei was on TV and Momo and Hinata were all grabbing onto him and then later trying to learn Shogi. I also like Hinata’s crush! I think they might be cute together! I don’t know if it would work but hey who knows! A good episode for sure!

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku:

This was another great episode! Today’s deaths were Shizuku and one of the twins. I’ve disliked the twins and honestly wished them dead for quite awhile but now that it happened I feel bad if I’m being honest with myself. This was still an awesome episode! I’m excited to see Hardgore and Snow White team up! I’m also looking forward to seeing everyone cope with the deaths and more about Tsubame! This show is so great!

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star:

This episode was about Masato and Kira! Go me I remembered their names this time. Masato finally is forced to fully confront his father and shows him by doing a big musical thing with Kira. I still think Ren and Masato are a couple though or at least a potential one, Ren is super attached to him! His Dad doesn’t seem too mad but if he isn’t then why’d he disown him like that? I assume that’s what that was and even if he didn’t mean it Masato will never know! Either way a good episode!

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

This made me laugh even though it was a little gross…or rather a lot gross but eh I don’t mind. Katsuie played a great trick I didn’t even think that was what he was doing when he did what he did! A good episode from this definitely! I wonder if Hideyoshi will get back at him later on honestly.

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari:

This was cute! Souta seems happier back in the city and he is being a good Dad! I think he handles things well! In a very laid back way, to be honest, better than the one from last season Sweetness and Lightning in my opinion. Still liked that as well though and again I’m curious as to what that call he’s getting is about! I’ll be curious about it until next time for sure, I’m not sure what it would be now that work is taken care of! I’m glad Poco made friends with the other girl!


This was awesome! Definitely worth the wait! This episode focused mostly on Yang and Uncle Qrow and RAVEN who is Yang’s Mom! Hence the family title! I wonder what happened to Ozpin but it’s going to be interesting to see more interactions between him and the farmboy! I bet he’ll come into play later on! I thought Yang was going to take it so badly when her father made the arm comment. It seems she’s motivated and happy with being jabbed and poked at every now and again though which is great! I love to see her old nature back again and I’m so happy she put the arm back on! I’m going to love what happens next for sure! I would also love to see Qrow in the skirt though haha. That whole part was funny and the spider fear thing? I laughed HARD.

Back with Qrow and Raven though I can’t tell if she’s the bad guy! I still like her! She’s super cool and you can tell where Yang gets some of her traits from! I wonder if those two twin Faunus are with her, not the white fang. I thought they were based on the opening but I’m not sure! It was all awesome though and I loved it! I’m so excited for next time and hope we get some Weiss next time, I feel like she got a bit shoved to the side this time around!

November 20th, Sunday: 

Gi(a)rlish Number:

This episode I liked actually! Momoka seems to have her own demons which made me curious and Kazuha seems to have some interesting parents! Her Mom cares for her and I like seeing her! The swimsuit thing dredged up way more then I thought, it must be that whole pure obsessed culture some otaku have in Japan! I wonder how this will all play out for sure, now I’m intrigued! This show may be interesting!

Long Riders:

Yay, this show is back! I haven’t seen it in awhile it hasn’t popped up on my feed but this episode was good! I liked her reaction to needing, even more, gear when the big expense weight landed on her. Definitely relatable to people! Some new characters showed up but I don’t think they’ll be around often. One of them was a guy though which was intriguing since it seemed like one of those “Men don’t exist” animes. The playboy bunny doesn’t suit that character at all but I still liked this episode!

Show By Rock Season 2:

This episode was good! I liked how everything worked out in the end and Shingan Crimsonz won in a fair competition! I wonder what they’ll do now without any money though haha. The unicorn guy is so cute I like him a lot! I’m excited for more band face-offs and character development like this! It’ll probably happen before the finale and I look forward to it!

Touken Ranbu:Hanmaru:

This episode was cute! The whole catching the bird and knocking into everyone and everything in the process? It was funny as hell. The ghost thing was funny and cute and the whole misunderstanding thing and how it was resolved was great. I love them being all fatherly and cute to the younger swords they are such a great family! A great episode from this today for sure and yes, do not try cooking while your drunk that is what you should learn from this.

Magic Kyun! Renaissance:

Teika’s brother with the long hair is kind of cute. Yes, I’m aware that he’s most likely an asshole to the tenth degree but at least he’s pretty to look at. He’s a plot device and eye candy. The songs he sings is really nice even this sad one and I look forward to the big dramatic stuff coming!

Hagane Orchestra:

I missed a bunch of these but I caught up somehow! These are all mostly advertising the game and such! As advertisements, they are very good! They’re funny and cute and my favorite of the bunch was probably the 2nd episode! This is a cute show, not something of substance per say but cute!

Vivid Strike:

I did not expect Vivio to win against Rinnie. The fight was amazing I loved it but when she won I was shocked. I expected the end match-up to be Fuuka and Rinne so this makes things interesting. Vivio is really powerful I like her as well! I think Rinnie is overreacting to losing a bit but who knows where they might go with this honestly. I look forward to more!

Ao Oni The Animation:

This was actually kind of funny them playing the random unfair Tetris. That’s how that game feels to me since I’m so terrible at it. The ending was gross but I should have expected it in all honesty. This show has a weird humor but still kind of funny this week!

November 21st, Monday: 

3-Nen De-Gumi Glass No Kamen:

This episode was amusing instead of weird. I relate to not being too happy about exams so it hit home better. Them playing with the machine and the names in English was fun! They have pretty good pronunciation I was really impressed with it! I enjoyed this week’s episode!

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori:

This episode was annoying, to be honest. I don’t like the general mannerism of everyone even though the plot was good and flowed pretty well. I just don’t really feel connected to them, even when they have sad backstories. I enjoy getting to know them but still no emotion behind it! This series is still just a tad above average to me! Maybe next time will be better?

Gakuen Handsome:

This was weird again. I don’t get it. How was ruining his model career a good move? I know I get why it was written that way…I think but still! That’s not a very nice friendship thing to do ruin someone’s source of cash! If Sakuya was a good friend he’d hang out with them regardless of career choice! Ruining it like that would have no bearing on him coming back or not! I didn’t like this one it just hit me the wrong way I guess.

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume:

Honestly, this table tennis show is the best thing that comes out on Monday. The other 3 suck compared to this. The matches in this episode were awesome and kickass and I enjoyed them a lot! The girls from the other school are good characters as well and I find them all so loveable and adorable! I’m excited to see the play styles of the others against the characters we already know! I also love Hokuto the most especially when she’s with Hanabi!


This was a good week! A couple of shows I was annoyed with though and a bit more stinkers than usual. My favorites this week were Yuri On Ice and Bungou Stray Dogs  and RWBY yet again! They did amazing this week especially Yuri On Ice doing what it did. My least favorites were Trickster Edogawa Ranpo Shounen Tanteidan Yori and Gakuen Handsome. Not even Ao Oni was as bad this week! I do I want to tell you guys something. This week I finally had the time to write an actual story thing! Just another one of my shorter ones! If you would read it and spread it around so it gets more views and helps my writing get around to more people I would appreciate it a lot! With that I bid you adieu for now!

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