A new face to the comic publishing world, Last Ember Press (LEP) is blazing its way through the comic world offering a wide variety of titles for everyone in your family! Last Ember Press is having a CYBER MONDAY SALE! For ONE DAY ONLY LEP is offering 35% off all it’s titles! That’s right you can now own digital copies of PNEUMATIC CASESFIRESIDE TALESFAERIE STORIESand THE LAST EMBER for 35% off on CYBER MONDAY! Check out a preview of the current titles available below!

Last Ember Press offers something for everyone check out the ratings!

First Up Is A Preview Of PNEUMATIC CASES #1! 

“A Story of Deduction, Seduction, Death and Pistons….”

Death, Mystery, Murder…What’s not to love?
Brilliant Bohemian inventors Lord and Lady Ravenscroft don’t quite fit in Victorian society. Their ideals are radical, their behavior is scandalous and their inventions defy credulity. But what really makes them unusual is that they love nothing more than a good mystery!  
What the Ravenscrofts don’t know is that what seems like a simple murder will take them on a journey throughout the European continent as they encounter things they’ve never seen, and track down a murderer that may well be following their every step. 
Strap in for the amazing ride in Pneumatic Cases #1 from Last Ember Press!
Created/Written By: John Wilson
Pencils/Inks By: Rowel Roque
Colors By: Lisa Moore
Cover By: Rowel Roque
Letters/Logo By: Brant Fowler
Published By: Last Ember Press
Price: $2.00
24 pages, Rated T+
Available NOW!

Next Up Is A Preview Of  FIRESIDE TALES #1!

“Three interconnected tales that couldn’t be more different….”

Fireside Tales is an all-ages anthology featuring three interconnected tales that couldn’t be more different.

When some bad guys come to town to rob a bank, they are introduced to the town’s protector and their worst nightmare – a 9-year old girl with super powers! Char-Mageddon is here to save the day! And after it’s all said and done, she gets a bedtime story featuring…

EEK! Li’l Monsters
Think of all your favorite classic monsters; your FrankensteinDraculaWerewolf… now think of them as kids living in a house together! That’s what EEK! Li’l Monsters is all about.  In this first story, Boo is looking for a place to live and meets Frankie, Chaney, Gilly, Vlad and the rest. After figuring out whether this new house is a good fit, the group settles in to watch their favorite cartoon…
Tin Town
In a world full of little communities, where do the robots go? They go to Tin Town! And one such family of robots has taken in a human baby as their own and tries to pass him off as a robot. What happens when inspectors come and discover the baby?
You can expect this kind of fun and adventure in every issue of Fireside Tales!
Char-Mageddon and EEK! Li’l Monsters Created/Written By: John Wilson
Char-Mageddon Pencils By: Rudi Sucipto
Char-Mageddon Inks By: Tash Grason
Char-Mageddon Colors By: Lisa Moore
EEK! Li’l Monsters Art By: Emily Resinger
Tin Town Created By: Brant Fowler & John Wilson
Tin Town Written By: Brant Fowler
Tin Town Art By: Jenny Polden
Cover By: Emily Resinger
Letters/Logo By: Brant Fowler
Published By: Last Ember Press
Price: $2.00
24 pages, Rated E

Available NOW!

Next Up Is A Preview Of  FAERIE STORIES #1!

“Life Itself Is The Most Wonderful Fairytale…”

Faerie Stories centers around Alex, a young Faerie who is quite different from others of her kind. In her world, Faeries are rather solitary creatures.  They spend most of their time alone: they live alone, eat alone, work alone.  They are a bit skittish and some even afraid of their own shadow.  They live life very cautiously.  Alex is the exact opposite; she cannot understand why all of the other Faeries are of afraid of every little thing.  She loves to be around other Faeries (though very seldom gets the chance), so with the absence of other Faerie companions she has become friends with many of the forest animals.  In fact, her best friend is Kai, a woodland chipmunk. Her greatest desire is to find another Faerie that shares her views on the world.  Fairie Stories is a tale of longing, friendship and an example to live your life without fear. Unfortunately the first one they find is Tavin, who won’t even give them the time of day.


Created/Written By: LISA MOORE
Pencils By: IWAN NAZIF
Inks/Colors By: LISA MOORE
Letters/Logo By: Brant Fowler
Published By: Last Ember Press

Price: $2.00
24 pages, Rated E

Available NOW!

Last But Not Least Is A Preview Of  THE LAST EMBER #0!

“It has happened before, long ago. Now, here, one final time, it happens again….”

Ember is an ordinary teenage girl with extraordinary teenage problems. Until one fateful day, her entire world changes, and something deep down inside of her — something she never knew existed — comes to the surface. that is the day that the fire started. Now Ember must try to understand what is happening to her and why. Unbeknownst to her, it has all happened before, and she is the last in a long line of Icons to possess these abilities. Her life is about to get much more complicated.

Letters and Logos By: BRANT FOWLER
Price: $2.00
20 pages, Rated T

Available NOW!
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