Bravo’s Weekly Anime Lineup #9


This week’s Anime screenshot is from Bungou Stray Dogs
Wow, week 9 of the season already? I’m surprised it feels like this anime season is going by faster than it normally does! Maybe because I enjoy must of it? Who knows! Anyway, make sure you’re caught up with everything so you don’t get spoiled and enjoy my thoughts on this week!

November 22nd, Tuesday: 

Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku:

This episode was…interesting. We switched to a more serious tone, turns out Kaijuu girls can go berserk. Eleking takes care of things this episode just being a general badass! I loved it! I think Windom losing it over something so small was stupid but eh I’ll let it go since I’ve been adoring this show so much so far. I’m excited to see more fights, especially with the shadow things! It’s going to be awesome when we get to that!

Soul Buster: 

Finally, we got to focus on Shu and the main character. They do seem to have a good bond and it got better now. It’s going to be sad when the girl he was with wakes up and realizes that the card that served her died. I’m really interested in what the villains are going to do now, they don’t seem so bad more like they’re stuck serving a bad person. This show still moves pretty slow but it’s still pretty good!

Nobunaga no Shinobi:

This episode focused on that battle aftermath and introduced a new character! Nana and Hideyoshi didn’t get romance sadly but a new character was introduced who tried to record what the shinobi were doing. I like how it ended like the show was over I laughed hardest at that part! It was another good episode!

Soushin Shoujo Matoi: 

This episode was awesome! I think one of the best of the series! Yayoi, unfortunately, lost her powers. Turns out exorcist girls can lose their powers if they overuse it. Matoi used her powers fully and bonded better with her father. She will apparently be the first to open the highest dimension which should be pretty cool. A problem with this show is that it’s a big world with limited episodes (most likely only 12 episodes). It can create some issues but still this is a good and fun show!

Natsume Yuujinchou Go:

This was another good episode, another heartwarming one! Natsume and his friends go to a place to see a festival and an old woman is a yokai. She was special to Kaname and Natsume doesn’t tell anyone she is but there’s this big chase over a mask she needs to protect. This was better than the last episode and it was great! Natsume is always so heartwarming but this one took the cake in that department for sure!


This episode was interesting. The show has completely shifted gears in tone or at least kind of has. I think this show may shift it around too much too suddenly. It’s only one small issue though the rest of the show is still fun! Also, I’m pretty sure guards aren’t allowed to nearly beat the inmates half to death. Then again if we were being realistic this place would be slapped so hard with a load of human rights violation. I honestly hope that Juugo does get the revenge he wanted. The guy  he was fighting was a huge prick! Good episode despite the tone shift! Making it that supernatural powers are a thing here was an interesting direction to take it and I think the show can make it work for itself.

November 23rd, Wednesday: 

Stella No Mahou:

I like the new character! She’s really cute but I still think her voice is a bit too screechy. She has such a cute design though her hair color is unique compared to the other characters. I hope she winds up joining their group I think she’d be a great addition because of how passionate she is. She’s doing art for the game but I’m not sure if she’ll be in the show more afterward. This was a good funny episode!

Cheating Craft:

This was funny as well. It was kind of weird but Mi Lui was supposedly learning how to control fire in some big building. An odd way of going about that lesson. It was still funny what he went through with the elevator and the steam room. I liked this even though it was pretty random!

To Be Hero:

This was…interesting. Min hasn’t picked up something was off about her Dad yet but the group that’s obviously going to be saving her is quite the interesting bunch. The end shot was quite interesting, to say the least. A lot more vulgar and odd humor this episode. Pretty funny but there’s a point where it just gets weird and overdoing it you know? Still liked this a good amount but yeah this episode was weird.

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki:

This episode was cute. The character’s discovered a map that made anyone who looked into it lucky. Kiitarou and the other two main female yokai had to draw the girl out because she felt she was too ugly to go outside anymore. I really liked this it was super cute! I didn’t know the Yuki Onna could draw so well but that part was the best!

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. 2nd Season:

This was super funny. We got to kind of see Mitton’s backstory except he was lying and making it all over-dramatic. They should be easier to him though and stop being so mean as funny as those scenes are! The penguin I like more of the two magical girl familiars. She’s so calm and casual especially here. A good episode from this as always!

Anitore! XX:

All the characters were involved here! I’m not sure if Hiraoka actually got possessed by anyone but I doubt it. I learned a little bit from this episode as well I’m glad they care about Hiraoka so much they all want to be her friend, most of them anyway. The new girl just seems to want a subject or she’s just showing her want for friendship in her own way.


The puzzle was solved. The dragon was around but didn’t really do anything. They definitely are harder everytime we come back to the next puzzle. Everything was back to normal but nothing super significant happened? A typical ending for the show. An average episode from this not much to report this time around.

Hibike! Euphonium 2:

I’m annoyed yet again. Kumiko’s sister wants to be a beautician and neither of the parents ever paid attention to their daughter’s wishes and desires. The show seems to set it up like it’s her fault because she went along with it. That is pretty shitty of the shows narrative since obviously her father is very stern. He said he wouldn’t financially support her if she went for that dream! That’s so unfair and the show never gives justice to the people that deserve it!

 Yes her sister was a bit mean to Kumiko all things considered but it was resolved and it seems she’ll be nicer about her sister’s endeavors but still. Is anyone going to challenge their controlling father!? What are they going to do about that abusive Mom from the last episode? Evidently, nothing because all these people care about is the god damn concert band. Nothing matters as long as their playing isn’t flat. If it does fall flat then SUCK IT UP CUPCAKES.

The characters here are obsessed with this club! I didn’t like this episode. It pissed me off and they need to take this band thing way less seriously. Even if they are competing in a contest the emotional well-being of the students is far more important than some silly instruments and competitions. People are more important!

Brave Witches:

A cute one! It started out with sledding but the main characters get sick. We get to see the antics of the other girls and how they solve food issues. I love caretaking plots so I loved this episode, it was very cute and sweet! I don’t have a lot to say beyond that but it is definitely cute how they all look out for each other.

Yuri!!! on Ice:

Another good episode! Yurio came back into the picture and it was good to see! Yuri is so much more confident around Victor and the other performances were gorgeous as always! Yurio getting flustered was cute and funny but I’m surprised by the end. Why Victor!? After making all that romantic progress with Yuri you wanna trade him off to some other guy to train with!? Then again maybe Victor’s afraid of emotional closeness. That might be the case, I’m not sure. Either way, my ship sails on!

November 24th, Thursday: 

Flip Flappers:

This episode was good! We got another interesting adventure and this time Yayaka winded up teaming up with Papika and Cocona! I think she may switch sides for one epic final battle in the end. I love how this episode did a parody of mecha anime’s, it reminded me of Gurren Lagann immediately! I love Pops as well he’s really cool! This episode was awesome and things are getting crazy and awesome in this show! I’m excited to see how everything goes.


This episode was awesome! I didn’t think the new character would have a bunny/rabbit theme as her fight style but it was awesome! I like her as well, and I hope she continues to get support from the people she admires in this show! The new characters from the other school are amazing as well and I’m happy that the teachers treat the students so well and guide them gently like a parent figure. Unlike a few…other shows-. Sayaka also has a past playing judo and the girl she’s fighting with is from her past. There was also Sayaka’s father and mother who showed up to watch the match! Her father doesn’t seem to approve of this. I hope he doesn’t stop her from playing the game. I’m definitely excited for next time!

All Out: 

I liked this, it focused more on Sumiaki. I felt so bad for him those other memories were straight up verbally bullying him. I know the dumbass coach said them injuring him and ganging up on him like that is OK, but that can’t be, right? I mean he did take his teammate out just for yelling at his fellow team members. Asshole. Now they’ll lose against these jerks for sure! I feel so bad for Sumiaki but I have a feeling they want to have him find his “inner manliness” or something like that. They tend to do that with the shy timid male characters. It’s honestly pretty annoying. I’m not making any final calls or complaining unless it happens. I just have a feeling, though. My prediction on Sumiaki almost came true, though! It might next time!

Bernard-jou Iwaku.:

This episode was funny! More book banter this time Endou hanging out Sawako in a cafe. Shiori works at the cafe as a waitress. I thought it was funny when Sawako tried to avoid pissing Shiori off but did it anyway. I don’t think you need to read THAT many books to understand Sci-Fi. Still, I guess Shiori knows best.

Fune Wo Amu:

This episode was cute! I’m surprised that Mitsuya wasn’t shown doing cute stuff with Kaguya. Still, Masashi got some nice development. We got to see him with his girlfriend and him standing up for the dictionary and being nice to Mitsuya and giving him encouragement! It was so adorable and I loved this for sure!

November 25th, Friday: 

Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season:

DOUBLE BLACK IS BACK BABY- God, I’ve been waiting for a chance to write about this. I was so excited to see the Soukoku episode and all the moments they had in the manga. It was a satisfying adaptation of it for sure. I still think Chuuya and Dazai are bitter at each other ex-boyfriends. I mean listen to them when they talk, do they not sound like your crazy grandparents except Chuuya and Dazai actually act on the dumb threats they make? Chuuya’s corruption was done amazingly. I have no idea who would dare mess with him when he like that. I’d try and give him snickers if I were them. That face is pretty damn scary. I’m not surprised about Lovecraft’s “ability” but I still like the guy. This is going to be one of my favorite things this week for sure!

Lostorage Incited WIXOSS:

I noticed that it’s mostly boy characters that get defeated and have their identity taken by their LRIG. It was sad that that guy died. Yes, his obsession with little sisters and being a big brother was a bit odd but it makes sense after that trauma he went through. He shall be missed. We also learned a bit about Hanna. She’s become more likable. Bookman’s card is really interesting, though! I didn’t think he had one at first but now that I’ve seen it it’s gorgeous in design! I freaked out when I saw Piruluk again but in a human body! I loved her in the last season so. I didn’t think that Bookman was an LRIG before! It should have occurred to me but now we know I guess! I’m excited to see Piruluk explain everything since was an LRIG before.


Not a lot to say about this? A few new characters are introduced and this was more of a build up. There was some infighting between Nobunaga and Toyohisa. I look forward to what happens next. I know there’s going to be a lot of fighting with the Ends now that everyone resolved the fight and are going to go together with Toyohisa! I look forward to the stuff that’ll go down next!

Aijin 2nd Season:

This episode was hectic as hell. A new task force is being introduced to deal specifically with Aijin. Now we have 3 groups fighting at the same time pretty much. The Anti Aijin task force. Satou’s group and the group the group that Kei’s in with everything else. It’s pretty much chaos now and just bad things are happening everywhere. I’m excited about all the fight scenes this will get us!

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda:

This episode was pretty funny. I love how Nozomu has a little sister he loves so much. He’s grumpier, I’ll admit but he seemed to love the idea of making her and Serinuma happy which was very sweet. Everyone in mascot costumes was very cute and fun and I’m glad everything worked out in the end! I think this one is one of the funnier ones compared to the ones we’ve gotten so far.

November 26th, Saturday: 


This episode featured a girls night out and the two girl characters that were with Bach. I didn’t really have strong feelings on them thus far. This episode made me feel for them! I think Liszt planned everything to go that way and I’m glad all of them will get along better now. My favorite part was the karaoke, the song was really funny!

Gi(a)rlish Number:

We got to see Kazuha and her family. They seem very strict and traditional. I don’t like this trope, I was already annoyed with it in Hibike Euphonium so it did nothing for me but annoy me. The episode itself was pretty good. Everyone seems to be having like issues after the swimsuit thing. This is realistic for voice actors but in a more entertaining way as opposed to being pretentious.

Time Bokan 24:

This episode was about space! I didn’t expect an episode this honestly, but I’m happy we got it. It was entertaining even though they made it kind of weird and awkward. I laughed a few times but I was more interested in the place the bad guys work it. There are more things going on there now which caught my interest. I look forward to learning more about the world the characters live in if nothing else!


Not a lot to say about this for whatever reason. Win Chao has changed and the really strong guy has some girl with him. I bet the last fight will be against him somehow but this mystery is just getting more and more confusing. I have a feeling that the ending will wind up being really dissatisfying. It was a pretty good episode this time around. Still, Win Chao is acting more violent ever since he was forced to kill a guy! I think he might have post-traumatic stress from it.

Long Riders!:

This episode was cute! I loved seeing how now they all want their own team outfit! I was wondering when they would start looking more like the cover of the show! This is a really nice group of friends and it shows here especially! I look forward to seeing them all ride together wearing the outfit, probably by next episode!


We get to expand more on all the characters being dead. A lot of shit is going on that’s still harder for me to keep track of. I love the new girl a lot! I think she has the ability to see ghosts which would be why she can still interact with them. This show is interesting with the big twist now! Confusing, but interesting!

Shuumatsu no Izetta:

This was interesting! I love the new witch! The fight with her was epic! I also love her design and her song as well, even though she’s the bad guy. Cloning was the last thing I expected but I should have seen it coming truth be told. I wonder how Izetta will come back from this after they discovered her biggest weakness like that? Albeit they discovered it through a series of flukes and awfully convenient coincidences but still, they do know her weaknesses. Part of me wonders if the show will end sadly with her dying. Guess we’ll find out in the last few episodes!

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku:

OHHHhHH BOY- This episode hurt in every way possible. The good news is Calamity Mary is dead. The bad news is so are Nana and even more, unfortunately, Tsubame better known to you guys as Top Speed. I was gasping and almost yelling at the big she was pregnant reveal. I can’t believe that I didn’t think of that! It all made sense the moment I saw it! I’m excited for that bratty little twin to die. She’s even worse without her sister around! Then there was Pon and his bullshit excuse to kill even MORE people. I would have been so pissed I would have found a way to hack into the system. Then kill the little bitch. He thinks just because he’s on the computer he can escape?! Bitch, please- Awesome episode, I’m wondering who will be killed next. I’m thinking it’ll be Tama sadly.

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star:

HOLY SHIT AGAIN- I thought that the last thing I watched was bad! I was so happy seeing Otoya sing his song from season 1. I didn’t expect to hear it make a comeback. Then there was Eiichi being very touchy feely and torturing poor Otoya into breaking. I didn’t expect him to have all that hidden pain deep inside him! That whole part was awful and ever since he was introduced I dislike Eiichi and still do to this day. I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to Otoya’s entire being! I bet it’ll be angsty and awesome!

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

This was pretty funny! It was much more banter as opposed to funny this time but when the wind blew that was without a doubt the best moment! I winded up laughing a little at it because of how out of the blue and silly it was. Pretty good this week as always!

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari:

This episode was really cute and well done! Pretty much all the characters were involved this time around. Poco went missing when he went off  on some boat and everyone was panicking trying to find him. A similar thing happened in Sweetness and Lightning but I think Souta handled it better than it was handled there. The ending in particular with the couples was the funniest part! I’m glad everything was OK in the end!

November 27th, Sunday: 

Show By Rock!! Season 2:

This episode was unexpected to me. I didn’t expect the new band to be kidnapped by the squid thing. This is honestly the second time he did this. I’m a bit annoyed they made her voice all high and cute when she became good again but I liked this. The rock song they did was pretty awesome. A few mild annoyances but pretty good overall!

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance:

This episode was kind of weird honestly. Pacing-wise it all seem to come together so suddenly and perfectly. I was so surprised I went to check if the show was ending or something. Teika admits to himself he likes the main character, his siblings respect him they festival goes by without a hitch. It was strange and kind of sudden for it all to happen so soon it threw me off. I wonder what will happen next especially after the last scene! I hope it’s interesting! Also one of Teika’s brothers was voiced by one of my favorite anime voice actors Hirakawa Daisuke! I just noticed this episode!

Hagane Orchestra:

This episode surprised me! I was so happy to see Vocaloids make an appearance since I really do love them! It was also the last thing I expected. It was just a cute episode in general that I really enjoyed. Not much to say since these were short but yes they were enjoyable.

Ao Oni The Animation:

This was actually funny this week! The Oni got stuck between the prison bars and they helped him for some reason. It was definitely still weird but I did laugh regardless. This show grew on me a bit when it stopped using gore as much. This is definitely one of it’s stronger episodes.

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru:

This episode was so cute! It featured more Mikazuki which I can always appreciate! I loved everyone being so nice to him! The second part where they talked about old masters was sad. I felt so bad for them and so many new swords appeared! I love them all and this episode was great!

Vivid Strike:

This was pretty good as well. I’m surprised about Rinnie going up against Fuuko mostly. The rest of the episode was summing up tournament results, showing new opponents and some Rinnie drama. I’m so excited for the Rinnie vs Fuuko fight right now. I’m wondering if they’ll mentally break each other or something. I liked this too and what will happen next will be twice as interesting for sure!

November 28th, Monday: 

3-Nen D-Gumi Glass no Kamen:

This episode was mildly funny. When they were acting out the play and doing it terribly that made me laugh. It wasn’t as over the top as it normally is, though. That may have been what made it funny this time around. It was pretty good this time!

Gakuen Handsome:

This episode was funny and cute this time around. I’ve heard of cat cafe’s and when he laid there and let all the cats go on him made me laugh. I was surprised when he died but I laughed really hard when he got resurrected by someone making a meow sound. A good episode this time for sure!

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori:

This episode was annoying. Kensuke’s brother got shot by the annoying leader of this hellish club. I would like to take the time to point out again that the club leader is an absolute tyrant. Why the plot sets it up that we’re supposed to see him as the good guy I’ll never have a clue. He just sits there parroting the rules as an explanation as to why he gets to do and say whatever the fuck he wants including KILLING KENSUKE’S BROTHER. I honestly hope Kensuke abandons these guys permanently and sticks with Kaijin. I doubt it but I like him the most now.

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume:

I loved this episode! The backstory of the creepy girl was sad. She is weird but she had good intentions and I’m happy she found someone she cared so much for. She’s really adorable! This may be the first time we see the main girl loose to someone which will be interesting. I look forward to next time!


This was an awesome week! I would say I’m much more satisfied with the shows we got this week than last time! My favorites were Bungou Stray Dogs and Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku this week by far! My least favorite this week was Trickster. It really got on my nerves! That’s it for this week! I bid you adieu until my next post!

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