Bravo’s Weekly Anime Lineup #11


This week’s anime screenshot is Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume

It’s that time of the week again! Plenty of promising stuff going on this week since most of the shows should be in the double digits by now and at the climax of the story. Some of them are only halfway done since they’re getting 24 episodes! So make sure you’re all caught up before reading and without further ado get right into it!

December 6th, Tuesday: 

Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku:

This episode was good! We got to see all the Kaijuu girls together…most of them by the end of the episode anyway. We got to see the main 3 take a test and then there was a shadow invasion that cut it short. Everyone is there to fight except Zetton, I hope she’ll appear next week! It’s the last episode for this show next time! I hope we get to see the other transformation sequences as well, though I doubt it. Good first part of the finale episode,though!

Soul Buster:

The fight wasn’t…as cool as I expected. Yes, it was good but it wasn’t as cool. The blond appeared again out of nowhere. The main boy and his card are much stronger now but there are character’s getting injured left and right maybe dying and just…wow. Not sure how this is going to go honestly. This show is an interesting mess.

Nobunaga No Shinobi:

This episode was funny! A team of 3 warriors was the enemy this time. Someone forgot to mention they had a great tactician. More war stuff is going to go down in the next 2 episodes I guess. Chidori should be able to do her thing again soon! A lot of silliness happened this time around, lots of different things! I enjoyed it!

Soushin Shoujo Matoi: 

So, in a nutshell, Matoi’s mother is basically alive. Just in the highest dimension because she was sent there! Matoi may have to encounter the same fate and leave her friends and family behind forever. I feel like this is an attempt at being a dark and edgy magical girl series. I’m pretty sure at the very least. The next 2 episodes will probably be a fight with the thing Claris was trying to defeat awhile back. That makes the most sense! I look forward to it, especially so I can see WHY SHINGO WANTS TO SHOOT A HIGHSCHOOLER. More as it develops I guess.

Natsume Yuujinchou Go: 

I thought this episode would be more flashback stuff. Turns out it was just a story of a mushroom yokai wanting to follow some other yokai that was much more ancient and well revered then him. Natsume tried to help him with that and in the end, he couldn’t go at least not yet. The ending was bittersweet but I enjoyed this! Episodes with Natsume helping yokai are always really cute and very relaxing! I enjoyed this!


This show did that weird thing again where they flashback to what another character was doing at the time. No wonder this is going to need a second season. With all this jumping around we’ll never have a complete story for awhile! This anime is more than just a little comedy show now, they have to show us the story as well. It was still a funny episode, though, everyone missing Juugo and trying to cope with him not being there was amusing. I look forward to next time!

Stella No Mahou: 

This episode was cute! We got to see other characters do stuff and the club leader. They were adorable character’s I used one as this week’s screenshot! My favorite part was Shiina’s house and her Mom is really cool. The comment about the boys made me laugh. Since I ship Tamaki and Shiina that isn’t a problem at all! Her showing them the energy drink and food supply were cute as well. This was a great episode for sure! It was very adorable!

December 7th, Wednesday: 

To Be Hero: 

Oh, this was funny! I don’t get why they said this anime lacked in comedic content. I laughed harder then I have ever had at this show thus far. If you like South Park I definitely recommend this show. It has the humor attached. The poor gay older brother alien, his Dad is a huge creeper! I do wonder what the main guy’s powers are. Come to think of it, they haven’t really been seen. He was a good father to Min, though. Just not always there for her but he did try! I also laughed really hard when she woke up from her flashback to the alien prince slapping her on the back over and over. This episode was really great!

Cheating Craft:

This episode was funny too. The test this time around was a beauty contest basically. That first part was funny and the girls with the teacher were funny as well. I like how we got to know more about the teacher. I know this is a comedy but doing that humanizes her a bit. Shows she isn’t just some sadistic person who likes torturing her students. Where those kids came from I have no idea but hey, they have an interesting teacher so good to know!

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki:

This episode was funny as well! This show is on an upswing for sure! They all try to get gifts for the girl character because she’s grumpy. It was funny and they got her interesting gifts. The episode was very sweet and cute in general! The part with the figurine made me laugh the most! It was definitely really accurate to her appearance!

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara:

This episode was interesting. Everyone goes to the beach and they’re trying to get Yuzuka to transform into her swimsuit. That was cute enough but Dia is what I’m more concerned about at the moment. She seemed to have followed a ghost! I guess the next episodes will be her rescue. That should be interesting. Also thumbs up to the gamer Grandpa, he’s cool.

Anitore! XX: 

This episode was cute! It focused on Yuu. She did exercise that I’ve done before. Poor her honestly, those things are really hard to do. I would have slowly and politely handed her back her glasses as well. She does look better with them on anyway! A cute episode definitely!


The identity of the other girl has been revealed! She was a former puzzle solver as well and in this one, they solved it together! It was good to have the two doing it together since she was also used to the whole thing. I don’t know if they’ll really see her again. It doesn’t look like they will meet again or become friends. Still, it was a good alliance while it lasted!

Hibike Euphonium 2: 

This episode was interesting. I still don’t like it how they positioned it in such a way where it’s like the sister is at fault. The parents still should know on some level! Asuka will also be rejoining the band after she was told not to lay down and take it. Finally, a good message to send out! I’m going to let this episode off the hook a bit. It gave me the message I was waiting to hear and it would be a bit stupid to complain about that you know? Pretty good episode, I guess.

Brave Witches:

Another kind of boring predictable plot if I’m being honest. The main girl and the little mean black haired one teamed up. The black haired one was reckless and got her teammate injured it was dramatic and terrible blah blah blah, you know the drill if you’ve watched any anime to be honest. Not much to say it wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad it was just…average.

Yuri!!! On Ice: 

Viktor and Yuri are basically engaged now, guys. They exchanged promise rings, and Viktor said it was a wedding ring to top it all off. I was scared we wouldn’t see much of this after this, but instead, I got marriage! My pairing is pretty much canon and I couldn’t be happier. No one even NEEDS to write fanfiction because this show gave us everything! I’m excited to see how the finals go and still have my fingers crossed that they’ll stay together even after he wins!

Idol Memories: 

In this episode, the two idol groups try and figure out what to do with everything. One group stays at the school to train. The other one finds a famous lyricist. I liked her, she was cool. I’m excited to see how they manage to make everything work even though they aren’t allowed to use the VR room! It’s going to be cool for sure!

December 8th, Thursday: 

Flip Flappers:

This was so cool! I love this show it threw me for a loop and still does! The art here was awesome as always! We learned about who Mimi was and she did look a lot like Cocona and why Yayaka does what she does. She is definitely going to team up with Cocona and Papika later. The last thing I expected was the Grandma to hurt her. Lesson learned, keep an eye on the harmless looking Grandma.


This was awesome! I’m so angry at how the other team one! They all fought against the other school’s team so hard! The new team was cool and had awesome powers but I’m still so mad they won by a hair like that! I wanted to see the team I’ve been rooting for one they all looked so devastated! I hope in the next episode they can kick ass again and won’t be too upset.

All Out!!:

This episode was boring. For a moment I was a little bit excited because I thought it would be a cute beach vacation episode. Turns out it was just more training. There was one part that made me laugh when the big muscular guy got carried and sat there in a girly way. There was also the little fight later on between Gion and the other dude. Other than that, though? It was pretty damn boring and I didn’t like it at all. I also can’t believe they’d want to play rugby with those other guys again. They were so mean! Either way, though, I just have to hope it’ll be better next time.

Bernard-jou Iwaku.:

This was funny. Sawako was sick and messaging them most of the episode. Everyone really missed her especially and Shiori. I loved when she sent the creepy one and they all thought there was something wrong! Not much to say about this in detail but it was definitely really funny and I enjoyed this immensely!

Fune Wo Amu: 

This episode was kind of meh honestly. It doesn’t really focus on what I was interested in anymore. Now it’s just about this new girl mostly. I was under the impression it would only focus on her for a bit and go back to Mitsuya. It’s still kind of about him but now it’s more the new girl honestly. I don’t really like it, I want more focus on Mitsuya. I wonder how they’ll fix the mistake and how many mistakes there were, to begin with. That should be interesting!

December 9th, Friday: 


This was pretty awesome! The dwarfs are OK and part of the time. The part with the Dark King, in the beginning, was creepy. The dragon made pretty unsettling sounds as well. The new girl talking to the elf was pretty cool as well, I like her even though she’s on the other team! I think the Drifters vs Saint will be the next fight we see! That I definitely look forward to, a big battle like the one with Joan? Heck yes!

Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season: 

This was awesome. I was so focused on Chuuya I forgot about the whole Atsushi and Akutagawa going ultra power mode. That was awesome! I’m excited to see Kyouka escape, that scene is really good in the comic. Did anyone notice he was nicer to her compared to Atsushi? He was a little verbally brutal, but otherwise, he was encouraging. Don’t know if I should be focusing on that but it caught my attention. It was an awesome episode for sure!

Lostorage Incited WIXOSS:

This was also pretty cool! Hanna got support from her older sister, I hope she’ll feel better. What I’m much more interested in is Piruluk and the backstory behind Kou. He seems to have come to fruition thanks to her. I want to see a flashback or something and learn more! This episode was probably a set up for some cool stuff for sure! Definitely really good!

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda:

This episode focused on Seriunuma and Asuma! I loved this! I love them together as a couple and he is so sweet! I feel bad that he had such bad trauma in his past. He was brave since he could still go in a cave, after all, that. The second half with his brother wasn’t as enjoyable, though. I don’t like his brother and I’m happy about Asuma defending her like that. It’s fun when he gets all protective! I look forward to the next episode!

December 10th, Saturday: 


Oh, my god! This episode fully focused on Chopin. I love him even more now and I feel so bad for him. I’ve gone through some stuff lately, November was absolutely horrible to me. I went through a lot of stuff with people and “someone I trusted turned out to be just another asshole” really hits a cord in the correct spot with me. He and Jolly were cute and I was so sad when she got deleted. The song they used for it was pretty awesome! Pretty sure that was a Vocaloid but I’m not sure which one! I hope one day he can find a friend and someone he can trust. I know the gag is that he’s a hermit but I want to see him happy in the worst way, with a real person that won’t hurt him.

Ajin Second Season:  

This was good! I just noticed 2 things I should have noticed earlier. 1, I really love the ending song it’s very pretty. 2, why is Nagai’s sister in the hospital. If they said why before I honestly forgot because she looks pretty healthy to me. This episode was sad, though. I’m starting to feel for Nagai which is good because he was very unrelatable to me before. Him crying by himself and being so deadpan around other people is really sad. They’re probably going to be mad because he said he wouldn’t fight again to top it all  off. I hope maybe we’ll get to see him happy again as well, I mean wing Aijin still hasn’t shown up so who knows what might happen?

Time Bokan 24: 

If you needed a way to prove this show had a childish cheesy sense of humor, this episode would be your ticket. This episode was about underwear basically. Not in a sexual way or anything, just underwear and stupid things involving it. I got bored and felt awkward really fast. This episode definitely wasn’t very strong and it would do this show well if it ended at episode 12. It’s on a downhill slope now and the jokes are getting really repetitive and boring. They were funny at first but now? Ugh.


This episode was pretty cool. I don’t have much to say, it doesn’t really stand out compared to the other episodes. It’s a lot of fight scenes and more of Lee Shin’s powers. I wonder why Yaya has such a bad reaction to it. She freaks out much more than the other characters. Either way, this is a pretty enjoyable watch fight scene-wise and if your in this show for the action you’ll enjoy it a lot!

Long Riders!:

Ami was adorable this episode. I loved her and her family being so concerned for her. I would never be able to do this seriously as a hobby. Me getting up that early in the morning? Not without an entire pot coffee, and even then it’s iffy as hell! The next episode should be nice, probably lots of scenic stuff when they go cycling in the next episode! I look forward to it!


Another confusing one. I still don’t quite understand what’s going on. I hope I’m not just being dense. This show really is confusing right? I don’t have much to say about anything except that scene at the end. What was with that last shot? Are they not really dead after all or something? I’m grateful this is ending soon. It’s an interesting show but christ I think this is the most lost I’ve been so far. Maybe the thing this is based on is less confusing and this is just a bad adaptation?

Shuumatsu No Izetta: 

I knew it would be the stone! Or at least…half of it. I had a feeling she would wind up using it as well. The last fight is going to be amazing. It’s a good thing that the German army is basically at their mercy again now. I’m personally scared the last episode will have Izetta doing. That scene between her and Fine where they were being all close and such seemed to be like the last interaction between them if you ask me. I guess we’ll see next time, though.

3-Gatsu No Lion: 

This episode focused on an old man who’s been basically a shogi champion and Rei interacting with him. This episode was really cute but sad. I feel like it may have been a commentary on aging and change and such? I’m not sure why but this episode gave off a moral lesson sort of vibe to me. I’m not sure that was the intent but I still enjoyed this episode. It was really nice and sweet!

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku:

I made a mistake last time guys! Turns out the other twin angel did die at the hands of Cranberry! I watch a lot so I winded up not paying as much attention! That’s my bad, though! I’m personally upset that Cranberry and Tama are dead. I’m pretty sure only 3 are live now. Swim Swim, Snow White, and Ripple. Told you guys they would team up in the end! I want to see Swim Swim die. I really liked Tama and she just killed her no reason! She never got to be happy in her life! Her past was awful as well! I hope Ripple does get revenge like she wants. I’m surprised that Swim Swim is still a little kid. I wonder what’s going to happen? That crazy mascot doesn’t seem to be done yet. Especially after we saw how ruthless him and Cranberry were. I’m definitely looking forward to next time…even though everyone I loved in this show has pretty much shuffled off the mortal coil at this point…haha….oh boy am I in for suffering.

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star:

I don’t get this episode either. Why are we supposed to feel bad for Heavens? Almost all the characters in there are either “meh” or an absolute asshole. It’s good that they were getting pulled back and out of the public eye! Starish should never have to deal with them, EVER. I guess it’s them being the better person, bla bla bla. They’re going to compete of course and not obey the asshat running the group but still. I don’t like them and don’t care about what Heavens went through at all. This show is supposed to be about Starish and now it’s just Nanami and like 500 other guys with the characters from Starish acting sort of watered down. This show has definitely fallen from grace since the first 2 seasons.

Vivid Strike!: 

Fuuka won! I expected that honestly even when it looked like Rinne might make it in the end and Fuuka passed out briefly. I wonder what will happen to Rinnie now? We never got to hear what would happen if she won. I guess we’ll see in the finale but I guess the condition is her joining up with them or being happy again or something? Seems like the sort of fluffy thing this anime might do! I look forward to seeing what happens next for sure! I liked this series a lot and think it’s really cool!

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

This was funny! Nobunaga wanted to steal a teapot and the dude he was trusting and making out with before? Totally stole it and made it so obvious in his tone that he would as well. I laughed at the last part definitely! Not sure why he exactly wanted that little teapot, probably for money reasons, though. Either way, this episode was good!

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari:

This episode was so sad and heartfelt! The anniversary of Souta’s Mom’s death was the focus. We got to see him, Shinobu and Rinko together. How it was in the past for them when their Mom died, how it is now. Poco giving her comfort was really sweet I loved that part the most! Rinko is a good motherly person! I’m glad she feels better about this now and this episode was beautiful!


This was awesome! This episode focused on Weiss and Ruby. We got a glimpse of Ren’s past which was super interesting to me. We didn’t know much about him until now! The fight between them and Tyrian was amazing as well! His fight style is so crazy and I didn’t expect a scorpion Faunus that was so cool! If we get him vs Qrow that would be even more amazing! Ruby was so close to dying quite a few times there, though! Then there was Weiss. I’m even more convinced her Dad might be abusive now. The way he kept grabbing her by the arm? It’s clear he’s used to being forceful with her like that. The song was gorgeous as well, though! Weiss has developed a lot since she first appeared! I’m loving seeing her become assertive and standing up to her Dad like this. Her powers going haywire is interesting as well. I look forward to next time definitely, I loved this so much!

Gi(a)rlish Number: 

Interesting episode! Chitose seems to be jealous of the new voice actor and maybe questioning herself a bit? I want to know why the guy she’s with quit voice acting. It should be an interesting story when they reveal it. They probably will next time. Maybe some slandered his reputation? That would make sense for a realistic series. I’m curious and interested in what will happen next for sure!)

December 11th, Sunday: 

Show By Rock Season 2: 

This was pretty cool! All the bands are going to get together and sing! I was hoping we’d get to see what songs they would come up with! Too bad we’ll have to wait until the finale next time. The backstory of the dark queen is really sad. They were so cute when they were younger but wanting to destroy the world over being betrayed by a friend? Come on that’s a little much even for this show.I look forward to the last one for sure!

Touken Ranbu: Hanmaru:

This episode took a serious turn! I had a feeling we would be getting more serious Touken Ranbu stuff in the future. I saw there would also be more anime stuff at some point as well so this was interesting. I knew, in the end, the anime would focus on the brothers that we were introduced to in the beginning. The next episode will definitely have a lot of angst based on what happened, in the end, I can feel it! This episode was fun but the next one will be the real kicker and I look forward to it!

Magic Kyun Renaissance: 

Again another lackluster and sudden ending. The rest of the episode was very funny and cute. I also loved the play scene with them all talking to the different colored bunny that supposed to be you. Why does she have to leave, though? Her just fainting because of that thing we saw crumbling before? That doesn’t make much sense to me. Still pretty enjoyable episode after everything else!

Hagane Orchestra: 

This was cute as well! The characters did a thing with a music school. I laughed because it reminded me of an abridged version of Hibike Euphonium which I’m not enjoying as much as most. This episode was really funny to me. I think I like it more than the Vocaloid one!

Ao Oni The Animation: 

This was interesting. Not as funny as the last two but still pretty funny. It was the human boys and 2 of the Ao Oni creatures having a race. Of course, the humans get eaten even the girl who was announcing the race. It was pretty silly and chuckle-worthy until all the blood kicked in. An ok episode from this show!

December 12th, Monday: 

3-Nen D-Gumi Glass no Kamen:

This was funny. I like the part where she ate something she wasn’t supposed to and passed out, haha. I wonder if this show will end with a love confession. It seems like the last two episodes might come in two parts but who knows.

Gakuen Handsome:

This was also pretty funny. I love art episodes especially when it’s art done badly or all the character’s different art styles. We got to briefly see what they would look like in normal non-parody art style. I still don’t find any of them attractive if I’m being honest with myself. Sill funny, though!

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume:

This was also cute! I like this show a lot the characters are so adorable! This episode was practice and a new character was introduced! Training camp episodes are always fun. Everyone looks cute in yukatas as well and we can see how well everyone has bonded since the beginning. I liked this for sure!

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori:

Still not getting this. Same story. I don’t like anyone, the bad guy doesn’t even seem THAT bad. Everyone’s overreacting. The stuff Twenty Faces has done isn’t even that bad yet. Not compared to so many other anime villains. I don’t get it and I don’t like this show either.


A good week for sure! My favorites were RWBY and Yuri!!!On Ice again! They were awesome! I didn’t like Trickster again, though. If it wants to ever at least not get the worst of the week spot it needs to step up its game. I bid you adieu until my next post and hope you enjoyed this!

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