Bravo’s Weekly Anime Lineup #12


This week’s anime screenshot is Nobunaga No Shinobi!

This week we shall be saying goodbye to a few shows! I’m sad to see them go since I enjoy most of these! For some, we’ll be having them a bit longer before moving onto Winter Anime Season! So as always make sure you’re caught up and then hit read more so we can get into this week!

December 13th, Tuesday: 

Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku:

The last episode of this show, unfortunately! Everyone fought the shadow creatures and we got to see Zetton again! I got to see everything I wanted in the end! We also get to see the cycle continue and our 3 main characters greeting a new Kaijuu girl!

I loved this series! It was mostly pretty cute and short and I get why a lot of others wouldn’t really enjoy this as much since it’s pretty textbook “cute anime girls doing supernatural stuff”. Despite that, though the animation is cute, the story is simple and charming and I loved the characters! This was a really great show in my opinion and if you want to kill your time watching a cute little short series I’d recommend this one!

 I loved this series! It was mostly pretty cute and short and I get why a lot of others wouldn’t really enjoy this as much since it’s pretty textbook “cute anime girls doing supernatural stuff”. Despite that, though the animation is cute, the story is simple and charming and I loved the characters a lot! This was a really great show in my opinion and if you want to kill your time watching a cute little short series I’d recommend this one!

Soul Buster:

The new character with the mirror was cool! I noticed that he had the voice of England from Hetalia. I liked that voice actor a lot so I got happy hearing him again. This anime story wise is still kind of bland and messy! So many different characters appearing at once and all this crap going on with not much character development! Mirror guy was cool though so…yeah.

Nobunaga No Shinobi: 

This episode was really cool as well I liked it a lot! Hanbei in this show is really cute I love his design! The voice actor is also one of my favorites so this is just all around the greatest week for voice actors! It was also more serious in tone with Chidori being all bloody. I really liked this a lot!

Soushin Shoujo Matoi:

This was awesome as well! I didn’t expect him to be possessed by a demon! Shingo made a good call there. I felt really bad for him this entire episode, though. He knew what Matoi was going to have to do and just fell apart the moment she was gone. All 3 of the mains holding hands and going in was really cool as well. The last episode is going to be awesome!

Natsume Yuujinchou Go:

This episode focused on Natsume’s adopted parents and was kind of a flashback to his younger life. I loved this a lot since the episode where they show his actual adoption made me tear up. Natsume crying and such it was just a huge pull at the heartstrings! This one is as well but to a lesser degree. Still a very beautiful sweet episode, I loved this a lot!


This episode was cute! It was mostly flashbacks to two of the characters pasts and also them doing fun stuff! They had a really sad past. I feel so bad for them. Since this show set itself up as a comedy I didn’t expect them to actually have tragic backstories so this was a pleasant surprise! I loved the part where the robot asks what divorce is and the scientist couple feels bad, that was funny! I look forward to seeing how this plays out!

Stella No Mahou: 

I’m surprised by Iino’s backstory. I didn’t expect her to come from a strict traditional family (AGAIN WITH THIS TROPE-). I’m glad she’s probably going to get to be in the club and taken seriously as an artist. The studying thing will be cute most likely if they touch on it more! I liked this episode even though Iino’s backstory makes me sad. Despite everything though I like her sister as well!

December 14th, Wednesday: 

To Be Hero:

I’m a little surprised. What’s with the sudden death and sadness. I think that the main guy still has superpowers. I’m just not sure what they are still. Yamada and the girl alien are dead though so…oops I guess? There they go…but now Min is dead or gone, not sure yet. This is probably where we’ll see his powers activate if he has any. The gay brother is also dead so…R.I.P….it was sudden but I’m kind of glad Yamada’s gone. I didn’t like him very much at all. Still a good episode!

Cheating Craft:

Another meh episode honestly. That character they were fighting seemed like he would be a much bigger threat. This show got off on a stronger foot but now this episode was just -shrug-. OK. It was fine is really all I have to say. That I’m curious for the next episode, that’s really all.

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki:

This was cool! They fought a back centipede and it started out on a serious scary note. When it got funny later on it really fit! I loved the more serious parts they were drawn really nicely! I liked this a lot it was awesome! Not much to say other than praising how awesome it was!

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. 2nd Season:

Oh, crap this episode got serious as well! This is the first time we see the magical girls using their powers to help someone! Dia and Yuzuka might actually drown! OK well…we know they won’t drown this show is too cute and sweet to do it. Still, this was really intense and I wonder why she couldn’t really hold her powers for very long. Looking forward to next week!


This show is getting pretty cool as well! All the characters are preparing for the Christmas party and want to be with the main character! This can either result in a lot of fighting among the girls or a cute misunderstanding with everyone laughing and agreeing to all hang out at the same time sort of deal. Probably the 2nd one knowing that show. I liked this!


The characters went to see an interesting little movie and did some other stuff. Nothing much to say this episode around. It was cute at the very least but still same song and dance as before. Thankfully this show will be ending soon before it gets too repetitive. Not much to say here just another episode of Nazotokine!

Hibike Euphonium 2:

Reina’s love drama with the teacher confuses me. Thankfully she seems to have finally gotten over it. I never liked her crush on him. It was almost obsessive and feels like the only thing she really gives a damn about. That and of course the center of everyone’s universe CONCERT BAND. I didn’t like this very much but everyone’s on their way to winning gold. (Come on you know they’re going to)

Brave Witches:

This episode was really fucked up. I used to kind of enjoy this show but it did one of the most out of character flip flops I’ve ever seen. The older sister is back and treating our main coldly and cruelly hoping she’ll give up so “she can be safe from harm”. Her sister was never unkind like this. That and her older sister and won and swept her younger sister’s biggest achievement right out from under her in a matter of minutes. This was really screwed up and I really didn’t like it. I don’t think even the last episodes will be able to save this show. It was already a bit boring but this axes any chance of it getting a 7/10 for me.

Yuri On Ice!!!:

This was awesome! We are narrowed down to our finalists and everything was awesome! I can see why everyone’s concerned about Yuri’s comment after the credits but I’m not worried. I know I have been worried about them separating at the end. I think this might actually be them coming out of the closet and officially being a couple, instead of a coach and teacher relationship. That would be amazing! I look forward to the last episode but I’ll be so sad to see this show go! It was such an amazing phenomenon it took the internet by storm and is a legendary moment in anime history! Maybe we’ll get a season 2?

December 15th, Thursday: 

Flip Flappers:

This was interesting. I’m surprised that Mimi was basically using Cocona as a vessel almost? I shouldn’t be surprised it was somewhat hinted at something like that. This brings up the question of how that new girl is also named Mimi. I also think Papika might be romantically in love with Cocona! That would be interesting since this series isn’t shoujo ai! This rescue is going to be awesome as well, this episode was really cool and I liked it a lot!


This was both funny and cool. One of them had cards pretty much go flying out of her butt because her motif was magician/illusion. I wonder if they’re just naturally there or if she has to put them in there before matches. I probably shouldn’t think about it but still…it begs many questions. That girl seems to be powerful on special levels like the main character we’ve focused on thus far. This battle between them will be awesome for sure!

All Out!!:

OK, I feel the need to bring this up again. THERE IS NO WAY THAT NEW GUY IS A TEENAGER. HELL NO THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE. This new dude is straight of Jo Jo’s bizarre adventure! He is scary! How can even a whole team of players take him on? That’s something to look forward to for sure. There was also Gion and his brother. They still don’t quite respect him like they should. Seeing them fight later will be cool. This was a pretty good episode. Anything without that dumb coach is nice to watch from this show.

Bernard-Jou Iwaku:

Another episode with Shiori and Sawako. Sawako wanted to try letter writing this time around and we got to see a cute thing! How Shiori feels about Sawako was revealed and it was very sweet and cute. There was no reason for her not to send the letter even after Sawako got bored, but regardless this was still very cute and nice to see!

Fune Wo Amu:

This episode was pretty good and intense. I still don’t think this whole flash forward really does the show as well. It would have been nice to see Mitsuya and his relationship when it was still budding. Seeing the dictionary be pretty much done was very sweet to see! The dream sequence was the best part and I liked the reaction the older guy had to the mascot. A good episode for sure!

December 16th, Friday: 


It seems like the Drifters are going to be battling with Rasputin and Saint Germain! I love Rasputin he’s so pretty, to be honest. Yes, I know I’m being incredibly shallow haha. This last fight is going to be cool, though, Rasputin looks like he’ll definitely be a challenge to the Drifters. I have a feeling depending on the popularity of this we may get another season. I don’t think they’ll be able to end it all well with only one episode. Still, I loved this, this was good!

Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season:

The last episode was sadly today. Of all the shows I was watching this was on I was hoping would last much longer then it did. It was a very good and satisfying finale, though! We got to see Kyouka join the agency and the whole detective agency together and happy. What the other groups are doing after the fight, Atsushi gaining self-confidence, one last scene with Dazai being Dazai. Overall just super satisfying!

loved this! I’m excited for the OVA to come out and will review it when it does! Overall I loved this show! It was just as awesome if not more so then last season! It was everything the fans, including myself, wanted to see! I have very little complaints mostly centered on how Atsushi was handled in a few of his more self-conscious moments. Still, I give this a 9/10! Everything else from the animation to characters was great!

Lostorage Incited WIXOSS:

The card fight between Suzuko and Chinatsu happened with Suzuko winning of course. I mean a little late to stop her, considering the fact that Chinatsu pretty much destroyed all the other character’s already but hey, there you go. The real climax is going to be Suzuko vs Satomi. I wonder if Piruluk will swoop in. If Satomi is overpowered can two LRIG fight him at the same time? I guess we’ll find

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda:

This upset me but I was happy with the ending. For those of you have been following me thus far you know I want Asuma and Serinuma to be the end couple! I was so upset when his brother tricked him and shoved him in the locker! The poor guy’s afraid of small dark places that is so cruel! I’m glad he won the weird duel, in the end, he deserves Serinuma! Even if she is only interested in yaoi and probably not him…

December 17th, Saturday: 


This was so funny! I don’t understand why this series has such an unpopular rating on Myanimelist! It has such endearing and adorable characters and this shows in this episode! In this episode of Classicaloid, they all try and learn how to do the chores because Kanae is going to be away for awhile. Chopin being too scared to go towards the bird and being slow at it was the funniest bit to me. I wonder if we’ll get to see all of them with her on the outing next time! That would be cool, but I did like this!

Time Bokan 24:

Believe it or not guys, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen Joan of Arc as a magical girl. Jokes on you Time Bokan 24! Madoka beat you to it! This episode was actually enjoyable and cute to me. She looks drastically different with no makeup on! Come on! 30-year old’s don’t look that much older don’t exaggerate! This was still one of the better episodes, I did like it. Still, I…kind of wished the show was done, to be honest. It’s still VERY repetitive but I should have known from the title we wouldn’t be escaping any time soon. At least we’ll get to see the missing boyfriend at some point.

Ajin 2nd Season:

This was awesome! There is one more episode to go after this but they still managed to make the 2nd part action packed and epic! The fight in the tunnels was the best. I still wonder if Tanaka will ditch like the other 3. He’s getting a bit mouthy with Satou which is why I wonder. This was really cool and suspenseful don’t get me wrong but the next one looks VERY exciting and I’m looking forward to it a lot!


So…that ended. It ended…in a kind of rushed way but…it ended I guess. So I guess we’ll never know what happens to them entirely unless we get a season 2. Everything basically ended on a cliff hanger but we did find out more about Anji and set up the main antagonist for everyone. I doubt that we’ll get another season, though, this show was just…eh quality. That’s why I doubt it. Overall this is kind of meh. 6/10. It had OK animation, OK characters, but good action scenes but still, very disjointed random plot. I would only recommend it if you really like action and if you don’t mind watching a show where everything is meh except that and the soundtrack. It was mildly enjoyable at a few points and I did get somewhat sucked in! Hence the 6/10 rating.

Long Riders!:

Biking and eating were this episodes backbone. Can’t blame them, though. You’d need to have a lot of nutrition of some kind in your system with all the stuff they were doing. It sucks they got stopped before the other team. I wish one of them tried to still bike right past that would have been funny to me. It’s also really weird seeing a male character in this show. They are really rare here! Still enjoyed this plenty, though!

Shuumatsu no Izetta:

The fight scene between Izetta and Sophie was amazing! This whole last episode was very good! I should have predicted that Izetta would sacrifice herself so they could win in the end. That and in the end they would show her fine again. It’s a kind of cliche ending I’ll admit but I found this really satisfying none the less! Fine crying and yelling at everyone were also great! I give this show an 8/10! Everything about this was very good! The show itself wasn’t exactly my taste but I still did like this a lot! I feel like this show may have gotten overshadowed a bit by Yuri On Ice but I do recommend this show highly as well! It was very well done and it shouldn’t be forgotten and if you like historical fiction then I would recommend this one highly!

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku:

Sadly this show ended. I had a feeling Ripple and Snow White would have a partnership! I didn’t expect it to happen all the way at the end, but it did happen! Ripple and Snow White also pretty much rebel against the “only one person can become a god and win it all rule”. Snow White decides she doesn’t want it and asserts herself and shows how deeply kind she is. Her ability to do what’s right knowing no bounds! I’m glad that stupid thing didn’t win!

This was awesome! I give this show a 9/10! I love dark magical girl series and this delivered! I got sucked into everything and loved pretty much everything! The one thing that bothers me a tad that everyone in this art has a bad case of a baby face. Still, though, this was one of my favorites this anime season and I loved it a lot and recommend it for my fellow magical girl lovers out there! This show was also very innovative and creative in its own way, even if dark magical girls have been done!

3-gatsu no Lion:

This episode was definitely sad! I don’t like Kyouko she was really cruel to Rei for no reason at all, even now. The last part where he was fighting that older guy and then yelled out to the sky in frustration. That part was really well done and powerful and I definitely liked this episode!

Occultic; Nine:

Everything in this show is starting to make sense now! Well, not everything but a big chunk of it! I’ve heard this ghost theory before, and Tesla is a pretty underrated scientist. This whole theory made a lot of sense! Didn’t expect Ryouka to be the vessel, though. What I didn’t expect was that bartender to be the villain! He got picked off fairly quickly, though. The last episode should be really cool.

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star:

This whole episode was just a big prep up for the final performance and Heavens and Quartet Knight impressing the crowd. Naturally, they are saving Starish for last. I liked this episode…kind of. This show still, in my opinion, isn’t as good as before. Too many other boys thrown into the mix. Guess there is such a thing as too many boys haha. I also noticed the performances had brief bits of either really stiff or GGI animation. I don’t appreciate it but…there you have it…budget cut. That explains why it isn’t as good as it was.

Vivid Strike:

Rinnie’s personality…completely changed in a very very short span of time. She woke up and suddenly boom! Back to her sweet innocent demure girl thing. I don’t like that very much. Yes, she’s still fighting but why did her general demeanor have to go back to the delicate pure flower routine? Either way, everything wrapped up in a nice way but also in a nice way that may allow more! I like that a lot!

Overall I do like this show, I think is good! It had a lot of intense awesome scenes and I loved the main characters especially! Most people seem to think it’s just fine but I actually really liked it. My only thing is I wish they gave more time to a few of the side characters and I have issues with a few choices they made throughout the show. I still think that it is absolutely worth watching regardless, though! I give it a 7/10! A quality show but doesn’t exactly stand tall enough for 8/10!

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari:

This episode was cute…then scream worthy when it got towards the end. The scene with the frog was cute and funny and the whole festival was absolutely adorable as well! I’m scared of what might happen to Poco now that they saw his tail. I doubt this show would have a bad ending but still, I worry! I don’t want to see Souta or Poco suffer or get harmed. The last episode will be pretty intense for sure!

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

This was pretty funny. Two of the characters randomly threw stuff in a hole. It was more banter-heavy again this time but I laughed at the end. I doubt this really happened but the rice ball debt thing was funny to me! I know this show is plain but I still find it to be an enjoyable fun show!

December 18th, Sunday: 

Show By Rock Season 2:

This last episode was awesome! Seeing everyone sing was everything I hoped it would be! I honestly didn’t exactly expect the evil queen to go well. Though to be fair I should have expected it. Cyan leaving wasn’t nearly as intense as it should be. I feel it should have been a bit more dramatic but this was great all the same!

 Overall I give this 9/10! I loved the first season of Show By Rock when I watched it about a year ago. I feel like this one may have put in slightly less effort than the last one, but still, that’s just a feeling. Other than that everything was awesome and it was great to have the Show By Rock experience again! I’m not disappointed at all and hope we get more one day, maybe!

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru:

Another good finale! This episode was much more serious and angsty! Every character was great this episode. It ended with everyone happy and taking a photo together which I absolutely appreciate and love!

 This was a good finale but I feel like it leaves it open for more Token Ranbu which is good! Good show for sure! The characters were the highlight since all of them were all cute but everything else was really good as well! I give this show 9/10 especially for the comedy lovers out there who love family type stuff. Thi show is funny but touching and sweet as well because they act like a huge loving family which is another strong point to the show!

Magic Kyun! Renaissance:

So that explanation and dark side magical abilities came…completely out of nowhere. Yet at the same time, it somehow fits so well in a typical shoujo like this. The last episode will be all of them rescuing her always. Her Mom still somehow being around makes a lot of sense. It was a good episode, though, dark themes and angst never fail to catch my attention and this delivered. A good episode for sure!

Hagane Orchestra:

This was hilarious. The parodies of the doujin were the funniest thing I laughed. I also laughed at the main guy in this show protecting the girls from threats with a big tank. Especially the one trying to get a skeevy picture. The deadpan face he has just wrapped everything in a perfect little bundle. This was the funniest episode this show had so far. I loved his!

Ao Oni: The Animation:

This one made me cringe way more then it did make me laugh. Seems this show is back to just plain old sucking again. We got to see them all die again in twisted gory ways because for some reason they had to follow the dumb trail. It was really twisted and if you’re watching it for some reason like me, I’d skip if I were you. Spare your eyes.

Gi(a)rlish Number:

This was a little sad. I still don’t like Chitose very much if I’m being honest. The reason why the boy quit and his story if anything was sadder. Chitose, however, is the perfect example of pretty much the worst way to write a tsundere. The encouragement scene at the end was really cute and sweet, though. That I did like!

December 19th, Monday: 

3-Nen D-Gumi Glass no Kamen:

I thought this would be the last episode truth be told. It seemed like it would be a good place to wrap everything up. Either way, this episode was funny. The part where she pretended to be Earth was pretty dark, though. I’m surprised it didn’t get a higher passion rating this time around. It was pretty intense!

Gakuen Handsome:

This finale was weird. All the boys almost got scouted to be idols and decided not to say because they “heard the teardrop of the main character” In general this last episode was just trippy. Especially the credits scene. Just…wow that was something. This show is weird. I give it a 6/10. Everything has kind of a “Being bad on purpose” feeling for it. The art is bad, but it’s intentional. The writing is completely off the wall and insane. The animation is pretty choppy but it did make me laugh several times despite all that. It is bad, but it was bad on purpose which makes it…not…AS…bad? I don’t know this show was a trip man.

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori:

Oh, the drama. I liked the drama and tears so this was kind of fun. Twenty faces still hasn’t really done much of anything yet, though. He just talks a big game but all he really has it made threats and done kind of minor things. This is the mid-season finale, next week we’ll be seeing more. I’m surprised the main boy tried to commit suicide and of course, I’m sure they’ll throw away the fact that he’s upset with the agency over what they did away. Since you know it’s not useful plot armor anymore. Screw character development and continuity! Other then the drama this was typical Trickster.

Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume:

Last episode of this! Darn it! So sad to see it go! We got to see all of them training and it had a kind of opening ending, we’ll keep having fun playing table tennis thing going for it. I liked this episode it was cute always! Honestly, I’m giving this show 8/10. It makes the very good mark to me! The art and animation were very cute and nice to watch! The characters were really enjoyable and I got invested into them easily. It’s a pretty casual anime and if you want to kick back and watch something of quality and adorable, I recommend this!


This was a good week! Sad to see some of these shows go since I loved them so much! The best episode this week would have to be Show By Rock and Bungou Stray Dogs! Both had a very satisfying finale! My least favorite would have to go to Gakuen Handsome and Ao Oni. For once Trickster didn’t make it but man, it almost did I’m not going to lie. I bid you all adieu until my next post! Feel free to let me know what you thought in the comments of this week’s anime!

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