Brian Wood Charts Robotech’s New Frontier With Titan Comics!


Comics superstar revealed as architect behind Titan Comics’ 
all-new Robotech comics – based on the iconic 80s sci-fi smash

Titan Comics are excited to announce that New York Times best-selling writer Brian Wood (DMZ, Briggs Land, Northlanders) will helm the brand-new Robotech comic series from Titan Comics, set to launch in 2017 – based on the legendary 80s animation by Harmony Gold.

First airing in the USA in 1985, Robotech was the gateway to anime for many fans – capturing their imagination with its epic generational storyline involving war, romance, and, of course, the transforming Veritech fighters that defend the Earth against extra-terrestrial attacks.

Produced by Harmony Gold USA, the original 85-episode series delved into humanity’s struggle against a series of alien invasions, from the gigantic Zentraedi to the mysterious Invid, battling for control of advanced alien technology that crash-landed on Earth.

Now, return to the Robotech Saga with Titan Comics and Brian Wood for all-new adventures!

“We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Brian to expand the Robotech universe. His bold approach to storytelling is thoughtful and will be full of surprises for fans.”

– Robotech’s Tommy Yune 

With annual global meet-ups and conventions, a fast-growing social media following, as well an avid collector market for toys and merchandise, Robotech fans are passionate supporters of this amazing cult franchise – and a spectacular live-action movie adaption by director James Wan (Aquaman, Furious 7) is currently in development at Sony.

Look for further details on the creative team very shortly.

Harmony Gold has been active in the production, acquisition and distribution of quality programming worldwide since its inception in 1983, with a library of titles that includes the hit animated series Robotech. Sony Pictures is developing a live action feature film of Robotech with James Wan set to direct. The company also owns the Harmony Gold Preview House, a landmark state-of-the-art screening and event facility.

For More Information About Robotech:

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