Bravo’s Weekly Anime Lineup #13


During the 3rd or 4th week of the last month of an anime season, a lot of shows end and drop off the month. We will be seeing a lot of seasons going away and looking over a lot of finales! Make sure you’re caught up and then click read more to get into it as always!

December 20th, Tuesday: 

Soul Buster: 

Last episode of this. All the characters are together in one group now. This whole thing honestly pretty much comes off as a set up for another season. Like think about it, it’s like an OVA series showing how all the character’s met. Then, later on, they’ll show another story with all of them as a big team against the bad guy. It ended in an open-ended way basically.

Still, I don’t see this getting another season. It had an art style that was too dark, the story was very rushed and the whole thing just comes out as “Eh, it was fine” It had good stuff going for it, but it was forgettable and not as well done as it could be. I give it 5/10. It was average pretty much. You aren’t missing much if you don’t watch it.

Nobunaga No Shinobi: 

This was cute! I absolutely adore Hanbei I wouldn’t be able to kill him either if I were Chidori. He is just too perfect and too kind for words. I’m so sad he’s ill in this series as well, but it is historically accurate for Hanbei to be ill, sadly. I’m excited to see what they do next. I wonder if Hanbei can fight as well even if he is sickly. Guess we’ll find out next season!

Soushin Shoujo Matoi:

With this episode, everything comes to a close. It is somewhat open for a second season but I’d prefer they didn’t. Not because I don’t like it, more because this ending was perfect. Matoi’s Mom came back she lives a happy life and still does magical girl stuff with her friends. The other characters are also happy…except that one guy he’s still demon possessed but…hey.  What more can you want!? The fight scene was good to everything was perfect and I liked this a lot!

Overall I give this series a 7/10! I thought it was good! The art and animations were fluid, bright and pretty! I liked the characters and the story for the most part. The reason it isn’t really masterpiece status is more because it uses some old tired tropes and was somewhat predictable at times. It also started off a bit weak. Still, I think it’s worth watching!

Natsume Yuujinchou Go:

Sadly this was the last episode! The good news is another season was already announced so we will get more Natsume soon! This is great news especially since I loved this finale! Natsume got sick again. Poor guy is always getting sick this is the 6th time this happened. They may as well always have a stretcher for this boy. Also, a small cold isn’t threatening. I’ve never gotten a fever from a little cold. Either way, this was a nice way to wrap up the season I liked this!

 I think next season will have more drama, the last statement made by the cat at the end raised eyebrows, at least to me. I give this series, much like it’s previous seasons a 9/10! I love this show, it’s written well, has great characters, great art, and animation and even the soundtrack is nice! I’m glad I caught up with the last seasons of Natsume before this came out! It’s an awesome show and I can’t wait for it to come back!


This episode was sad and cute! The fire guy’s backstory was very sad. The whole reason he’s in prison is on accident. He was an innocent guy that framed and seeing his appearance now compared to then. It really is sad and all the character’s after that part were so happy together. The most important thing is that we got the first full look at our main antagonist, elf. Not only is he back in their lives but in flashback. The next episode is going to be hardcore for sure! I’m ready for some angst Nanbaka! Come at me!

Stella No Mahou: 

Last episode of this too sadly. We got to see the girls during summer vacation and their game being sold at a convention thing! Everyone at the convention was my favorite part! The whole scene felt super rewarding especially seeing how well their game sold! I liked it a lot! Overall I enjoyed this series!

I give it a 7/10! The animation and art style is cute, the characters were cute and easy to get to know and love! Though, the reason it’s just good and not very good is mostly because a slice of life anime isn’t my cup of tea most of the time.

That and the anime got off to a slow start and was in general sort of bland at times. Still, if you like the slice of life genre this is a quality show and I think you would get enjoyment out of it! There’s no reason not to after all!

Idol Memories: 

This was good! I still don’t like idol culture and the way the girls are treated at this school but I can still enjoy this series. The lyric writer is cute in her outdoor and indoor persona I liked her! I’m glad they all were able to rise to the challenge and do good idol work! What I don’t quite understand though is why all the higher ups at this school are purposely making it hard on them, trying to sabotage them and all that other crap. How would the gain from that? Shame the green haired guy isn’t a nice person…ah well. It’s still a pretty good show I guess.

December 21st, Wednesday: 

To Be Hero:

This was good! The last fight scene was animated well and Min crying when her father was in a coma was really sad. The big shadow dude being an alter ego was an odd twist but I liked it! In the end, Min knowing who he was may have been a dream. I’m not sure but that’s kind of..unsatisfying.

Overall I give this show a 6/10. It came close to being 7/10 though! It was certainly pretty funny in certain parts! Some of the characters were fun to watch and empathize with! The art and animation, especially on the fight scenes, were pretty good as well. I feel like this show had two big flaws. It couldn’t decide how seriously it wanted to take itself and it also overused vulgar humor. Even if I do love South Park it didn’t exactly suit this show well at quite a few points. Still, you should check it out! Some of you may enjoy that!

Cheating Craft:

Last episode of this as well! The students faced off against the teacher who knew about their abilities and such and tried to battle against their abilities. They all won of course and the show ends on a peaceful note. Another season is kind of possible based on how it was done but I don’t see it happening.

I give Cheating Craft a 6/10. It did have a new idea I had never seen before and was impressed with. Still, it’s execution was pretty dull and full of typical tropes most of the time.  The characters are good as well but the show tends to do away with a lot of development opportunities and focus’s more on making laughs. It presented itself as a serious series though which made the last point it’s downfall.

Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki:

Last episode of this show sadly! Kiitarou woke up and is safe which is good! I didn’t expect the girl to be a yokai connected to the doll! I feel like it may have been mentioned but I think I may have forgotten! Still, the last episode was cute and sweet and I liked it! I give this show a 7/10! The first half was a little weird and not very good but later on when new characters were introduced it got very cute and very funny! You can also learn things about yokai which is interesting! I recommend this series! It’s short and not at all a waste of time! I’m glad I didn’t quit on it when it started out slow!

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. 2nd Season: 

As we all suspected Dia and Yuzuka did wake up. I’m surprised by how unconcerned Yuzuka’s friends were when she wasn’t waking up. That struck me as odd as a kind of out of character move, but still! The last scene where they all used fireworks were sweet and there were some funny moments before they woke up!

 Overall I give this show 8/10! I loved the first season of this, and the second one was a great unexpected surprise! It was just as good as last time! It was still funny, cute and if you like magical girl series I recommend this! It pokes a little fun at the genre and made me laugh when it did and it really is cute and enjoyable!

Anitore! XX:

Turns out all the girls wanting him at the Christmas party and pretty much the whole episode was a perverted dream from the protagonist. I would have never dreamed that up so I resent these accusations! They are an assault on my character! Still, it was kind of a funny twist to the whole thing! That was it for this show!

I give this show 7/10! I watched the first season awhile back and love this one too! It’s very well intended trying to teach fitness and the characters are really cute! Like I said before you feel like you personally know them, and I would totally love to be friends with all of the characters. I never had a little friend clique so…yeah haha. I recommend watching it, it is a cute and well-done show!


Last episode! The typical episode you know the deal. She solves the puzzle, everything is good. The backstory of the dimension is revealed and everything is good in her life despite having to do puzzles still.

I give this show 5/10. A puzzle solving anime is unique but watching someone else solve a puzzle? That’s boring. This would have worked way better as a video game. The animation, characters and everything else, in general, was just lower quality and not nearly as enjoyable as most of the shows this season. If you want to watch someone solve puzzles, I recommend this but other than that? Steer clear of it. You aren’t missing much at all.

Hibike! Euphonium 2:

The class did not win gold. Everyone was an unusually good sport about it. I like how maturely they handled everything. It seems that Reina still has feelings for her teacher and did kind of confess it out loud to the teacher? Honestly, if she loves the guy so much to this degree, she should just wait until she graduates high school and turns 18.

Yes, the age gap would be pretty weird, but it would still be legal for her to date him if she really wanted to. Kumiko also seems to have bonded much better with her sister. I don’t get why third years like Asuka can’t participate in clubs after they go into the 4th year. It doesn’t make sense to me but I’ll roll with it I guess. The last episode is next week, we’ll have to spend the next week preparing haha.

Brave Witches:

Of course, her sister and the unit ran into issues. Typical plot thread when this stuff happens. If I were her sister, though, to be honest, I wouldn’t help her. After someone did that to me? I’d still be very raw and bitter from betrayal. I would be just “Let her try. She can handle anything right? She IS the best after all. After that last episode, I’m still bitter as hell, sorry. This show has already been bumped down to 6/10 in my eyes.

Yuri!!! On Ice:

Guys. This was perfect! From the moment this episode opened up to the moment it ended. The scene in the beginning where Yuri and Victor were considering ending the coaching thing was so sad and just hits you right in the heart! The skating routines were absolutely stunning and when Yuri did really well like that and Victor started crying and put his hand over his mouth almost made me cry as well! The ending where they skate together pretty much made me flip out as well and the end credit scene!

Overall I give this show a 10/10. I don’t give these out very often at all but this show went above and beyond with everything did. The characters are amazing, the music is amazing, the animation and art are amazing and the story was AMAZING. No sports anime will ever come close to Yuri On Ice. It also did some amazing more subtle things.

How well done and realistically it was written for all the skating parts. How well Yuri’s anxiety was written (I know it’s not canon but come on he obviously has some mental issues). The fact that they didn’t hesitate to make men show emotion was a big plus for me as well! I loved this show and I don’t just recommend it! If you guys haven’t seen it you need to watch it! It’s amazing and a masterpiece!

December 22nd, Thursday: 

Flip Flappers:

This episode was pretty awesome! They found Cocona pretty quickly and Yayaka got her own transformation sequence! I guess the final fight scene will be a face off with Cocona’s Mom which I’m looking forward to! The parts with the lab workers trying to fix things were nice but there’s one scene I feel the need to discuss more. I know it’s a minor detail but Cocona could have easily fit through the bars. It may have been a little bit of a tight squeeze but come on! She reached out so easily she could have made it work! Either way awesome episode! Great visuals as always!


Last episode of this sadly. Turns out the appearance change was rooted in multiple personality things! I liked her she was a cool character both sides of her. Of course, Nozomi won in the end and proved her school superior. The scene that really got me was the mother/daughter thing. She was so scared of being rejected by her just because she lost it was so sad! That scene was happy. I’m glad they graduated with flying colors as well!

 Overall I honestly give this show a 9/10. I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did but I gotta call a spade to spade you guys! It was written well, I loved the characters, the art and animation were nice and the music was good as well if not a bit formula! All ecchi anime should be more empowering like this was! I highly recommend this show, yes the premise is pretty absurd but it winded up working way better then you would think!

All Out!!:

This episode was kind of cute! The character’s faced off with another team. The other team and the teacher are really adorable. They are a bit rowdy like he said but they are way sweeter than the other guys that were bullying Sumiaki last time! I liked this a bit more than usual which is good! I don’t want this to wind up being a bad show!

Bernard-jou Iwaku.:

Last episode of this sadly! In this one, we got Sawako and Shiori for one last time! Sawako making Shiori laugh was by far the sweetest thing! They are both such cute dorks and I love them both! I’m glad they all warmed up to each other so well!

 I’m giving this show an 8/10 you guys! This show is underrated it was so adorable and honestly funny! I like reading so I did get some of the jokes and laughed a few times! If you like reading and classic books as well this is the show for you. It’s not really for everyone though the comedy seems to be aimed at a very particular kind of audience.

Fune Wo Amu:

Last episode of this too! They finished the dictionary and it turns out that Masashi is a father now and it’s just as cute as it sounds! That part was so cute! When they finished the dictionary it was so rewarding but it was so sad that the older guy died of cancer before he could see everything in its completion. Mitsuya crying over it was heartbreaking!

Overall I give this show 8/10! It had a very creative new concept, very well done characters and the music and story was done pretty well as well. My only gripe is the time-skip that they put in. Showing the other girl was not necessary and felt like a big distraction. I would have rather seen Mitsuya with Kaguya and have kept the time skip away until the last 2 episodes. Still a good show I think you guys would enjoy it!

December 23rd, Friday: 


Last episode of this! The fight scenes here were good although I do have to say, the dude attacking Toyohisa was kind of in the right to be mad at him all things considered. The fact that they managed to fit in some funny bits in this show even though it was a serious important scene was very good! By the looks of it, we will be getting another season! That’s good since I liked this!

I give this show an 8/10. This show was really good a lot like Hellsing. It’s exactly what you would expect from the guy, lots of badass fight scenes, very serious in tone at times yet funny at other times. Everything about this show was done with clear effort and this is a quality show! I recommend you guys watch it for sure!

Lostorage Incited WIXOSS:

Last episode of this as well! Obviously, Suzuko won the fight against that guy. I would have loved to have seen what he was like before he was taken over by the LRIG. The last episode felt kind of rushed to me I feel like this show should have done way more for itself but I still liked this. For those of you who didn’t notice the end, there will be another season! We already have a title: Lostorage Conflated Wixoss! I saw it flashed briefly at the end!

Overall I have to give this show a 7/10. I really did want to give it higher because the show had better characters than it’s predecessor and better animation and fight scenes. Even with these minor improvements, though, the story was still kind of rushed and muddled and not nearly as well paced as last time. I hope the next one is better though and did despite that enjoy this series since I do love the franchise!

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda:

The last episode of this was today! Obviously, it doesn’t end nicely, in the end, she just chooses a fictional character instead of any of them. Even her friend thinks her yaoi thing is going overboard! She should have gone for Asuma! For a brief moment, in the beginning, I thought she might! Then it got ripped away from me sadly. The date scenes were cute!

Overall I give the show a 7/10! I know this show was really popular this time around. I don’t entirely get why, though. Yes, it’s funny at times and at least one of the characters is cute. I find Serinuma to be kind of annoying at times and a lot of the other characters are annoying and only liked her after she lost the weight.

That bothered me, more then it should granted but it did. If they just love her because she’s pretty and skinny now it isn’t  real affection for her at all. Still, if you aren’t going to take it too seriously I recommend this!

December 24th, Saturday: 

Gi(a)rlish Number:

Last episode of this! Chitose seems to have learned a lesson and is acting more humble and being more passionate about her line of work instead of whining about fame and fortune. I’m sorry but I don’t like the way the character development was done. To me, it felt very sudden. It was still a good and a well-done episode.

 I give this show a 7/10! I personally don’t find the characters to be particularly interesting. They only had certain moments where they caught my attention. The show was well done, hence the good rating but to me it was kind of boring and dull. A lot of the “Realistic” shows are like that to me. If you want a more realistic show and like that, I would recommend this one.

Ajin 2nd Season:

Last episode of this! This last fight scene was amazing and I loved it! I loved the season finale of the first season of Ajin, this was good as well! I thought after what they did this series would end but it looks like it might have more. Even with Satou and the other guys imprisoned, Ajin’s having human rights and everything going back to normal pretty much, they still want Nagai’s help. That is interesting!

 I give this show an 8/10! Despite the animation and art on this show being kind of clunky and awkward, the story, music and everything else is done very well! I do like this show and have since it’s aired it is super cool! I look forward to more if we do get any!


This was great! I’m surprised Bach didn’t try to force the character’s back to where they were before in the lab. Showing Mozart’s past was kind of sad. Them thinking they need to “get stronger” because they couldn’t defeat Bach in a music fight. That’s a bit of a cliche move but I really hope that doesn’t become the focus. The series is fine the way it is now. The little adventures they go on are nice! I think Bach will try to hurt Kanae which will create some interesting plots, though!

Time Bokan 24:

This episode was Christmas themed since it is Christmas Eve today after all! For the first time, the good guys didn’t succeed. No huge bad consequences came of it. Believe it or not, they gave Bimajo character development. The whole Santa thing was really sweet and I kinda expected the twist. Muscular Santa isn’t new either. It was nice how he just accepted being called Santa. This episode even with its immature moments was cute! I liked it!

Long Riders!:

Turns out just eating and screwing around wasn’t good. Our team was on a time limit! They had to all pass the finish together. The tactic they used was very clever to make the team so much faster! It was sad when they almost didn’t make it! I was so happy when they won in the end. I wonder if the main character’s sister will join the group. She seems to like riding her bike as well!

Occultic; Nine:

Last episode of this! It had a pretty satisfying conclusion all things considered. They solved everything in the end! It would have been a cooler ending if they used the ability so that anyone could see the dead spirit of a loved one or something. Maybe that’s a bit too fluffy but I would have liked that.

 I give this show a 7/10. Despite its confusing plot at times, it had interesting spiritual ideas to share, a very interesting and quirky cast, and good music! Not the greatest pacing but still a good show! If you like supernatural trippy sort of shows I’d recommend this for you guys!

3-gatsu no Lion:

In this episode, Rei got a bad cold. The whole episode is mostly the family taking care of him. The part with the phone was a bit tense but it winded up being very cute when it got cleared up. The other Mommy figure that came around was cute! The part with the flashback was really adorable! I loved that bit! The next episode will probably be tenser because this was a cute family one. Good episode, though, family ones are already the best!

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Legend Star:

Last episode! Everyone performed and just like I wanted STARISH won and will be performing at the thing they wanted. The other teams weren’t really sad about that, though! I loved the song it was good! STARISH is really awesome! Still, the ending felt very cookie cutter and the reactions to STARISH winning from the other idols were boring and dull as well.

Overall as much as it pains me I give this show 8/10. I normally want to give the Uta Pri franchise a 9 maybe even 10 but this didn’t make the cut. The personalities of our main boys get more and more watered down as the series progresses and they keep throwing the focus on the boring new character’s that no one cares about. The animation also wasn’t as nice as it normally is.

This will be getting another season. After all the resolving of old issues with the Uta Pri character’s I sadly only see it getting duller but I’ll still give them the benefit of the doubt since I love this show so much.

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

This was fun! It was still more banter-heavy and had fewer laughs but they did something interesting! They brought up the bird quote. This is interesting to do and a cool historical callback! The 3 great unifiers of Japan each had their own quote and they use a bird to explain it. Nobunaga’s is “If a bird doesn’t sing, kill it” Hideyoshi’s is “If a bird doesn’t sing make it sing” and Ieyasu is “If a bird doesn’t sing wait for it to sing” I know it’s not a huge deal but pretty cool, huh? I love the Sengoku era haha.

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari:

Last episode of this! Have to say I didn’t expect Poco to leave and pull a sad plot twist! I wanted Souta to be his Dad forever! I guess I should have suspected it wouldn’t work forever. I’m surprised that the other characters didn’t have a bigger reaction. I’m glad Poco is at least still lurking around, though!

 I give this show a 9/10! It was such a nice, heartwarming, story! The music, animation, and characters were also really good and nice! If you like those shows that focus on family, love and nice things you would like this for sure! It’s right up there with Wolf Children and Summer Wars, even though it isn’t as good in my opinion, it’s still really great!


Wow, I have a lot to cover today. They made up for not being around for a bit that’s for sure. First, there was Oscar and it seems that Ozpin is trapped and connected and intertwined with his soul somehow. I wonder what Oscar will eventually go to Beacon and learn to fight. I like him so far so that would be cool.

Then there was Weiss and guys, it’s pretty much confirmed that Weiss’s Dad was abusive. We suspected it for awhile at least I did, didn’t expect her brother to be evil as well. Weiss being so hurt is heartbroken but the fact that she’s already up and ready to fight against her Dad even after only a few minutes is amazing.

Weiss is a strong character and I like her a lot and am proud of her not giving in to fear! The last bit was Tyrian vs Qrow. My question is if Qrow will die. He won’t go with the others to try and get medical attention. The fight scene was really nice though Tyrian is crazy! I wonder if his tail will grow back but either way, that fight scene and the music with it was great!

December 25th, Sunday: 

Hagane Orchestra:

Last episode of this! We got to see them doing more serious stuff this time around I assume doing what they do in the game. It was cool and I liked it but I don’t have much to say at the same time.

Overall I give this show 7/10! This was meant to advertise a game and this did it well! These were really funny and really cute! Especially the more deadpan guy he had most of the funny stuff coming from him. If you want a short nice way to watch a little anime you will probably enjoy this it was well done and funny!

Ao Oni The Animation:

This was funny! Ao Oni should do more stuff like this! It showed everything from the perspective of the monsters. It was funny because in their mind they were getting robbed by an intruder. Technically that is how it went, they did break into a mansion they shouldn’t have been in. This was one of the best ones from this show I did laugh at it!

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance:

Last episode of this as well! We got to see all the character’s reactions to Kohana in a comatose state. This scene was done well and was really emotional I liked that a lot! Obviously, she woke up and everyone lived happily ever after in typical shoujo fashion.

Overall I give this show 7/10. It’s a good pretty average shoujo romance thing. It had some good interesting concepts going for it but the character’s as cute as they were, didn’t really jump out at me like say, Amnesia or Uta No Prince Sama did. Other then that though the show is good and not really resonating with the character’s is mostly just me. If you like shoujo you’ll like this for sure!

December 26th, Monday: 

3-Nen D-Gumi Glass no Kamen:

Last episode of this! I didn’t expect the class to appreciate everything they did that so much they’d all hold roses. Since it’s about modern society I expected a miserable no hope ending. Still, I’m happy with how it went this way! It ended in a good satisfying way.

I give this show 5/10. Even though it was funny on a few occasions, the animation and everything else was pretty much average. I wouldn’t have really missed out on much had I not seen it. If you don’t mind that and think this sort of weird humor is something that you’d enjoy then go for it!


This was a great week! Most of the really good shows have finished their run sadly. The best ones this week would have to be Yuri On Ice, RWBY, and Keijo! They always tend to be my favorite ones almost every single time! My least favorites would have to be Brave Witches. It really got on my nerves what happened in that show.

 I bid you adieu until my next post!

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