#NetflixForBAndT Campaign Call-To-Arms!

In 2016, a leaked photo for the proposed show Baron And Toluca (B+T) made it’s way around the internet. This one photo left the Roswell fandom hungry for more. Soon a teaser trailer was released of the proposed show. B+T isn’t a continuation of Roswell in the conventional sense, but is more of a spiritual successor of the show. The proposed show is created by Majandra Delfino (who played Maria DeLuca in The WB show) and Brendan Fehr (who played Michael Guerin).  The show focuses on Jake Baron (Fehr) and Toluca Mendez (Delfino), former teen actors from an alien sci-fi show, sound familiar? The show though hasn’t found a home yet, but the two are hoping Netflix will pick it up and from there the B+T Campaign began.

The premise of B+T is that when exes Baron and Toluca are reunited as adults, the two find themselves reunited, and forced to work together to solve a paranormal mystery in  familiar part of New Mexico. The two must remain there together, to try and unravel this paranormal mystery threatening to kill them both. That is if they don’t kill each other first…

Fans created a campaign aimed at Netflix to find the show a home, tweeting #NETFLIXforBandT every Saturday for 7 weeks straight and trended number 5 globally, every time. Then the fans kicked up the campaign a notch once the teaser trailer was released. Remembering that online campaigns are often overlooked by companies and that it was fans bombarding the network with Tabasco Sauce that got Roswell renewed. The fans began flooding Netflix headquarters with Tea + Honey. Tea for the “T” and Honey (Bee) for the “B”, and postcards from the show. These packages traveled all around the world to show Netflix that they want B+T on their screens!

Now the next phase of the campaign has begun! In this phase the fans are sending honey infused T-Bags (K-Cups).The campaign has made this one far more cost effective and easy. All you have to do is watch the above video which gives directions on how to send the K-Cups to Netflix through Amazon. This campaign is going for quantity over quality to bombard Netflix with the K-Cups to show them that you want them to bring B+T to your screens.

Instructions From The Video:

  1. Click the link to an Amazon Wish List
  2. Select the Honey Infused K-Cups and click on ‘Add to cart’.
  3. It will take you to another page. Click on “cart”. Now CHANGE the QUANTITY. If you can buy and ship more because remember, the more you send the better!
  4. After you change the quantity click on “Proceed to checkout”. It will then prompt you to sign into your Amazon Account. 
  5. When you “choose shipping address” you will see it has Cindy Holland’s address as the ‘ship to:’ Click on “use this address”. You won’t have to type in her address, because it has already been added to the registry for your convenience. 
  6. Importantly, fill in the Gift Message with something containing the following: 1. B+T, 2. Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino, 3. www.baronandtoluca.com
  7. See example Gift Card text*: Dear Cindy, THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! We want B+T(Get it BEE Honey + TEA!) Starring Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino to be picked up by Netflix! Go to www.baronandtoluca.com 4 more info! Enjoy your Honey/Tea K-Cups!
  8. Now follow with Payment and Shipping options; then click “Place your order.” (international rules and contingencies apply)
  9. Voila! Your order has been completed

*The maximum characters available for the Gift Card is 255. Be watchful of the spaces and lines

Now if you can’t afford to participate in this campaign, but still want to help out, and have Netflix, there is away. This helped fans get a third season of Young Justice, and it is as simple as binging Roswell. Again I know this is not a continuation of Roswell, but it is being sold as the “Spiritual Successor” of the show, and if Roswell is trending on Netflix this will send the message that fans want more of the show anyway they can get it, and B+T is worth the investment. Whether you have Netflix or not you can join the campaign on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc) and use the hashtags #NetflixForBAndT & #KeepBingingRoswell making sure to @ Netflix on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, & Google+, Majandra Delfino on Twitter & Facebook, and Brendan Fehr on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram.

This campaign is not done through Comic Frontline, nor do we have any part in it other than as fans. Kat & I are HUGE Roswell fans, so much so that we recently did a Media Madness Commentating on the Series Premiere & Finale, and I have been reviewing the Roswell High Books.

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