Marvel Teases Summer 2017 Event – Generations!

GENERATIONS – coming Summer 2017

Marvel is at it again, teasing us about the next big event. Marvel took to Twitter with an image, and “GENERATIONS – coming Summer 2017.” Marvel is known to drop these teasers for their events. In recent years they have used these images to promote The Heroic Age, Fear Itself, AvX, Age of Ultron, Infinity, Original Sin, Axis, Secret Wars, Civil War II and even the most recent Secret Empire. The teasers will be more revealing as they come before Marvel makes the official announcement, until then it is always fun to speculate, so….

GENERATIONS – coming Summer 2017.

If you have been watching Frontline  LIVE  for the last few years, I have said that I think Marvel is building up to some kind of generational war, or confrontational. When Marvel started bombarding us with the legacy characters in recent years. Could this be that? I don’t know but would be interesting if it was.

You can expect the Frontline  LIVE  Crew to discuss this and more Tuesday night at 9:30 (ish) PM EST on Frontline  LIVE  140!

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