Hit Points: Unlocked Episode 1 – Resident Evil 7!

Hit Points: Unlocked Episode 1 – Resident Evil 7!

Spinning out of Hall of Toys, the Zone 4 gaming podcast returns! Rebranded, revitalized, and reinstated on Comic FrontlineBrant and Chris return with and they changed up the format and streamlined the content for you. In this episode, they reintroduce the show, talk about a few gaming topics from DLCs to the Nintendo Switch and more! Then, in the first “Unlocked” segment, they discuss Resident Evil 7 and the R.E. franchise as a whole. Before the show closes out Chris shares his initial thoughts on For Honor.

  • Hit Points Archive
  • Reintroductions (past show, what’s changed, specials planned, random schedule, etc.)
  • Nes Classic production ends in May – RUMOR, nothing confirmed
  • Halo Wars 2 no physical disk release (only digital)
  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC for Nintendo Switch and WiiU
  • Resident Evil 7 DLC discussion
  • Unlocked Segment: Resident Evil 7 – Thoughts on game as a whole, in depth.
  • For Honor first impression (promise of an Unlocked segment on it in the near future).
  • Chris has since played For Honor. You can watch the entire story mode on Frontline Gaming Zone
Let us know in the comments here and on Comic Frontline what you think of this 
episode of Hit Points: Unlocked!

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