Bravo’s Weekly Anime Lineup #30

This week’s anime screenshot is Fukumenkei Noise

Post 30 and still going strong! We had a lot of exciting episodes last week! Let’s hope this one is good as well! Maybe even better! Make sure you’re caught up on everything as always and we’ll get right into it! 

April 18th,Tuesday:

Fukumenkei Noise:

This episode was a flashback to Nino’s past. How Momo moved away and all that. Honestly I like the idea of Nino and Momo as a couple more than Yuzu and Momo. Yuzu is kind of irritating to be honest. He is already really jealous and kind of possessive. I can’t wait to see them do more music! This flashback was so cute and heartbreaking as well. I loved the episode and can’t wait for more. 

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka?:

Wow this show wastes no time getting nice and intense. All the girls are basically fairies meant to wield weapons. Including the older ones. The blue haired main girl seem questionable though. I’m not sure if she’s like them. She doesn’t seem to be. Her and main guy already have something going though. I love all the character’s. The scene that really made my jaw drop was the part where the kid fell down the cliff. How they didn’t even care when they got injured, even the person who got injured didn’t care! This was an awesome episode I can’t wait for more! 

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine:

This episode was great! Honestly it made me upset but it was still good. I love the older tough one. He really is the biggest sweetheart. I want 7 of them. I don’t think he needs any training he makes a good leader. Intimidating enough to look tough for the enemy, but sweet enough to be nice and sweet towards his own people. The sad part was Leonhard. I feel so bad for him he really deserved better treatment. I love how encouraging the tutor was. If it were me, I’d feel so much better if I were him. This was a great episode, it struck a nice emotional core. I loved it a lot it was very enjoyable and I can’t wait for more next time! 

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku:

This episode was Natsume helping another yokai as per usual. It was really sweet, and so sad and sweet when they found each other. The two yokai were really adorable. The other nice thing was seeing all of the main yokai. I love all the other yokai so much, and seeing them again was really nice! I love this show it was awesome! I can’t wait for more next week! 

April 19th, Wednesday:

Boruto: Next Generations:

This episode featured them doing stuff as punishment. Then one of the kids getting hurt by the whole despair…mist thing? I liked seeing the parent kid interaction the most. Boruto is having tension with his Dad that’s going up. That’ll be interesting when it finally explodes. Then there was the part where both the Dad and Mom got scolded by the kid. That was hilarious. The one that kept making mistakes made me sad, I’m glad they’re being nicer to him now. He was really sweet, I honestly want to hug everyone here. They’re all absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to get to know them better! 

Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism:

This episode had the main guy up against another one of the 5 swords. The blonde lost because…he didn’t grope her to get the stamp? That means he’s a good person ergo he passes? This show is a mess to be honest. Do these girls ever even SEE men? They freak out at the smallest male related things. I rolled my eyes hard at that. Obviously he’ll win against them all. The most interesting thing are their weapons mostly. It was an OK episode I suppose. I do look forward to seeing what the other girl’s do and how they fight. Still the show is kind of bland.

Room Mate: One Room Side M:

This episode featured the more stoic guy. Turns out he’s into climbing. That’s a hobby I’ve never seen before in an anime so kudos to that. It was really boring and dull beyond that. They just sat around and talked. You or the character that is you, doesn’t even have much involvement in his decision until like the last 30 seconds. It was bland and uninteresting. I didn’t like it much. The other one was better at this concept for sure. 

April 20th, Thursday:

Clockwork Planet:

They all met. It started with them trying to attack each other. Now that? That was cool as hell. They all know the issue now and are going to work together. Of course the robot has a cool transformation. We’re going to see her fight! I love her alternate color palette! I loved this episode the most for it’s action parts. It was a good one definitely! I enjoyed it a lot! I can’t wait to see them succeed, but I hope the robot doesn’t die at the end! 

Renai Boukun:

This episode was actually slow and boring. God there wasn’t really a new couple or anything. It had a few jokes that were funny. In tone, they kind of remind me of Konosuba. The sister is in love with the brother which is weird. I didn’t like this very much at all. It was kind of dumb honestly. I would skip this, but a new character at the end shows up, I assume the stuff that happened will be important to the plot later on. I hope it get’s more interesting because with the exception of episode 2? This kind of sucks. 

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭:

This was pretty fun! It focused a bit more on the writer this time. I definitely love her the most. I guess I just relate to her more. It was funny when they followed her around and stuff. I think the episode they showed last season was better. The one where it was deeper emotionally. The interesting part is the rivalry that’ll definitely start. I didn’t know that one girl was the brother of that guy! I think this season will be them competing to make the better game! I can’t wait to see how this all goes! I liked this episode a lot for sure! 

April 21st, Friday:

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa:

This episode was a bit more laid back. Makes sense because nothing really happens with them in the original. The part with Aiz and hieroglyphs was really cool. We saw the other characters in their party. The shopping part was probably the cutest. The main character of the show, or at least the one we’re learning about everyone through is Lefiya. It’s cute how she thinks she needs to earn Aiz’s approval. It is sad, though since Aiz seems to like her, just has a hard time expressing it and all. I love how this ties into the original so much, I’m so glad I watched it before this started! A good episode  for sure, I can’t wait for more! 

Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai:

Oh wow this really is almost porn. I did not think it would be when I started reviewing it, but a commitment is a commitment ahahaha oh boy. 
Well I am worried for this girl. Lucifer says she is owned by her, but I don’t see this. Especially since she can apparently control her body and make her strip and jump into water against her will. The whole tentacle part was going to happen. Anyone with eyes knows that just by looking at that series. Envy is annoying to be honest. I expected I’d like her more, but she’s like the world’s worst younger sister. Lucifer also forgave her really fast. I wonder who the gas mask girl is. I am interested and this episode was fine. I wish it wasn’t so skeevy constantly. I was hoping for something more like a real series you know? I personally related to poor guy in the elevator who thought that girl was insane. That man is us as viewers. 

Nobunaga no Shinobi: Ise Kanegasaki-hen:

This episode was OK. It didn’t have a lot going on honestly. It was funny in a few parts. I think the part with the dude crushing on Kichi getting sent off was funny. I loved that part. There were some other chuckle worthy bits, but less then usual! Still definitely worth the watch, since a new character was introduced at the end. I look forward to what happens with him next time! 

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul:

This is going to be cool! It was a build up episode more! The knight from the show before is having doubts, now that he saw what the rag demon was talking about. They are going try and lure him out, and he showed up. This will be an awesome fight, especially considering that the dragon girl is coming. The boy that showed up to arm wrestle her is interesting as well. I can’t wait to see more with him! This was a great episode and I’m more then eager to see what happens next! 

April 22nd, Saturday:

Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season:

This featured yet another face off. Midori is getting serious and I like it! Though it is true, that everyone in this class is technically the enemy. The girl is always cute and nice no matter what it seems. Him and the fire and ice guy are now face to face it! They are going to duel it out , but they ended the episode right at the most suspenseful parts! It is really cool, though! I love the robot looking girl! I can’t wait to see more of her! This was a great episode, and I shall eagerly wait for next week! 

BanG Dream:

The final episode! No surprise it featured them performing at the place they wanted! It was a pretty happy cheerful end all things considered. It also ended saying that they would perform again. That opens it up to the possibility of a second season. I wouldn’t mind that! This was a cute show to me! 
I give this show a 7/10! It’s animation and art was pretty nice! The character’s were cute and pretty fun to follow, though a bit bland. The plot was nice though it moved along at a slower pace a times. There are better music anime out there, but this is a good one worth checking out! I do recommend you do! This was a fun ride for sure! 

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2:

This was so amazing, where do I begin. The whole entire tower fight was awesome! Especially when they got inside, and had to fight them with nothing but the things they had, and tiny knives. My question is why they don’t bring the equipment everywhere at this point. There is danger in WALLS in this universe! You should freaking tie a knife to your arm or some crap! When the titans make sound it’s creepy as hell. I think everyone is starting to figure out there is more to the titans then everyone thought. I look forward to everyone’s reaction since I know what’s up. 
I would like to point out, that Ymir’s titan form looks a lot like one in Reiner’s flashback. I think that will most likely be addressed. I’m excited to learn more about Ymir and what happened before. The scene where those two died made me upset, though. I loved them both especially the girl. God really is cruel not to at least let the guy have a drink before he died. A great episode! I can’t wait for more! 

Granblue Fantasy The Animation:

So turns out the two cool animal looking ones? They’re the enemy. The fight scene with them was cool, but I am a bit dissapointed. I wanted to like them, I still do but now I won’t get to see them as much! Some more intense stuff is coming up for this fight, they’re going to have to step in and release full power. Especially after seeing all these people in danger. I can’t wait to see that! This was a good episode for sure, and I look forward to seeing what happens next! 


This episode was more relaxed. I do agree about what that dude said. About creators just being regular people We’re just people with individual talents that make us great! That’s a good thing! They were also trying to experiment with stuff in the apartment mostly. As a creator myself I can confirm, arguments with my characters. This series really hits home that way. The conversation the main girl had with the main guy was nice as well. I’m interested in who the villain was talking about, and why the magical girl was watching her. Do they know each other? Either way I am excited for more! 


This episode featured yet another new character. She is obviously their rival and makes another manga that sells really well. It was funny in some parts! I think the beginning part was the best and the brother’s reaction to it. The incest bits are still super uncomfortable though. Still it was better then last week, so I can’t really complain. It was pretty good all things considered. Hopefully the rivalry goes to an interesting place. 

April 23rd, Sunday:

Alice to Zouroku:

This was a distressing watch. I have trouble being brought to tears by TV shows, but this got me really close. That is definitely impressive. The whole hand things are creepy. It’s sad how they break this little girl’s heart out like that. It’s also the sweetest thing that this Grandpa does want her in this family, even if he doesn’t say it loud. It was so sweet that whole last part when he was in the car with her. They have such a great relationship! The Granddaughter is also cute as well and makes it even more heart wrenching. This new woman with powers should be interesting. I think there will probably be at least one for each color. I look forward to seeing what happens next and this was episode was great! 

April 24th, Monday:

Little Witch Academia:

This episode featured Akko unlocking another word, and character development on her part! Lotte has really cute family! I didn’t know becoming a bush was a possible witch illness, though. Either way seeing Akko loosing patience was really funny. The long stretches of silence while she waited really added to it, giving it a funny effect! It was cute seeing her with the Abominable Snowman. I’m not sure if this was a Christmas special or not. I mean Santa appeared, can you blame me? Either way this was an awesome episode! I can’t wait to see Akko unlock the other words! She did well this episode, for sure! 

Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho:

This episode focused more on the beast people, then witches. I know that whole urge to eat people thing will come up. Bet you anything now that the witch girl and the beast guy are close, at the end he’ll try and hurt her. The defeating of the wolf guy and them rescuing the girls was cool! I liked that part. The witch girl’s new outfit was cute, and I love the bond she is forming with the beast guy! The last scene was funny as well! Overall I enjoyed this episode a lot! I think it’s my favorite thus far! 


This was an awesome week! I liked a lot of what came out! My favorites were Attack On Titan and Little Witch Academia, a bunch of others came close to the favorite part though! The worst this week for me was Roomate and Renai Boukun! I hope you enjoyed this! I would like to apologize for my posting these always being slightly late recently! I’ve been busy with my own personal projects and some other stuff! I hope actually being a bit earlier this time makes up for it!

I bid you adieu until my next post! 

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