Bravo’s Weekly Anime Lineup #33

This week’s anime screenshot is Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism!
Wow! This anime season is odd. Some anime is going by really fast, other ones are still not past the halfway mark yet! Either way this should be a really exciting week! Let’s get right into it! 

May 9th, Tuesday:

Fukumenkei Noise:

This was really cool. Momo seems a bit different from the typical cold guy. The part where he cried actually made me sad. I love Alice’s berserk singing more then her normal one to be honest. It’s really intense and emotional. It feels more real and helps me connect better. Spiral was still the best song, though. Momo still really cares really but can’t express it. This was a character flaw executed way better then another show :Cough: Roomate :cough cough:. This was a great episode for sure I enjoyed it! 

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?:

Oh wow this was awesome. First things first. The villain thing that the main girl is hearing in her head. It’s creepy and reminds me of Madoka Magica which I appreciate immensely. Them fighting is really cool I love the fairy wings. I’m surprised they didn’t help that girl immediately. The other member from the place he was at before is adorable. The last scene where he got hit made me laugh harder then it should have, though. A great episode! I loved it a lot for sure! I can’t wait to see more of the main guy and what’s going with that. 

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine:

This was my favorite episode thus far. Not even kidding. One of the brothers working out in public was so cute. He is a pretty nice looking waiter and does a very good job. If I were his Dad I’d be proud. I was sad when I thought he may have to quit. Thankfully everything worked out. It also winded up being great character development wise. I love the whole father/son bonding thing and forgiveness in this episode. It was really sweet I liked it a lot! The dude following them is hot but god why did he have to be the bad guy. That saddens me. I sense angst and more stuff coming as well. This is going to be awesome. This was awesome and set us up for much more awesomeness. I can’t wait! 

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku:

Natsume did solve the issue at the house! Those yokai who wanted in were creepy right up to the end. Natsume is really powerful. That’s becoming more and more clear. The really interesting bit is the fact that the other guy may turn on him. It seems like they’re plotting to steal the book of friends. That makes me wonder. Will the guy with the black hair become more of an ally instead? Some more intense stuff is coming soon for sure! The whole story with the yokai and the person who could see them before was sad, and so well done! It made me tear up a bit. This is definitely a good one and serves as a great set up of what’s to come! I can’t wait for more! 

May 10th, Wednesday:

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:

In this episode they fight the teacher. This opens up some interesting stuff. This is the hardest time they’ve had with someone possessed by this weird black mist. The transfer student is definitely the secret bad guy. That weirdly powerful jutsu? The way he talks? It’s all a dead giveaway. It might even be cliche to a degree. The teacher was forgiven and everything was worked out. Now Naruto is going to work to find out what’s going on with everyone. This means more time away from his family which I’m sure will just create more tension in his household. Mostly between him and Boruto. I look forward to more and this was good! 

Room Mate: One Room Side M:

This was interesting. It featured the boys doing cute things to be honest. That’s it. Each one doing one cute thing. It was cute I’ll admit but when it comes to plot, it leaves a lot to be desired. That cake thing that got sent to them looked delicious though. Of course we have the cliche “RELATIONSHIPS ARE BANNED” cliche. If I had a nickel for everytime I was screwed over by this plot device. I wonder how this will go. (Spoiler alert: It’ll be cliche and this was fine. Just fine. Nothing super good or bad. Just fine. It just barely was above average. Barely.)

Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism:

This was actually kind of funny. Still pissed me off a bit though I will admit. I don’t like these girls. I think they’re awful people and to a degree remind me of people I’ve met in real life. That green haired girl is the biggest bitch! To be honest the short chick is the most interesting character thus far. She acts the least like a typical trope and actually has personality. I appreciate that. The girls are awful to this guy, though. I hope he can escape this place it’s awful. The whole part with the bear was funny. The screenshot made me laugh so hard, just it’s delivery was flawless. This was in some ways better then usual, and in some ways worse. It was fine I suppose! 

May 11th, Thursday:

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭:

This episode focused of Eriri our artist! The whole episode takes place over long distance because she’s away. Writer girl was so sadistic this episode that’s for sure. This whole flashback thing was really sad. I am worried about Eriri they captured the “Something is very wrong” and building tension vibes very well in this episode. It’s sad she seems to feel like an inadequate artist. She is really good from what we’ve seen. I hope she’ll be OK this was sad. She needs comfort instead of just yelling like last time. This was really good, I enjoyed it! 

Renai Boukun:

Here we have the beach episode because it’s obligated. Everyone was here and not even kidding they fought a penguin monster. Now even the pink haired girl is a bit irritating. She’s more fun when she’s seriously about to kill you to be honest. The most cool character here is the main guy’s sister. Without the incest she’d actually be relatable and kind of cool. There was also a thing with ghosts. That was kind of cool I guess? I dont know this series is very meh to me. It was a fine episode I suppose. It was pretty good at some points, but other times it was cringy. 

Clockwork Planet:

In this episode we mostly follow the blond chick. She thinks the robot and the boy are dead. She cries a few times but only a little. Everything kept going wrong for this poor girl. I felt so bad. It was good when it was revealed they were still alive. I knew they would be. They are going to need to fight that robot again. They also have stuff they need to do to save everyone. I look forward to all the stuff coming. This was more of a setup episode. It was good, though! I liked it a lot and it was nice for character development especially! 

May 12th, Friday:

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa:

This was really cool. The red head knows some things. She has a history that is a secret. It will probably be discussed more. I should have suspected she was the one that secretly was going to be the serious take no shit one. That fight with Aiz and that red head girl was awesome. I want to know more about Aiz’s past and how is connects with this redhead. 
I do want to see what she’s like snapped. That will be interesting. My theory right now is that the girl, is the daughter of the guy that took her Mom away. This fight will be awesome. The fight at the beginning was really awesome as well. Overall this was great and I enjoyed it a lot! 

Nobunaga no Shinobi: Ise Kanegasaki-hen:

This was funny. I’m surprised the dude they were parodying wasn’t like the Xavi guy from Sengoku Basara. It was someone entirely different I think. It was funny, though. The best part was Nobunaga eating the sweet food. The preacher dude meeting the shogun was funny as well. This was good! I look forward to the next characters they will show, the ones in the picture at the last part! I’m sure the next episodes will be good a well! 

May 13th, Saturday:

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul:

This was really cool! I think the main girl is learning how to control her ability much better now. She didn’t turn even though she was with a boy she liked. He has a positive effect on her clearly! On the other hand, though the demons are preparing for something big. I don’t know why everyone is so surprised when they revolt. What did they think they’d just accept being slaves? I don’t know if she’ll go along with the plan to use her dragon form, though. It was also funny that one guy being overprotective before the date started. This was definitely a fun watch! I liked it a lot! I can’t wait for more! 

Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season:

Turns out that guy’s quirk is not exactly freezing people! It’s actually mind control. They explored a really interesting concept with this new character, I winded up loving him a lot! Deku has improved and I’m excited to see him get the hang of the quirk without injury. He’s already starting to do so well. Then there was the fire and ice guy. I feel so sad for him. In the end he used his father’s quirk to free that one guy from the ice, even though he didn’t want to. That saddened me to see. It was so strong to see him take a stance like that. He’s such a sad character deep down and it shows. This was a great episode, lots of character development going on between the awesomeness. I can’t wait for more! 

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2:

This entire episode was a fight with all the titans. Eren Titan and the rest of the survey corps vs Colossal and Armored Titan. This episode without a doubt was awesome. I love how Reiner and Bertolt care for each other so much. Like I knew they were the traitors but I still love them. I wonder if their hometown is a hometown of titans? They are titans after all. The last part looks scary. Eren is so screwed if that goes the way I think it might. I do love how Bertholdt will protect Reiner so fiercely though. This was great and I can’t wait until next week! 


The best part of the episode was by far the fight towards the end. The new character was also really cool, I like her. It was funny how she just watched on the sidelines as everybody fought. She’s really strong as well, I think she’s more antagonist like but I admire her a lot. I think all the fictional characters are now here in one place. The magical girl is about to show everyone, though. Go Godoka on everyone’s asses. I can’t wait for that. I do wonder why the main guy didn’t mention what he discovered. If it were me I would have. Though I guess it’s needed to stretch out the plot so I’ll accept it. This was a really good episode for sure I enjoyed it! 

Granblue Fantasy The Animation:

This was so cute I liked it. The little girl and the big mage they rescued was the best part. They have such a cute father and daughter relationship! The whole backstory was nice and everything in the present was as well. Now she is going with the gang as well. I don’t know why they don’t being the big guy along. He’s big, tall and powerful! Why the hell not? I guess he has duties there and everything but still! Either way this was a good episode. I enjoyed it! 


With that ladies and gentleman the show has completely lost it’s every loving mind. It’s gone straight into creepy territory. I will be fair, though. I love the parts where they show the business. The new character is also really cute and I like her. I hate that there are so many potential love interests and they only want that whole sister thing. It’s so ridiculous! I loved the part in the beginning where the bookstore girl and the girl with the orange hair fight. That was funny to me. The creepiest part was the blindfold bit. I didn’t like that. I guess this was mostly good and not as bad, though? It had some enjoyable parts definitely and I enjoyed it enough! 

May 14th, Sunday:

Alice to Zouroku:

This episode featured Sana getting accustom in the human world. It was a very cute episode. It was very slice of life sort of episode. Still it was really awesome. She looks adorable with the bob cut! There was also the part where she got adopted that was the best. There is still someone watching them, though. It could get really bad since it’s been so nice lately. I’m glad she can still use her powers and the grandpa doesn’t really get mad at her for it anymore. This was beautiful I loved it a lot! It has so many cute bits, I don’t even know how to cover it all here! Definitely go see it for yourself! 

Idol Memories:

The last two episodes! The lady that was the boss softened at the end of episode 11. I have no idea why she did it seemed sudden. This was good and of course both groups had success like they wanted. Still I don’t understand why they were targeted specifically, it didn’t make any sense. If they wanted to bring down that school, why not target everyone? Still it was good seeing them jump through all obstacles and despite everything win the success they deserved! 
Overall I give this show 7/10. It had cute characters, nice art and the plot moved at a pretty good pace. The music was fine and captured the mood just fine! I would have rated it higher but due to the length of the show, it didn’t have the ability to blossom to it’s full potential. It led to the characters being cute, but not as well developed as it should be. The world building isn’t as good as it could be either. Still, it’s worth checking out! 

May 15th, Monday:

Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho:

This was really cool. That dude is clearly the bad guy. I hate him. He is a manipulative person which makes him even worse then most other bad guys. What he did to the beast guy was terrible. It’s understandable that he would still have doubts. The way the episode ended makes me sad. The way he’s forcing everyone to submit his ways is bad I can’t wait to see the beast fallen come back and kick his ass like he deserves! He may be able to stop other witches, but he can’t stop an animal from pouncing on him! He makes me so mad! I know he’ll just use that magic book for himself! It’s for a greater good my ass! Good episode but boy was it anger inducing! 

Little Witch Academia:

Today we got something a long time coming, learning more about Diana and her background. She’s leaving school to become the air of the family. Akko doesn’t want her to and in typical Akko fashion goes off to bring her back. She somehow winds up hitchhiking with the guy she totally doesn’t have a crush on. That was sarcastic of course. Diana has had a difficult life. I do see what the servants mean by her being kind. She clearly does care, but has a tough love way of showing that to people. 
I hope Akko helps her with her awful Aunt! She is being just completely greedy and doesn’t care about anything but money. I bet she has even worse motives as well. Diana also knows about the words which is interesting. I think she’ll wind up joining Akko in the friend group after this little Cavendish adventure personally. Either way this was awesome and I look forward to more! 


This was a great week! I enjoyed so much it had to offer! My favorites this week were Little Witch Academia, Alice To Zouroku and The Royal Tutor! My least favorites were Renai Boukun and Room Mate! 
I bid you all adieu until my next post! Thank you so much for reading! 

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