Bravo’s Weekly Anime Lineup #41

The Summer Anime Season is upon us! We will be introduced to more shows and continue the wonderful ones that started already! As always make sure you’re caught up, and we’ll get right into it!

July 4th, Tuesday:

Koi To Uso:

This is going to be really cool. This first episode was amazing. This is going to be a very interesting and unique romance drama show. Basically in this show couples are chosen by the government to fight the falling birth rate and it’s the norm in Japan now. Love that isn’t chosen by the government is forbidden. It has a very interesting social commentary bend, because it makes you wonder how it would work if Japan actually did this. What if one person in the couple is abusive towards their partner? What if one of them dies prematurely. Is it moral and ethical to do this, even if the kids come out stronger and smarter? What would happen to the LGBT community? Would there be underground gay dating or something? These are just a few things that popped into my mind. 
The main guy is adorable. Already they make him a sympathetic character that is easy to feel for. The other girl is cute to. The way they met and fell in love may seem mundane, but sometimes that’s just how it works. It’s used to show how true love is spontaneous and natural. The government coming in and being friendly yet forceful and creepy is meant to show the wrongness, despite how nice it seems on the surface. The other girl doesn’t seem bad, but I still am cheering for the main character and the guy he truly wants! I can’t wait to see what happens next. I look forward to it, since this was amazing and very interesting. 

New Game!!:

I’m very happy about this second saga as well! I loved the first season of New Game! Getting to see another one come out makes me happy. This was just a reestablishing episode. We saw all the characters, a lot of bonding moments and a setup for a 2nd game they’ll all be making together. Hence the title! We are also getting hints at new characters which I’m very excited for! Yeah I know, they said they were a small company that didn’t really get new people. That’s bullshit, though and you know it. This year it’ll suddenly be different for the gang and I look forward to that. This was awesome. It was so nice to see everyone again and I can’t wait to see what they think up next! 

July 5th, Wednesday:

Boruto: Next Generations:

Thus the ghost saga comes to and end. We finally got to that fight and it was awesome. Maybe snake guy isn’t such a bad person. I hope not he really is cool. I do wonder who his parents are, I can’t really tell. It also doesn’t help that I don’t know Naruto very well. I should probably watch that soon, huh? Anyway I’m glad the class rep is getting a redemption arc. I actually did like her a lot. I’m glad it seems like she won’t be gone. Will this incident prove to Naruto that Boruto really is more capable then everyone thought? I look forward to more, I loved this it was awesome. I wonder what’ll happen next. It’ll probably be peaceful for a bit, I think. Give the characters a cool down period and the like. Still definitely a good one. I look forward to seeing how life is now that the ghost thing was solved.  

Netsuzou TRap:

I’m a bit surprised! This anime is another shortie! The show itself is only 9 minutes with the opening and ending. I thought this was going to be all controversial and such. I can still see how it would be, though. I have no idea how to feel. All the characters seem cute in their own way. The animation and art is pretty nice. The whole premise is really, pardon my French, fucked up. I feel bad for the boys honestly. I don’t mind that these two girls like each other at all, but it’s so mean for the guys! They both love the girls they’re with or at least seem to thus far! It’ll be so sad if they decide to show them figuring it out. Either way this was interesting. I’m not entirely sure how I feel yet. I am interested, I think it’ll be pretty good! I need more time to form a full opinion on it, though. 

Saiyuuki Reloaded Blast:

This is one of the ones I was honestly really excited for! Me and my friend Niji really enjoy this show. We watched this together today when it was released. I am pleased to tell all of you that this show didn’t change much! It’s exactly how you remember it but with prettier animation. This episode I will admit, was the cruelest it’s ever been to a side character. The only other one I can think of that may rival this was the artist demon from way back. Still we got to see them in action. Their close to where they need to be now! The new villains look really interesting. I can’t wait for more of this this was great. Welcome back into my life Sanzo party! 

July 6th, Thursday:

No anime today! I’m honestly a bit surprised I expected it. Oh well, maybe next week! 

July 7th, Friday:

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan:

Ugh. I honestly didn’t expect a lot of this series and this made me feel like I was right not to expect much. Basically it’s about these priests who go to confirm and see miracles that happen around the world to prove they’re from god. I’m not sure why I chose to review this one, probably because a lot of anime fans seemed to look forward to it. I’m not super into it. The characters thus far aren’t very interesting. They are very stone faced. The mystery is interesting, I guess but this thing is overly religious to me. I do actually like religious themes, but this one might overdo it. A few things happened but it wasn’t very interesting. The end caught my attention, creepy satanic stuff will do it and all. I guess we”ll see what happens. It seems like a mystery show with possible supernatural bends. We’ll see but I’m not into it thus far. 

Ballroom e Youkoso:

This show is going to be cute. I do have a slight problem with the animation. The characters look way too stretched out to me, mostly when they’re dancing. Still I do like watching it. I had no idea there was such a thing as competitive dancing, unless it was some reality show. Still seeing this should be interesting. The main boy is adorable, I hope he is able to have his dream. The show already did a good job of  making me want him to succeed. The love interest is cool as well and the veteran competitive dancers seem like they’ll be cute characters as well. I think eventually I’ll be able to deal with the animation if this show winds up being good. Maybe it’ll be close to Yuri On Ice! I hope it will be quality wise. Go main character! Go off and become a dancer! Hopefully, that won’t give your parents a bad impression of you like it would in America.

Shingeki No Bahumut: Virgin Soul:

This is everything I hoped it would be honestly. We did get to see her home and it’s lovely. It’s such a sweet good place and her Mom is the sweetest person. I love her and it was so sweet how she treated Jeanne like that! It was if she was family already and I adore that. The Grandmother may have been even better! I laughed when Nina picked her up and I was so happy when she turned into a dragon. I should have thought she could do that. I was really confused when she said that she could carry them on her back, though I should have considered that. Does that mean the Mom can do it to, or does the power skip generations? The party back at home is trying to figure things out to and the king is interesting. I didn’t like him, but I wonder if they’ll give him a redemption arc of sorts. Only time will tell what will happen back at home! Let’s hope Nina can do something good to help! 

Shoukoku no Altair:

This show is really interesting art wise! It focuses on a more Middle Eastern area. I’ve never seen a show like that. Plot wise it seems to roll more like a fantasy anime. I don’t mind that and the setting looks really good. The art style also appeals to me as well. So far all the character are interesting and the purple haired dude is a dead ringer for one of my characters. He’s also cute. The main dude is basically what I take is this shows version of a prince or king. He’s going to be leader so it’s up to him to save the day. I hope he does. I feel so bad for what happened to that old man! I hope the characters he meets along the way are cool as well. So far I do enjoy this! Hopefully it’ll continue to be unique and cool. 

Nobunaga no Shinobi: Ise Kanegasaki-hen:

For being before such an important and possibly emotional taxing part, this was actually fun as well. I think they’ll go for something nicer instead of how it actually went down historically. I still love that child she is the cutest. I’m sad to see Oichi upset and Nagamasa not wanting to fight Nobunaga is very loyal and noble. I’m surprised Nobunaga retreating came so early. I felt like he would put up more of a fight. Either way, this was good and I look forward to next week. 

July 8th, Saturday:

Boku No Hero Academia 2nd Season:

This show sadly skipped a week, but that’s OK because it’s back and it’s gorgeous. I cannot express how proud I am of Midoriya. He went All Might! Got the muscles and everything! Probably not as bulky as all might, maybe not at full power but he did it! He can now use his power without it hurting him! I loved seeing all the other internships as well, though. I feel bad for the tiny purple dude, though. Giantess women is just using him as a maid. Still all the other training was really cute. I hope we get to see more bonding moments! 
The bad guy plot, is also thickening though. We saw Hand Guy again (MISSED YOU DUDE) with the assassin guy that pretty much beat the crap out of the one guys older brother. They’re obviously conspiring so they’ll win the attack this time. I look forward to seeing that fight since he seems really strong. This was great and I loved it! I can’t wait for more, especially on the character development angle. 

Sin: Nanatsu No Taizai:

Then we have this show. It was gone for a little while, not sure why but it’s back now. I don’t get why they censored the nudity when nothing sexual was happening. The censor marks were actually more distracting than the nudity would have been in this episode! Not a lot of sexual stuff happened if you ask me. It was more hard to watch, so if it was sexual I don’t see how that would be hot. I think I liked Pride hurting Lucifer and her standing strong the most. 
I hate that girl, honestly I’m glad Pride was punished like she deserved in the end. Lucifer is really merciful all things considered. I’m surprised by the angel, though. I wonder if they’ll show how she looks. Another good scene from this one is when the sins break free and Pride babbles on about her traitorous origins and buries herself. That was good. I think this is one of the better ones from this show. 


New opening! There are 2 more fictional characters in this show! I love the first one introduced already. She is basically supposed to be a date sim/shoujo protagonist and it is perfect and beautiful. I love it to death. The way they’re going to try and win is even more clever. They basically gathered all the creators together and are having them all work on what seems to be an elimination tournament. I guess they think by doing this it may defeat the bad guy, because with humans cheering them on it gives them more power. I am excited to see how that goes down for sure. This one was a setup for what happens next. I loved it regardless, though and can’t wait to see what happens with it! This show really is awesome! 

Hitorijime My Hero:

The first episode of this. Yet another Shounen Ai title. Again there’s still a weird age gap. The couple might be cute but that’s hard for me to ignore! Why do all these shows have that and an attempted rape?! The one dude is a high school first year and the other one is a teacher! Oh well…at least there isn’t any rape…yet. Again, if you ignore it the characters are interesting. I feel bad for the main boy, the no hero statement until he came is so bittersweet. The thing with the cat was really sweet as well. Hopefully, this anime won’t be that gross. I do kind of like it but with the creepiness my hopes for it aren’t very high at all. Oh well…at least it isn’t as bad as Super Lovers is…yet. 

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu:

I still wonder if that rare sword I love from this franchise will appear in this. I saw him on the art for awhile before this was going to be released! Was that just a lie? This one was more of a setup. A lot of it after the big fight was them talking about the things that were going on and the like. Now a ship with passengers on it may explode and they have to stop it, but not everyone knows. It’s going to be cool to see a boat fight? What if the boat is falling apart while your doing it? Wouldn’t that be amazing to see? I can’t wait to see what happens honestly. I look forward to next week! This show is really cool, action wise especially. 

July 9th, Sunday:


The second episode. It basically explained the way the school worked and how this whole class system based on gambling began. I think that this new girl is going to dismantle the system by working her way up, and defeating all these stuck up other girls. I loved seeing her do that, honestly all of them deserve it thus far. The blonde girl, I feel slightly sorry for, but still she needs to be taught a lesson. So it’s fine if she has to deal with this a bit longer. The nail girl gave me flashbacks to Higurashi. I was scared for them a second. Maybe the main girl took it a bit far, making her cry but it seems like it’s all these character’s understand. I can’t wait to see the next stand off, this was good. 


This is more of a set up for the battles to come. Nothing really big happened just yet. We were better introduced to the character’s mostly on the black side. I love Frankenstein the most, guys. Just have to throw that out there. I looked at her and fell entirely in love. All of them are really cute, though. The relationships they have are also really nice. The dude who’s supposed to observe everything was introduced and he’s a cutie, I’ll admit. We also had the beginning of our first battle scene, featuring Saber of course! It looks incredibly promising. I loved seeing all the bonding between members, getting to know the summoners and the people summoned as well. Everything about this show really is incredibly cool! It was a great setup for what’s to come, and I loved this a lot! Fate is awesome! 

Centaur no Nayami:

What an interesting way to kick off this series. We started off with two of the main girls kissing. Huh. It was cute, though. All of them were doing a play and this is how we get introduced to everyone. I liked the way they did it, just throwing the audience in! I like all the characters so far, they’re all cute. I loved learning the lore in this universe as well. My one complaint, is that the lips look a bit weird in this show, especially when they get close up. Other then that, this is going to be a cute slice of life that I look forward to for sure! Nothing can compete with Demi Chan though. Now that was good. 

Princess Principal:

Now this anime has a really interesting look to it. It has an older time setting. It’s not Victorian it’s a bit newer then that since they have cars. The 50’s maybe? The 40’s? Either way I loved it. I was so sad when the boy died, though. I thought him and the cool spy girl might bond more. It has some supernatural stuff going on as well it seems, with the sister and all. When the show gets more action centered, it looks awesome. I will admit when you look at the setting, these girls doing illegal things all while looking moe and cute, looks a bit off and out of place. Still I like this! It looks really cool and I like it. I can’t wait to learn more! 

July 10th, Monday:

Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ:

Yes the second episode! This is honestly one of my favorites this season. This episode told the backstory of the bad guys and showed us their weapon for the first time. She’s going to be interesting when they officially show her. I wonder more about the person who seemed to be with her everywhere in all the scenes she’s in. There was also Chris and her moment. This is the first time she’s had to do something so drastic for everyone’s safety and she’s getting a taste of what she dolled out back then. It’s sad to see her so sad.

I think we can all agree what really stole the show, was Maria, Shirabe and Kirika fought the bad guys, to keep them from summoning that invincible dragon. That was an awesome fight and the new songs were really great. I’m glad they were able to push the limit. They seem to be on the way to discovering a new power as well, with how Maria sparked blue for a second. When Hibiki came and punched the thing it was awesome. The reaction and how mad they were was priceless as well. I loved this episode it was awesome! I can’t wait for more! 

Isekai Shokudou:

This show might be blander then I thought. Basically once a week this cafe opens up to the fantasy realm. Literally all that happened was it focused on two characters coming in, enjoying the food and a lot of comments on how amazing it was. That was it mostly. I’m surprised because I expected it more. It still had interesting characters but if that’s all this show is? This show is going to be a bland thing for sure. Hopefully this is the only episode like this. That’s all I got. 

Koi To Uso:

The second episode! The girl this guy is getting paired up is a tsundere, of course. Thankfully she is actually pretty nice and sweet. Not a complete annoyance like other tsundere characters. She does start to treat the main guy well which is good. He doesn’t deserve to be picked on. The girl he liked before wants this to just be a memory. I think the boy asking about her about it, may be her future love  interest. A lot of attention is on him which makes me think that. I’m surprised the blonde newbie wants him to kiss her again. Has she fallen for him and hopes he’ll get it out of his system? I think she may believe in his idea of love, but I’m not sure. Either way this going to be cool and I liked this.
One last thing, though. The whole arrangement and the parents right there makes me so uncomfortable! I know it’s supposed to be like that but oh my god guys, could you feel that tension! The parents berating him made it even worse, it was so sad! Still I liked this a lot , it was really interesting. 


A good week! I’m enjoying myself a lot! My favorites were Symphogear, My Hero Academia and Princess Principal, my least favorites were the Vatican one and Isekai Shokudou. 
I bid you adieu until next week! 

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