SDCC 2017: Young Justice: Outsiders Panel!

After four years absence Young Justice is back with Young Justice: Outsiders, the third season of the hit show, and they let their presence be known at San Diego Comic-Con 2017!  Our very own Kat Comic Uno is there and broke a lot of the news including images via her Twitter. The panel featured show runners Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti along with character designer Phil Bourassa. The panel started off with a sizzle reel of the first two seasons.

Vietti started with a  joke that addressed the return of the show saying how the time jump between seasons one and two was so successful that they thought they’d try it in real life. He then noted that being on Cartoon Network had some strict standards and practices that limited what they can do and with season three moving to the digital service gives them more wiggle room for sophistication.

Weisman added that they had recorded the first ten episodes with scripts for the first twelve completed while working on another ten. The third season will contain 26 episodes in total. Weisman also noted that Young Justice: Invasion did not end on a cliffhanger before they moved on to some old art that showed early logo and character designs. Weisman and Vietti both credit the fans with the return of the show and reiterated that Teen Titans GO was not the reason Young Justice ended. They are fans of the show and that both shows can co-exist.

Once the walk down memory lane was over the panel upped the ante with some new art that Weisman stated would have cosplayers having to update their looks. The first set of designs showed familiar characters Robin (Tim Drake) with a hood that is reminiscent of Damien Wayne‘s cape. Robin is followed by Arsenal and Blue Beetle both sporting the same costumes they wore in season two. Next up is Kid Flash (Bart Allen) and Static, both having gotten updated looks. Bart‘s costume appears to be a slightly tweaked version of the costume Wally wore in the animated Justice League Vs Teen Titans movie, while Static is wearing a blue vest with jeans and a black top with his familiar logo on it. The final two are Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) and Beast Boy, with Wonder Girl appears to be in her season two costume while Beast Boy seems to have some tweaks to his costume.

The next image featured a trio of female heroes new to the team including Arrowette (Cissie King-Jones) a fan-favorite member of the original Young Justice comic styling a brand new design, she made a civilian cameo in Season 1 when her father was rescued by Green Arrow & Artemis. Next up is Traci 13 making her animated debut in a new costume. The final character is one that we seen only in civilian clothes in season two, Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), who is in a very tradition looking costume, that is true to her comic counterpart.

The final new image showed four of the original members of the team in what appears to be their new costumes. The new looks give them the feel of a covert espionage team. The team consists of from left to right Artemis, Nightwing, Aqualad, and Superboy. The photos shows how each of them have aged but the most apparent is Kaldur, who now has a beard. But we have no Miss Martian, will her absence be explained?

Season 3 of Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere on the still unnamed DC Digital Service in 2018 and will have 26 episodes in total with plans for seasons 4 & 5 if it does well!

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