SDCC 2017: Waid & Samnee Take On Captain America!

During the Secret Empire Panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego today Marvel announced that former Eisner Award-winning Daredevil team of writer Mark Waid and artist Chris Samnee will be taking over Captain America post-Secret Empire with the Legacy renumbering CAPTAIN AMERICA #695!
Alanna Smith,  Marvel Comics Assistant Editor said this is something of a back to basics approach to the character, following the Supreme Leader of Hydra Captain America of Secret Empire, while Mark Waid promises, “it will be the Steve Rogers that we know and love.” The series will continue in the post-Secret Empire world with Captain America going on a road trip

“Steve is kind of tired of being the couch-surfer of the Marvel Universe, he’s never really had a place to call his own other than Avengers Mansion. This is him getting back in touch with Captain America, learning how people perceive Captain America in light of Secret Empire. This is Steve listening to people to find out how they feel about him and what they want from him from now on.”

— Mark Waid

Waid and Samnee are no strangers to “back to basic” approaches for  Marvel characters, the duo first teamed on a critically-acclaimed “back to basics” run on Daredevil, The run earned them both an Eisner Award.

While the renumbering places this as a  Marvel Legacy title, there was no Captain America book listed among the 52 Marvel Legacy titles announced from  Marvel, but the publisher did promise that 53 titles will be launched out of Marvel Legacy #1.  Marvel never announced the 53rd title but with Captain America not being among those 52 titles many us assumed that it would be the 53rd title.

“This series is going to feel like coming back home for a lot of readers.”

— Alanna Smith
Written By: MARK WAID
On Sale: This November

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