SDCC 2017: Black Lightning Panel & Trailer!

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television have been dominating the small screen with hit shows like Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and now Black Lightning they have cornered the market for live-action super heroics in our living rooms and with those shows returning DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television reign has no end in sight. Saturday night they took over SDCC 2017 for the  Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment Screening Block panel featuring both screening of new footage and cast Q&As.

Black Lightning Panel Keynotes:

  • The Series Premieres In 2018
  • Jefferson Pierce Is the Epitome Of What A Black Man Is
  • Black Lightning Will Go Where Other Heroes Won’t In The Community
  • Black Lightning Effects Change Positively From Inward Out
  • James Remar Series Regular As Jefferson’s Oldest Friend & Father Figure Peter Gambi
  • Damon Gumpton Series Regular Inspector Henderson Who Begins At Odds With Black Lightning But Soon Becomes An Ally
  • They Are A Black Family But Their Stories Transcend Color
  • The Biggest Challenge Was To Accept A Black Man Running Around In A Suit #BlackLightningLivesMatter
  • There Is A Balance When Black Lightning Using His Powers & How
  • Their Powers Like Their Race Is Only A Part Of Them
  • The Show Will Not Be Afraid Of Addressing All Types Of Crimes From Police To Black On Black Crime
  • Anissa Is Powerful In Her Right Wants To Follow In Her Father’s Footsteps But On Her Own Path
  • Anissa Is Protective Of Jennifer
  • Jennifer Doesn’t Have Super Powers At First We See Her Develop Them
  • Lynn Pierce Is Jefferson’s Ex Wife And The Glue That Holds The Family Together
  • Black Lightning Is About Accepting Your Power And Your Roles
  • Cress’s Most Dangerous Stunt Was Having To Step Off A Building
  • Black Lightning Was Selected To Be The First Black DC Superhero Show Because Of Its Groundedness
  • Black Lightning Comes From An Authentic Black Male Voice With No Filters
  • Black Lightning Will Give Something To The Conversation & Culture  

Black Lightning Season 1 Premieres On The CW In 2018.

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