Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #24 – Shattered Grid Prelude Review!

Previously in Power Rangers: The Rangers defeat Rita‘s evil Green Ranger breaking the spell and bringing him to their side. Rita teams up with the mysterious Black Dragon who turns out to have been created from the Dragonzord. When the Rangers defeat the Black Dragon, Tommy and Billy are sent to its parallel universe where Tommy never joined the Power Rangers but instead joined Rita conquering the world gaining the powers of both the Green and White Rangers becoming Lord Drakkon. After defeating Drakkon, Tommy and Billy are brought home and inadvertently bring Drakkon with them where he is captured by Promethea, a R&D tech company owned by the 1969 Red Ranger Grace Sterling who keeps him locked up at her facility without informing Zordon or the Power Rangers, but Billy discovers Promethea is  secretly holding Lord Drakkon. What will happen now? Find out next in this review of MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #24!

Shattered Grid Prelude
Written By: Kyle Higgins
Illustrated By: Jonas Scharf
Colors By: Joana Lafuente
Letters By: Ed Dukeshire

The Ongoing Misadventures of Squatt & Baboo
Written By: Ryan Ferrier
Illustrated By: Bachan
Colors By: Triona Farrell
Letters By: Jim Campbell

The issue starts with Rita having Finster tell her all about his monsters. He tells her that he had created fourteen monsters around the world who were sleeper agents of sorts wearing a human disguise and not knowing what they were until activate. He tells her that the Rangers had already defeat four of them. Rita orders him to activate them all and make them grow against his protests. This is a really good look at why Rita is the Empress of Evil, she isn’t the comical headache prone Rita we seen on TV.

At Promethea Billy speaks to Drakkon, who taunts him but only for a moment before the Rangers call him to help with the ten monsters Rita just activated worldwide. The Rangers take on the monsters when Grace arrives in her man-made Zord to help out which doesn’t sit right with Jason. The monsters become unstable due to already transforming prior and the Rangers defeat them. I don’t know what to think of Grace, she seems to really want to help but I think her obsession with being a Power Ranger for a brief time is going to lead her down a dark path.

Billy tells the Rangers about Promethea holding Lord Drakkon and the investigate it themselves. Drakkon taunts the Rangers, especially Tommy, trying to play on his insecurities. Jason and Grace talk in private where Jason once again confronts Grace telling her he can not trust her due to her constantly keeping things from him. Grace tries to reassure him that she was keeping Drakkon there to help the team and that she is doing whatever she can to lighten the weight of the helmet on the Red Ranger. But Jason is interrupted by the others when Zordon summons them back to the Command Center. I really love this scene. The way that Jason is struggling with his role as a leader and Grace is playing off of it shows that she has her own agenda but it also shows why Jason is and always will be the best Red Ranger because he is a leader through and through.

The Rangers speak to Zordon, Alpha 5 and Saba at the Command Center about Lord Drakkon being at Promethea and they sahre their concerns of Rita finding out about him and they team up the way they did on his world. Zordon tells the Rangers to go home and rest as he, Alpha and Saba discuss what they should do with Lord Drakkon. Before he leaves Zordon tells Jason that he understands why he distrusts Grace some but it is his fault because he failed her and her teamin 1969 and now she is determined not to let another team fail.This was a great traditional Power Rangers scene where we see Zordon advising the Rangers, and Jason especially but doing so cryptically allowing Jason to take his words of wisdom but do with them what he will as he is the leader of the team.

Saba who is from Drakkon‘s word knows of the world that he created and what he could do if he were to escape or if he were to team up with Rita in this world decides to go to Promethea to take him out. Saba and Drakkon have a brief conversation where Drakkon plays more mind games as he usually does but this time it works. Saba, fearing what Drakkon would do if he is ever escapes or team with Rita decides he and he alone must end Drakkon now before the dark fate that ravaged his world could be inflicted upon others. Saba blasts Drakkon who maneuvers enough where Saba‘s blast hits a wire that was holding him in space and Drakkon attacks Saba ripping off his head, and use the saber to slice open a portal. This scene was MORPHENOMINAL! I mean come on this is why Lord Drakkon is so feared, he isn’t Tommy, he is evil through and through and you can see that in this scene perfectly, and now due to Saba, Lord Drakkon is loose!

WOW this is how you kick off an event! I am so pumped for Shattered Grid! Higgins has been crafting one of the best Power Rangers stories ever, on screen or off. The creation of Lord Drakkon could only get better if they actually include him and Shattered Grid into the 25th Anniversary episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel! The art is great also, while not as detailed as I usually prefer, and the characters look different than their on screen counterparts, I really dig it. I think it add the perfect ambiance for the tone of the story.

The back up story with Squatt and Baboo is fun, and harkens back to the campy fun of the series. While I enjoy that throwback, it does feel out of place in the world that Higgins has created. I hope they pause the story for Shattered Grid.

I give this an over all of 4 1/2 out of 5 Power Bolts!

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