Top Panels of the Week – 2/28/18

Comic Frontline is starting a new segment where the crew picks their Top 5 comic panels from the week, and then you guys get to vote below which panel was your favorite. In next week’s post I will announce the winner from the poll.

Fan Panel Pick From Last Week – Super Sons #13 – Insult Denied Short Round!


5. Go Go Power Rangers #7 – I’ve Been Stuck On The Moon!

The series’ drama is at a peek with the prelude to “Shattered Grid” and the return of the real Matt. I love that he just crashes the dance to tell his whole class that he has been stuck on the moon. I hope we get to see the reaction of classmates like Bulk and Skull for the outsiders point of view.   

4. Go Go Power Rangers #7 – Pink Is Her Color.

Matt knows his girl, even if it’s not the real Matt, but everyone knows Kim loves pink. 

3. Detective Comics #975 – Scars….

This issue explores the emotional scars Kate has gathered through her life to make the decision to kill Clayface. This is such a striking visual to see her physical scars as she processes her actions.  

2. Spider-Gwen #29 – What’s Justice? 

Gwenom has been such an interesting character piece for Gwen. All her life she knew right from wrong. She learned what the meaning of justice was from her police officer father, but with this arc she questions the very foundation of her moral compass.

1. Detective Comics #975 – The Bat Family.

I love that Batman brought the core Bat Family together to discuss the fate of Kate Kane. These are the only people who have a chance to get through to Batman.  


1. Detective Comics #975 – You Can’t Take Kate’s Bat



5. All-New Wolverine #31 – Want Something From The Vending Machine?

Gaby & Deadpool Gettin’ a Soda… and Some Vengeance?

4.  Detective Comics #975 – Bat Family Assembled!

Together again, and Barbara’s there!

3. The Terrifics #1 – Oh, Terrific!

Plastic Man eats the team!

2. Avengers #682 – It Never, Ever Dies!

Banner Hulk returns!

1.  Action Comics #998 – Booster Shot!

Booster Gold saves the day!


5. Black Panther #170 – Damsels & Champions!

I am not a fan of Coates’ Black Panther, but man does he get Storm and T’Challa right. This is how they should be equals, and partners. I also love a trope flip.

4.  Despicable Deadpool #295 – Pryde Of The X-Men!

COME ON!!!! Pryde of the X-Men had me grinning from ear to ear, I loved the throw back to the original 80’s X-Men pilot that went nowhere. Not just that but look at her, Kitty is just bad@$$!

3. Detective Comics #975 – The Bat Eye Roll!

I just love these two and I love Babs’ line about how the eye holes in her masks are not big enough for the eye roll his comment deserves. LOL This is just an awesome Babs and Dick scene. Instant classic!

2.  Action Comics #998 – Alfred & Jarvis!

I loved this scene, so small but so much fun. I love it when a comic can cross companies for these little Easter Eggs for us fans. Two of the most beloved supporting characters for the price of one.

1. Detective Comics #975 – Phantom Scars!

No words, and none are needed. The scene speaks for itself and is so powerful! Seen Kate there with her physical scars while a new metal and emotional scar haunts her. I also like the way this issue shows that female superheroes have scars too, so much we see Batman’s but we rarely see anyone of the women’s and here Kate’s scars are laid for all to see both sets.


5.  Damage #2 – I’ve Lost A Lot Of Blood

This panel shows how much blood  giganta loses after Damage punches right through her hand. Man that has to be a mess.

4. Avengers #682 – He’s My Brother 

I love this scene as Clint rubs it into Sam Wilson saying hey I didn’t kill Red wolf he is my brother and he will be back.

3. The Terrifics #1 – What’s Wrong With You?

Plastic Man takes the show in the entire issue but when Linnya says where she is from and Plastic Man answers back is that in Eastern Europe had me dying then Rex saying whats wrong with you had me crying.

2. All New Wolverine #31Zombie Squirrel Kabobs!

Deadpool holding up squirrel kabobs had me dying.

1. All New Wolverine #31 Want Something From The Vending Machine?

Killer sloth on the loose as Gabby and Deadpool wait for their in pending doom they decide to stop and get a soda from the vending machine.

The entire issue was hilarious and all of these panels could have made my top 5 but I just wanted it to be fair. But with this panel he had me laughing with a killer sloth going to attack Deadpool, Jonathan, and Gabby

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Top Panels of The Week – 2/28

Go Go Power Rangers #7 – I’ve Been Stuck On The Moon
Go Go Power Rangers #7 – Pink Is Her Color
Detective Comics #975 – Scars…
Spider-Gwen #29 – What’s Justice?
Detective Comics #975 – The Bat Family
All New Wolverine #31 – Want Something From The Vending Machine
Detective Comics #975 – Bat Family Assemble
The Terrifics #1 – Oh Terrific
Avengers #682 – It Never, Ever Dies
Action Comics #998 – Booster Shot!
Damage #2 – I’ve Lost A Lot of Blood
Avengers #682 – He’s My Brother
The Terrifics #1 – What’s Wrong With You?
All New Wolverine #31 – Zombie Squirrel Kabobs
Detective Comics #975 – You Can’t Take Kate’s Bat
Black Panther #170 – Damsels & Champions!
Despicable Deadpool #295 – Pryde Of The X-Men!
Detective Comics #975 – The Bat Eye Roll!
Action Comics #998 – Alfred & Jarvis!
Detective Comics #975 – Phantom Scars!

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