Top Panels of the Week – 3/21/18

Comic Frontline is starting a new segment where the crew picks their Top 5 comic panels from the week, and then you guys get to vote below which panel was your favorite. In next week’s post I will announce the winner from the poll.
Fan Panel Pick From Last Week – Vampironica #1 – Vampire Veronica


5. The Mighty Thor #705 – The Kiss of Death

A beautiful ending for one of Marvel’s best story arcs in recent years!

4. Cable #155 – Same Scars

I love the imagery here as Hope gains the same scars as Cable.  

3. Runaways #7 – I Came Out To My Roommate

Rainbow Rowell does a really great job here at making the parallel between Karolina’s powers and her sexuality. 

2. The Loud House Live Life Loud – Lori Ships Sam and Luna

It’s canon! The siblings have officially met Sam, and fully support Luna and Sam’s relationship. I hope we get to see them interacting in the show as well. 

1. Go Go Power Rangers #8 – Kimberly, The Ranger Slayer?

Go Go Power Rangers has gotten me even more excited for Shattered Grid! Of course, it’s not official that this is Kimberly until she takes off her helmet, but I can’t wait to learn more about her character. I love the costume design, using Kimberly’s Power Ranger Pink comic book outfit as a templet.  


5. Runaways #7 – B.F.F!!!!

People ask me why I love Molly so much? This is why. Little moments like these where she is just being a normal everyday kid and have a blast with life. That is why I love Molly Hayes, she loves life!

4. Damage #3 – Squeeze Harder!

I love it when Wonder Woman shows why she is the Warrior Princess! Look at her in the face of death she does not beg for mercy she tells Damage he needs to do better than that. I love Diana in this mode!

3. Super Sons #14 – Super-Ninja-Jedi-Boy!

What 10 year old boy wouldn’t want to be a Super-Ninja- Jedi- Boy? I just love this friendship. This is what I love about DC they have Superman & Batman, Supergirl & Batgirl, Power Girl & Huntress, Superboy (Conner) & Robin (Tim), and now Superboy (Jon), and Robin (Damian) and not one of their friendships are the same. Each one is unique unto itself and I love that.

2. The Mighty Thor #705 – In The End….

One of my favorite lines from any Superman is when we see Dan Turpin headstone in Superman The Animated Series and Superman says goodbye to Turpin and says, “In The End, The World Didn’t Really Need A Superman, Just A Brave One.” This scene invokes that for me and makes it my favorite Jane Foster Thor scene period.

1. Go Go Power Rangers #8 – Kimberly, The Ranger Slayer?

Come on, did anyone expect this not to be my panel of the week? Just look at that! Kimberly is the Ranger Slayer with her Bow of Darkness and the Gravezord!!!! Noe cue the Buffy theme song…. This is an awesome time to be a Power Rangers fan and next week is going to be INSANE! Avoid the internet until you read Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25! The hype is VERY REAL!!!!


5. Superman #43 – Bizzaroboy Hates Toys!

Bizarroboy playing with Legos and and Transformers in Jon’s Room is pretty awesome!!

4. Injustice 2 #22 – Get A Room

This is something you do not see everyday even in comics. These two need to get a room!

3. The Mighty Thor #705 – The Kiss of Death

The kiss goodbye. NUFF SAID rest in piece Jane Foster.

2. Batman #43 – Batman’s Crazy!

Before I read this panel I wondered myself how did Bruce change into his costume. Then Harley gave me the answer within seconds.  

1. Cable #155 – Like Father, Like Daughter

This was a cool panel to begin with seeing Hope bring in the big guns. And what Kitty says is true Like Father Like Daughter. Hey don’t  I know someone who writes a comic called Like Father Like Daughter?? Hmm.  

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Top Panels of The Week – 3/21/18

The Mighty Thor #705 – The Kiss of Death
Cable #155 – Same Scars
Runaways #7 – I Came Out To My Roommate
The Loud House Live Life Loud – Lori Ships Sam and Luna
Go Go Power Rangers #8 – Kimberly, The Ranger Slayer?
Runaways #7 – B.F.F!!!!
Damage #3 – Squeeze Harder!
Super Sons #14 – Super-Ninja-Jedi-Boy!
The Mighty Thor #705 – In The End….
Superman #43 – Bizzaroboy Hates Toys!
Injustice 2 #22 – Get A Room
Batman #43 – Batman’s Crazy!
Cable #155 – Like Father, Like Daughter
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