Digital Dungeoneers – Curse Of Strahd – Episode 6!

Welcome Adventurers! This is Spidey Queue‘s new Channel Brand Digital Dungeoneers! We hope you enjoy their campaign through Barovia as their group sets sights on figuring out its mysteries and who this cursed Devil Strahd actually is. This is Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), This is Digital Dungeoneers, This is CURSE OF STRAHD!!!!!!

Episode 6 coming at ya! Still working out the audio bugs but the echo goes away withing the first couple minutes! Thank you for sticking with it and with us! Hope you all enjoy the episode! BIG BIG BIG Shout out to the friends at playdiceshop! Check out their site and Instagram on how to get your hands on some of there amazing dice sets! Lets get to 200 subs so we can do that giveaway! This is D&D, This is Digital Dungeoneers, This is CURSE OF STRAHD!!!!!!

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