Frontline LIVE 210: SDCC 2018 F*@# BATMAN!

Every week the Comic Frontline crew unites to do a LIVE Show through Google Hangouts where we discuss the news and comics of the week and have some fun while doing it! This week the crew unites as we discuss all the news from this week Plus Worst Pick, and The Top 5 Comics and, Most Anticipated comics for next week, let your voice be heard in our Weekly Poll  and more! Continue the conversation with us and join the fun on the Frontline Discord!

This Week The Frontline Crew Discuss:

Comic News:

  • New Creative Team for Green Lantern and Relaunch
  • New Creative Team for Wonder Woman
  • New Creative Team for Aquaman
  • New Creative Team for Detective Comics
  • TMNT: Shredder In Hell Limited Series
  • Creative Team for Superior Octopus
  • More Info on Ghost-Spider
  • Spider-Girls Mini
  • Spider-Force Mini
  • Maxi Series to Bridge Star Wars Franchise
  • Daughters of The Dragon, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist Comics
  • Uncanny X-Men Returns
  • New X-Men Books
  • Champion Teasers
  • New Creative Team for Spectacular Spider-Man
  • Saga Takes 1 Year Intermission
Media News:

  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Not Part of Crossover
  • Normals Optioned for a TV show
  • Buffy Getting A Reboot
  • Cloak and Dagger Renewed
  • New DC Animated Movies Announced
  • Stargirl Series
  • Godzilla Trailer
  • The Gifted Season 2 Trailer
  • Roswell Trailer
  • Legacies Trailer
  • Misty Knight & Typhoid Mary In Iron Fist Season 2 & Trailer
  • Arrow Season 7 Trailer
  • The Flash’s Big Bad & Season 5 Trailer
  • Supergirl Season 4 Trailer
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Trailer
  • Aquaman Trailer
  • Shazam Trailer
  • Young Justice Trailer
  • DC Universe Details & Titans Trailer
Comic Book Club 2nd Selection:

Weekly Poll: (Results Will Be Read After The News On Frontline LIVE 211!)

Last Week’s Results:

  • Yes 70%
  • No 30%
  • Other 0% 

  • Worst Picks
  • Top 5
  • Bonus Books
  • Most Anticipated

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