Power Rangers Week – Day 5: Top 30 Ranger Mentors!

Currently, Power Rangers is celebrating 25 continuous years on the air, making it one of the longest-running kids’ live-action series in television history with nearly 900 episodes aired to date. Created by Haim Saban and launched in 1993 with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the franchise celebrates its milestone anniversary year with the 25th season, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel currently airing on Saturdays at 12 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon in the U.S. To mark this Morphinomenal was the first OFFICIAL POWER RANGERS DAY! But I don’t think a day is enough, so here on Comic Frontline, this is POWER RANGERS WEEK! A week filled with my list of Tops such as Top Seasons, Top Theme Song/Intros etc and to celebrate today I will be counting down the best Ranger Mentors!

As previously established, these rankings do not reflect their reflective series. I am taking into consideration their how much they interacted with the Rangers, if they actually mentored them, how much they contributed to the missions etc.

30. Power Rangers Ninja Steel / Super Ninja Steel – Dane Romero

I think I like Dane more for what he could be, but as a Mentor, he wasn’t there, even after he returns he doesn’t show up.

29. Power Rangers Jungle Fury – Master Rilla

The Jungle Fury Masters are pretty much all the same and I will separate them just by my person favorites.

28. Power Rangers Jungle Fury – Master Guin

The Jungle Fury Masters are pretty much all the same and I will separate them just by my person favorites.

27. Power Rangers Jungle Fury – Master Lope

The Jungle Fury Masters are pretty much all the same and I will separate them just by my person favorites.

26. Power Rangers Jungle Fury – Master Phant

The Jungle Fury Masters are pretty much all the same and I will separate them just by my person favorites.

25. Power Rangers Jungle Fury – Master Swoop

The Jungle Fury Masters are pretty much all the same and I will separate them just by my person favorites.

24. Power Rangers Jungle Fury – Master Finn

The Jungle Fury Masters are pretty much all the same and I will separate them just by my person favorites.

23. Power Rangers: The Movie – Zordon (2017)

A Mentor who was once a Ranger has so much potential, but it was just disappointing. Zordon was the ultimate Father Figure for the Power Rangers, but here he was just cold and unfeeling.

22. Power Rangers Jungle Fury – Master Mao

Master Mao was great, but he died early on.

21. Power Rangers Wild Force – Princess Shayla

I love Princess Shayla, but she didn’t really Mentor the team, she was more like the person letting them use her place to meet up. Plus she couldn’t remember things.

20. Power Rangers Samurai / Super Samurai – Mentor Ji

He lied to them all. He knew about Lauren and never told them and when she showed up he didn’t do everything he could to ensure they bonded with her like he made sure they did with Jayden.

19. Power Rangers Turbo – Dimitria

She always bugged me, I mean between her constant questions and her being in Zordon’s tube for no reason since we know, unlike Zordon she can exist out of it.

18. Power Rangers Mystic Force – Daggeron

Daggeron came and served as a Magical Mentor, but I never really got a full Mentor vibe to him.

17. Power Rangers Mystic Force – Udonna

Udonna was an ok Mentor but like Daggeron I never fully got the vibe from her.

16. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive – Andrew Hartford

Again he was an ok Mentor, but I think he always had that “I should be a Ranger” look and he lied to his own son about who he is.

15. Power Rangers Megaforce / Super Megaforce – Gosei

The Dollar Store Zordon. He was a good Mentor, but it always seemed like a Zordon knock off without the fatherly affection. Not to mention his ego, he literally gave the Rangers Morphers that also served as a communication device that looked like mini versions of himself!

14. Power Rangers Dino Charge / Dino Super Charge – Keeper

Another good Mentor but his mystique was too much it kept us from knowing him but is cool that he got to mix it up some and do some fighting.

13. Power Rangers Dino Thunder – Dr. Tommy Oliver

I honestly prefer Tommy and Jason David Frank in Dino Thunder because the show wasn’t about him. It was nice to see a Tommy where everything wasn’t about him. But as a Mentor he disappeared a lot, yes that pun was intended.

12. Power Rangers RPM – Doctor K

I love Doctor K, and all her quirkiness, but her social skills make her lower on the list. A good Mentor has to be able to connect to the Rangers and understand and relate to them, inspire them and Doctor K was more a control oriented do what I say you have no privacy type.

11. Power Rangers Dino Charge / Dino Super Charge – Dr. Kendall Morgan

Kendall suffers from a similar thing that Doctor K does but she fixes up and starts to bond and become more than a mentor with the Rangers, which is why she ranks higher.

10. Power Rangers Turbo, In Space, & Lost Galaxy – Alpha 6

Yes, Alpha 6 I see as the Mentor to the teams because he was far more than an assistant to Dimitria and he helped the Rangers a lot. He was there to talk to them and everything. And yes Alpha 6 was the same Alpha unit used in all three seasons above he just had different voices.

9. Power Rangers Ninja Steel / Super Ninja Steel – Mick Kanic

First, he has such an awesome name LOL. Kelson Henderson the actor that plays Mick also played Boom and both he and Mick are Mechanics, and his name is Mick Kanic…. Get it? But with that aside he is a great mentor to the Rangers but ranks lower due to the focus of him being the mechanic more than the mentor at times.

8. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, & Turbo – Alpha 5

Again yes Alpha 5 is here as well and ranks above Alpha 6 because Alpha 5 got down and dirty with the Rangers and went into the field and was even there for them more. By the way look at the two of them, Alpha 5 has the lightning bolt that strikes to the left where Alpha 6 is straight down and there are other differences too but so many people post pics of the wrong Alpha, they talk about Alpha 5 and post Alpha 6.

7. Power Rangers Ninja Storm – Sensei Kanoi Watanabe

Even being transformed into a hamster didn’t stop Sensei from being the wise mentor to all of his Rangers/Students and even took the Thunder Rangers under his belt. He is their Hamster daddy. I love that little hamster!

6. Power Rangers Jungle Fury – Robert “R.J.” James

We have the father figures, but R.J. is the cool older brother figure. He is the most chilled Mentor.

5. Power Rangers Dino Thunder – Hayley

I admit it, Hayley has a special spot in my heart. I always liked her, she is the cool older sister to R.J.’s older brother. I wanted Disney to make her an American made original Ranger but with one Mentor becoming a Ranger I guess another one doing it was too much. Also, she should be a Dr. as well since she and Tommy met at school and she knows all the dinosaur stuff he does and then some. Would have been cool if she and Tommy had J.J. together it would make sense.

4. Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue – Captain Mitchell

Power Rangers has had father figures and now it also had a father. Captain Mitchell was Dana and Ryan’s biological father but he never let that affect the way he mentored them or the team he became all of their fathers and cared for them as his own.

3. Power Rangers S.P.D. – Anubis Cruger

Cruger is a great Mentor he wasn’t their father figure, he was their commander and he did so with efficiency but he also inspires them.

2. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie – Zordon Of Eltar

Power Rangers pulled a Transformers Movie moment on kids and killed Zordon and it was a great moment I still love it when the Rangers bring him back and heal him. That shows how much he means to them they went to great lengths to bring him back.

1. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo & Power Rangers Turbo – Zordon of Eltar

The one all others are measured against. He died to save all reality. He is the ultimate father figure and I would love for the show or the comic to explore the Rangers dealing with his absence.

Agree with my list? Disagree with it? Keep that conversation going and share yours in the comments below, or on our Discord!

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