Zone 4 #431: What’s Old Is New Again!

Zone 4 #431: What’s Old Is New Again!

What you are about to hear is highly classified. Pay attention and listen at all times…. And most importantly remember: What do you get when you take a young version of a future displaced in time hero coming back in time to kill his past / future self? ’90s nostalgia with a brand new book! This week we have the Zone 4 Crew Brant, Chris and Jay. The crew returns LIVE on Comic Frontline‘s  YouTube Channel for another jam-packed episode of your favorite podcast, Zone 4! This episode: The latest Comic, comic related TV, Movie, and other Media news. Plus, we discuss the viewers suggested topics and questions! Ladies and gentlemen you are now entering Zone 4!!!!

Zone 4 Audio Podcast Episode #431

Zone 4 Notes:

  • New Format
  • Topic/News Time:
    • Henry Cavill Superman No More?
    • DC Universe Launches Three Days Early
    • Vision Series Cancelled Before Launch
    • New Miles Morales: Spider-Man Series
    • New X-Force Series
    • Viewers Topics & Questions 

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