Top 5 Panels Of The Week – 3/27/19

Welcome Comic Frontline‘s Top 5 Panels! This is where the Frontline Six unite to pick their Top 5 comic panels from the week, and then you guys get to vote below which panel was your favorite. In next week’s post, we will announce the winner from the poll.

Fan Panel Pick From Last Week – West Coast Avengers #9 – Jeff is Jawesome!/Humanizing Quentin?


Honorable Mention – Batgirl #33 – Scars

I love the mention of “family stuff” as we get a good view of the scar Babs’ gave James during the Gail Simone’s run.

5. Fantastic Four #8 – Don’t Underestimate INVISIBLE Woman/Transparency!

Sue is a bad ass, and don’t you forget it!

4. Detective Comics #1000 – Cheese/Bat-Family!

Didn’t expect Batman to be the type of guy to say cheese, but what a great double page spread of the Bat Family for this landmark issue.

3. Detective Comics #1000 – Family

Bruce has found his family.

2. Batgirl #33 – Kill Me

I really feel like Babs’ contemplated for a moment killing her brother. I love how the creative team plays with her mask in this scene. Is James the only person who knows the true Barbara Gordon?

1. Snotgirl #13 – Everybody Knows

A pretty big moment as all of Lottie’s secrets are starting to unravel to the public. Lottie can’t continue to hide behind her perfect social media image.


Honorable Mention – Dial H for Hero #1 – Uncle Brant

My first name isn’t that common, so whenever I get to see it in print it’s pretty cool! 

5. Superior Spider-Man #4 – Now Go Be a Hero…

Anna-Maria lays it out for Doc Ock and puts him in his place. Gotta love it!

4. Heroes in Crisis #7 One Punch!/Bang!

Blue Beetle dug his own grave there, so to speak, and Batgirl is just like “Huh.” Haha, love this scene!

3. Heroes in Crisis #7 – Not Good at Superheroing

This whole exchange, from the fight to this scene, was fantastic. It went through a whole range of emotions and was preceded by the previous scene. But this part, where Harley stops and collapses beside Booster and they both admit they suck at this was just a perfect ending for their confrontation.

2. Avengers: No Road Home #7 – Realization

Don’t you just love it when something starts to sink in for someone and you watch as the light bulbs brighten and realization falls across their face? That’s not easy to do in static form like a comic page, but here it was pulled off just right!

1.   Detective Comics #1000 – Cheese/Bat-Family!

The build up of this story was brilliant, and culminating in this group photo was priceless. Call me a softy, I loved it!


5. The Lollipop Kids #4 – Helluva Lot Scarier!

We all know that a parent can be a helluva lot scarier than anything out there LOL

4. Fantastic Four #8 – Transparency!/Don’t Underestimate INVISIBLE Woman

I loved this! Sue is so much more powerful than anyone gives her credit for and she knows sometimes it isn’t a physical punch that hurts the most, sometimes it is the psychological one!

3. Heroes in Crisis #7 – One Punch!/Bang!

I LOVE the one punch scene ever since Ted said it when Batman knocked Guy Gardner out and this one is one of the best! I love how casual she does it too, this was just an awesome scene!

2. Heroes in Crisis #7 – Hickory Dickory Dock…

This is what I love about this event the raw human emotions we see. This is Harley Quinn totally vulnerable breaking down about seeing the person she loves more than anyone, her love Ivy dead. This event is so damn good, love that raw emotion!

1. Detective Comics #1000 – Cheese/Bat-Family!

I love seeing the Bat-Family here even where everyone is positioned, this is just a Batacular panel!


5. Avengers No Road Home #7 – Some Kind of Steel Devil

Poor Vision, the dude just can’t catch a break. He is already dying as it is, Conan’s blow to the side of his face does not help.

4. Superior Spider-Man #4 – I’m Sup…Yes, I’m Spider-Man

Finally, Superior trying not to be an ass, and being more like Spider-Man was a good scene. Here in the next panel he had to tell the little boy his mother died.

3. Shazam #4 – Robo Cop

Eugene calling the referees Robo Cop in Gameland for some reason had me laughing. 

2. Dial H For Hero #1 – Monster Truck

Monster Truck!! OMG WOW, DC are you poking fun at Marvel and Rob Liefeld here?

1. Heroes in Crisis #7 One Punch!/Bang!

One of the best scenes of the series for me in this issue. Barbara punching out Blue Beetle so Harley could get the upper hand was so funny. Come on Blue Beetle! Don’t give away your secret, Barbara didn’t even have to try.

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Top 5 Panels Of The Week – 3/27/19

Fantastic Four #8 – Don’t Underestimate INVISIBLE Woman/Transparency!
Detective Comics #1000 – Cheese/Bat-Family!
Detective Comics #1000 – Family
Batgirl #33 – Kill Me
Snotgirl #13 – Everybody Knows
Superior Spider-Man #4 – Now Go Be a Hero…
Heroes in Crisis #7 – One Punch!/Bang!
Heroes in Crisis #7 – Not Good at Superheroing
Avengers: No Road Home #7 – Realization
The Lollipop Kids #4 – Helluva Lot Scarier!
Heroes in Crisis #7 – Hickory Dickory Dock…
Avengers No Road Home #7 – Some Kind of Steel Devil
Superior Spider-Man #4 – I’m Sup…Yes, I’m Spider-Man
Shazam #4 – Robo Cop
Dial H For Hero #1 – Monster Truck
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