Frontline Reviews For The Week Of May 22, 2019 – War And Conflict!

Join us on the Frontlines with our weekly review roundup. This is where we have assembled to give our thoughts on various issues that are released each week. This week we have Jay, & Justin giving reviews for books from Dark HorseDC ComicsIDW Publishing, and Marvel Comics! Check out the reviews below and let us know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter. Welcome to the FRONTLINE  REVIEWS, hope you enjoy the experience!

Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino
Art By: Michelle Wong
Colors By: Vivian Ng 
Letters By: Rachel Deering
Cover By: Michelle Wong With Vivian Ng 
Price: $10.99

The Earth Kingdom is at a critical point and Team Avatar must make sure the old regime doesn’t resurface. I have to admit, I have been loving the Legend of Korra books, they truly feel like a continuation of the series. I really like the way this book touches on relationships and politics without being a platform for anyone it shows a real-world representation here. My only issue with the story is that it isn’t new-reader friendly if you didn’t watch the series and trying to get into the world this book opens up in the middle of it. The art here is really well done and feels like the show, but just a dash more “animated” than the show itself. Overall if you are a fan of Legend of Korra this is a perfect continuation of the series. ~ Jay @ComicBookTheate

Verdict: 4 ¼ Stars

“Leviathan Rising Part 5” 
Written By: Brian Michael Bendis
Art By: Steve Epting
Colors By: Brad Anderson
Letters By: Josh Reed
Cover By: Steve Epting
Variant Cover By: Francis Manapul
Price: $3.99

Tiger gives Lois all the files on Spiral while Superman figures out something about what Leviathan is up to and Leviathan recruits Guardian. Ok NOW we are getting into the meat of this arc with things starting to line up and Leviathan starting to take form. Bendis does a great job at information or evidence release, he is engaging the audience to not be a reader but to be a part of this mystery themselves. The art in Action is very solid and that goes to the consistency of the artist with Epting, and Anderson being the soul art team in this issue. The lines and colors are great, my one nit-pick is that Jimmy looks a little young here. Overall Leviathan is shaping up to be a great DC mystery/event. ~ Jay @ComicBookTheate

Verdict: 4 ½ Stars

Written By: Joshua Williamson
Art By: Howard Porter
Colors By: HI-FI
Cover By: Howard Porter and HI-FI
Variant Covers By: Derrick Chew
Price: 3.99

The Flash issue 71, Year One Chapter 2 The Flash of Two Timelines throws us into a future where Central City has been taken over the Turtle and his followers. After meeting up with the future version of himself and learning may be a little more and he should have, the future Flash rebuilds the Cosmic Treadmill and sends younger Barry back to his correct time. Confused with what he just saw and experienced Barry isn’t sure he should even use his power ever again but he does take the advice of his future self by accepting a date with Iris West, only to have the fall through when the Turtle attacks.

Joshua Williamson is telling a Year One story that has hit the ground running in the first two issues and great story building using the existing Flash history and adding pieces we didn’t know we missed.  The same goes for Howard Porter as we get both great action and great storytelling through the panels.  Flash Year One is shaping up to be an awesome ride. ~ Justin @ExileState

Verdict: 4 Stars

Written By: Dash Shaw
Art By: Dash Shaw
Letters By: Dash Shaw
Cover By: Dash Shaw
Variant Covers By: Dash Shaw And Jed McGowan
Price: 3.99

Mr. Body is getting threatening letters so he summons his friends and associates to a gathering at his place which leads to murder. I am a big fan of mysteries, so growing up games like Clue was my favorite because they engaged me in ways other games couldn’t and I wish I could same the same about this issue. The story was very basic and almost dumbed down while trying to be overly complicated. The mystery is frantic and felt like it was thrown together way too fast. The art also lowers the enjoyment here. Overall I felt like the art was more like comic strip quality as well as the story makes me believe that this should have been in a newspaper rather than a full-on comic. ~ Jay @ComicBookTheate

Verdict 2 Stars

Written By: Scott Tipton & David Tipton
Pencils By: David Messina
Inks By:  Elisabetta D’Amico
Colors By: Alexandra Alexakis
Letters By: Neil Uyetake
Cover A & B By: David Messina
Retailer Incentive Cover By: George Caltsoudas
Price By: $3.99

The Prophets rejected Q’s offer to join the games so the next round is to get them involved. The Tiptons do a perfect job writing these characters to the point where they get their inflictions so on cue that you can hear the actors delivering the lines. I felt like I was in every briefing with these characters and a part of each team in a way that the shows themselves haven’t even done. The art here keeps improving getting more and more of the characters quirks and gestures down. I love that Q was put into his place but I am torn because I feel the Prophets were too overpowered for it. Overall this is what I want on my screen, CBS, HELLO hire the Tiptons as writers on a Star Trek Series, they deliver all I want in an episode of Trek in every issue they write. ~ Jay @ComicBookTheate

Verdict: 4 ¾ Stars

“Fire & Ice Chapter Two” 
Written By: Greg Pak 
Art By:  Gang Hyuk Lim 
Colors By: Federico Blee 
Letters By: VC’s Clayton Cowles 
Cover By: Woo Dae Shim 
Variant Covers By: Ron Lim, Cory Hamscher & Federico Blee
Price: $3.99
The Queen of Cinders has arrived and it is up to the New Agents of Atlas to unite as one in order to defeat her and save the Earth. I said it with the first issue and I’ll say it again, I love this book and this team! Greg Pak is really delivering the best part of The War of The Realms in my opinion. He is using a diverse cast of Asian characters from all over and showing them working together and each representing their own homeland without making it the plot, but instead through their interactions and the natural progression of this story. He does an excellent job balancing every character even with a team this large, I don’t feel like anyone is being marginalized or underutilized in the least. Pak also adds just the right amount of humor to the book where I get the chuckle but not taken out of the plot. The art here is great! Every character is individual, no one is interchangeable, and the expressions are so well done that I get to feel what the characters are feeling. Overall this is the best part of this event and I can not wait for the mini-series that is spinning out of this title! ~ Jay @ComicBookTheate

Verdict: 4 ¾ Stars

Written By: Matthew Rosenberg
Art By: Pere Perez
Colors By: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letters By: VC’s Travis Lanham
Cover By: David Yardin
Price: $3.99

The War of the Realms Uncanny X-Men #2 continues the siege of New York City by the combined forces of Dark Elves and Frost Giants.  The X-Men led by Cyclops have fortified a base and are saving as many people as possible when they get word of another group of mutants in the city doing the same thing.  This leads to both teams reuniting but only have Wolfsbane kidnapped by Sabertooth.  The team could really use a Wolverine right about now, just saying.  This unveils his plan to gain favor from Malekith by using Magik to teleport their army and continue the conquest.  Overall a great continuation of the first issue as it pushes through to the final issue in this mini-series.  I can’t wait to see how Matthew Rosenberg and Pere Perez wrap up this awesome side quest in the world beset by the War of the Realms.  ~ Justin @ExileState

Verdict: 3 ½ Stars

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