New York Comic Con 2019 Photo Gallery

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UPDATED: Comic Frontline’s Michael, aka Dude of Rock 18 attended New York Comic Con 2019 and snapped a bunch of photos and recorded a video. Check ’em out!

Michael has attended New York Comic Con every year for several years, and this time, like the ones before, he took a lot of photos. Comic Frontline’s resident Spider-Man cosplayer donned the tights and mask again, as did his fiance, Eli in her Spider-Gwen digs. Joining them was Michael’s best friend Kevin, whom you’ve seen in the past on Comic Frontline as well! 

Check out Michael’s vlog (part 1) and photo gallery below. We’ll update the post with part 2 of the vlog when it is available!

The 2019 NYCC (New York Comic Con) Vlog-Part 1 from DudeOfRock18
The 2019 NYCC (New York Comic Con) Vlog-Part 2 from DudeOfRock18
Michael’s Social Media
Twitter: @DudeOfRock18
Facebook: @michael.ventura.334
YouTube: DudeOfRock18

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