Teen Lantern’s Origin Revealed! | Comic Book Weekly 02

Teen Lantern's Origin Revealed

Comic Book Weekly returns with a brand new episode! The weekly comic book podcast you should be listening to! This week, Teen Lantern’s origin is revealed in Young Justice #9, Immortal Hulk gets an Absolute Carnage tie-in, Ms. Marvel is a playable character in the upcoming Avengers video game, Al Ewing takes over writing Guardians of the Galaxy, Donny Cates to write Thor, a few wrestling sidetracks, and more will be discussed! Plus, we talk Big Books, Under the Radar, Key Issues and share our Top 5 Comics of the Week!

Teen Lantern’s Origin Revealed!

This is a brand new era for Comic Frontline. Join us as we march forward!

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The list of News Topics We Discuss:

Valiant’s Faith Gets YA Prose Novel
Black Cat Gets Series in PS4 Universe
Marvel’s Arkham Asylum – Ravencroft Gets A Series
Marvel The End One Shots
Arno Stark is Iron Man 2020
Marvel to Relaunch Star Wars
Donny Cates New Thor Writer
Young Justice’s Amethyst Gets Ongoing Title
Earth X Gets Prequel
Al Ewing on Guardians of the Galaxy
Ben Percy to Write New Wolverine Series
Ms Marvel Joins Avengers Game

The List of Big Books:

Batman #80
Marvel Comics #1001
House of X #6
Legion of Superheroes: Millennium #2
Justice League #33
Ghost Rider #1
WWE Smackdown Live Special #1
DCeased #5
Contagion #1
Young Justice #9
Spider-Verse #1
Dead Eyes #1


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