Relaunching Celestial Falcon


Chris DiBuduo and Brant Fowler gear up to relaunch Celestial Falcon #1 Deluxe Edition on Kickstarter and talk about what the book is about and how they will handle things differently this time around.

Relaunching Celestial Falcon | Asking for Feedback

Recently, Celestial Falcon #1 Deluxe Edition failed to meet its funding goal, shy of just a small amount as the campaign came to a close. This was after a strong first and last week with a large lull in the middle week of the three week campaign.

In this video, Chris & Brant discuss why they think the backing wasn’t where it could have been and expand on the book and the story itself, diving deeper than they ever have into the reasons why you should pick it up.

But they don’t think they have all the answers. In fact, they’re sure they don’t. So to get those answers, they are asking viewers and readers alike for feedback on the campaign and what they could do differently when (not if) they relaunch.

Some of the questions they pose are:

  • Were you aware of the Kickstarter?
  • Was it the genre that turned you off?
  • Were the pledge levels too high?
  • Did the page not tell you enough about the book?

You can view the past campaign here:

Celestial Falcon #1 Deluxe Edition Kickstarter Campaign

The duo will be announcing the launch date of the new campaign in two places. If you are a subscriber to the Last Ember Press newsletter, you’ll learn of the launch date tonight (Friday, October 11th). If not, Chris will be announcing it on Monday on his YouTube channel, as explained in the video.

Chris DiBuduo’s Links:

Twitter: @DarkAvengerC86

Brant Fowler’s Links:

Twitter: @BrantFowler

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