TV REVIEW – The Casagrandes SERIES PREMIERE “Going Overboard”/”Walk Don’t Run”

Check out Kat’s TV review for the series premiere of The Loud House spin-off show The Casagrandes also known as Los Casagrandes.

“Going Overboard”: As Frida prepares to show off her hip art to a gallery owner named Romeo (Wilson Cruz), Ronnie Anne finds out that Carlos used to be a skateboarder named Carlos X and learns some moves from him. They work to keep the lessons from Frida who didn’t want Carlos to get injured. When Carlos gets injured, Ronnie works to hide his injury from Frida.

“Walk Don’t Run”: Ronnie Anne is need of a new skateboard after it gets destroyed by the Street Cats while Sid wants a full cut-out of Yoon Kwan of Twelve is Midnight. After helping to walk Mr. Nakamura’s dog Nelson, Ronnie Anne and Sid plan to walk the dogs of Miranda’s dog Ninja, Mrs. Flores dog Buttercup, Margarita’s dogs Fluffy and Pickles, and Vito’s dogs Big Tony and Little Sal as well as Lalo to make more money. They must work to keep the dogs under control when it comes to the Street Cats and a strict dogcatcher.

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