Iris and Jai West Return in Flash Forward! | Comic Book Weekly 04

Iris and Jai West Return

Iris and Jai West return! We discuss this and more as each week, the cast of Comic Frontline converges on Comic Book Weekly for their comic book podcast to discuss the latest in comic news and weekly comics, including Top 5, Under the Radar, Chopping Block, Key Issues and more!

In addition to talking about Iris and Jai West, we discuss the battle of Batman and Bane, Absolute Carnage and the ultimate Venom, Scott Snyder leaving Justice League, a new Star Wars trailer, Vin Diesel as Bloodshot, James Tynion Batman, X-Men #1 and more!

News Discussed

New X-Corp Book
Carmen Carnero Leaves Captain Marvel for X-Corp
First Solicits for Tynion’s Batman
More New Sizes for DC with Prestige Plus
Birds of Prey Ongoing Becomes a One Shot
Scott Snyder Leaves Justice League
Iron Man 2020 Get Mini Series, Including Iron Heart
More American Vampire in 2020

Bloodshot Trailer
Star Wars Trailer
Jeph Loeb Expected to Leave Marvel
Verizon Members Get Disney Plus for Free for a Year

Big Books

Flash Forward #2
X-Men #1
Savage Tales of Red Sonja Halloween Special
Spider-Man #2
Metal Men #1
Batman #81
Guardians of the Galaxy #10
Absolute Carnage #4

Under the Radar

Grimm Tales of Terror 2019 Halloween Special
Absolute Carnage: Scream
Bettie Page Unbound #5
Excellence #6
Once and Future #3

Key Issues

Middlewest #12
Marvel Action Spider-Man #10
Batman/Superman #3
Dial H #8
Amazing Mary Jane #1
Amazing Spider-Man #32
Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle #1
Ghost Spider #3
Immortal Hulk #25
Marauders #1
Valkyrie: Jane Foster #4
Angel #6

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