Comic Uno’s Best Comic Books of the Week (Marauders #1, The Amazing Mary Jane #1, and More)

What were the best comic books of the week? Find out with my show where I review all my new comic book day books in one show where I rank them from least favorite to best.

Here are the comic books I reviewed this week:

Batgirl #40 – Oracle Vs. Batgirl

Batman: Curse of the White Knight #4 – Barbara Gordon reacts to Jim Gordon’s Death

Batman/Superman #3 – Blue Beetle Who Laughs and Jim Gordon Who Laughs join Batman Who Laughs

Dial H For Hero #8 – The Origins of The Operator and Mister Thunderbolt

The Amazing Spider-Man #32 – The return of Spider-Man 2099

Amazing Spider-Man Full Circle #1 – Marvel’s best writers team up for one Spider-Man story

The Amazing Mary Jane #1 – Mary Jane Watson stars in Mysterio’s movie

Ghost Spider #3 – The Bodega Bandit Gets Shot

The Immortal Hulk #25 – The Leader Returns and The Breakers of World revealed

Marauders #1 – Kitty Pryde can’t enter Krakoa and teams up with the Hellfire Club’s Emma Frost

Jane Foster: Valkyrie #4 – Mephisto tries to find a loop hole

Angel #6 – Hellmouth – Buffy/Angel crossover continues

Second Coming #4 – Jesus Christ Goes to Jail

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