Comic Uno’s Best Comic Books of the Week (Excalibur #1, Basketful of Heads #1, and More)

What were the best comic books of the week? Find out with my show where I review all my new comic book day books in one show where I rank them from least favorite to best.

Here are the comic books I reviewed this week:

Batman Annual #4 Everyday Life of Bruce Wayne, Countdown to the end of Tom King’s Run on Batman.
DCeased #6 – The end of the DC Universe
Excalibur #1 – Psylocke Becomes Captain Britain
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #13 – Spider-Man Teams Up with the Fantastic Four
Invisible Woman #4
Red Goblin: Red Death #1 – Norman Osborn as Red Goblin
Runaways #26 – The Runaways Becomes Superheroes
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #44 – The Power Rangers Meet the Omega Rangers
Jughead Time Police #5 – The Battle of a Multiverse of Jughead
Basketful of Heads #1 – First Series from Joe Hill’s New Horror Line
Tales From the Dark Multi-Verse: Death of Superman #1 – Lois Lane Becomes Superman

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