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What If Eddie Brock’s Son Becomes Anti-Venom? – Comic Book Weekly. Each week, the cast of Comic Frontline converges on Comic Book Weekly at 10pm ET on YouTube and Facebook for their comic book podcast to discuss the latest in comic news and weekly comics, including Top 5, Under the Radar, Chopping Block, Key Issues and more!

This week, the crew talks about if Eddie Brock’s son, Dylan Brock, will become Anti-Venom in Absolute Carnage, our first impressions for Excalibur #1, Hellblazer #1, Basketful of Heads #1, Marvel Zombies Resurrection #1, Psylocke becomes Captain Britain, Ant Man 3, Into the Spider-Verse sequel, Felicity Smoak returning for Arrow’s series finale, Lois Lane becoming Superman in Tales of the Dark Multiverse, the end of Dead Man Logan, and more!

Note: Venom is discussed at the 1 hour and 1 minute mark.

News Stories

Final 2 Issues of Beauty Cancelled By Image Comics
Cassie and Scott Get Ant-Man Book Together
Felicity Returns for Arrow Series Finale
Ant Man 3 Announced with same Director
Into the Spider-Verse Sequel Confirmed with Release Date
Quintin Lance Returns for Series Finale of Arrow

Big Books

Tales of the Dark Multiverse: Death of Superman #1

Excalibur #1

DCeased #6

Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #1

Batman Annual #4

Dead Man Logan #12

Basketful of Heads #1

Venom #19

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #44

Hellblazer #1

Red Goblin: Red Death #1

Key Issues/Most Anticipated Comic Books For Next Week

Grimm Fairy Tales 2019 Holiday Special

Infected King Shazam #1

Young Justice #10

Red Sonja #10

Dead Eyes #2

Undiscovered Country #1

The Amazing Spider-Man #33

The Immortal Hulk #26

New Mutants #1

X-Force #1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #9

Magicians #1

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