Leviathan Revealed! | The Chris & Brant Show

Leviathan Revealed

Leviathan Revealed in this brand new episode of The Chris & Brant Show! Plus, cereal taste-testing, Celestial Falcon, video games, LIVE art and more!

Leviathan Revealed! | The Chris & Brant Show

“I’m Brant, he’s Chris. We put on a show you just can’t miss. He says Cowabunga, I say Yo Joe! Welcome to The Chris & Brant Show!”

It’s celebration time and Chris & Brant enter into the final day of the Celestial Falcon Kickstarter! Just 14 hours to go as of this posting, ending at midnight Friday, Nov. 15th!

To celebrate, Lisa joins as a guest and colors the Celestial Falcon postcard LIVE!

Chris & Brant discuss the revelation of Leviathan, taste some weird cereal, talk Disney Plus, gaming, wrestling and more!

Topics discussed on this episode of The Chris & Brant Show:

  • DC Comics’ Event Leviathan
  • Leviathan Revealed – Was it cool or was it lame?
  • Disney Plus – What was the first thing we watched? Hint: It wasn’t Mandalorian!
  • AEW Full Gear – Main Event (The rest on AEW Aftershock this week)
  • New Xbox Games coming up (including classics coming to the system, like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts!)
  • Taste-Testing Sour Patch Kids Cereal!
  • Entering the FINAL DAY of the Celestial Falcon Kickstarter!
  • Plus: Lisa inks, flats and colors the Celestial Falcon postcard LIVE!

The Chris & Brant Show Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNzd_3XaplM&list=PLH_DRa83aPNVPSQYpbWZo29ReQH5o9q_-

The Chris & Brant Show on the Dot Com: https://comicfrontline.com/?s=Chris+%26+Brant

Celestial Falcon on Kickstarter:


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