Rise of the Dark Order | AEW Aftershock

Rise of the Dark Order

We see the Rise of the Dark Order as the Elite and SCU feel the full might of their force! Plus Jungle Boy tries to last 10 minutes with Chris Jericho, Brant picks a name and more on this episode!

Rise of the Dark Order | AEW Aftershock 10

Kenny Omega and Adam Page team up again as they take on the Lucha Brothers in what proves to be every bit as good as you’d imagine a match with these two teams. But what does Pac have to do with all of this? Did Omega and Page coexist?

Cody teams up with Darby Allin to take on The Butcher and the Blade also, is redemption in Cody’s sites?

We get a women’s number one contender’s match between Britt Baker (Adam Cole’s girlfriend, we’re told!) and the out of this world Kris Stadtlander.

Jungle Boy attempts to last 10 minutes with Chris Jericho.

SCU defends their tag titles against the famed Young Bucks.

And the Rise of the Dark Order continues as they make an impact to close out the show.

Plus, Chris opens a Pro Wrestling Crate and Brant picks a name!

We discuss all this and more!

  • AEW Dark (Dec. 17)
  • AEW Dynamite Winter Finale (Dec 18)
  • AEW Revolution
  • Pro Wrestling Crate: Bigs and Littles
  • Brant Picks a Wrestling Name
  • New Schedule for AEW Aftershock

Who stood out? What is different about AEW? What did we like and what did we think could be improved? We talk about it all!

If you have never watched All Elite Wrestling (AEW), let us help you get off the fence and see why you should give it a shot!

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