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This week on our comic book podcast, we talk about who the new Ronin could be, two new animated He-Man programs coming to Netflix, Hickman’s new Image title, Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost’s relationship, a murder mystery at Valiant, the new Star Wars series from Marvel, more Deadpool, DC TV renewals, Marvel’s Empyre, Incoming, Doomsday Clock, plus, Top 5 comics, big books, chopping block, key issues and more!




Transformers Vs. Terminator Event
Hickman Bringing New Creator Owned Title to Image
Avengers and Fantastic Four VS Kree and Skrulls for Empyre Event
Murder Mystery for Valiant
Sean Murphy Working on Catwoman Title
He-Man Gets Cartoon with Anime Already on the Way
Valiant Signs Deal for Video Games
Marvel Studios Deadpool Movie Underway

Big Books


-Hawkeye Freefall #1

-Thor #1

-Marauders #5

-Star Wars #1

-X-Men #4

-Doctor Strange #1

-Suicide Squad #1

-Incoming #1

-Batman #85

-Doomsday Clock #12


Key Issues For Next Week


-Batman #86

-The Amazing Spider-Man #37

-The Immortal Hulk #29

-X-Force #5

-Young Justice #12

-Venom #22

-Miles Morales The End #1

-Star #1

-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/TMNT #2

-20XX #2

-The Amazing Mary Jane #4

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