Morbius Trailer Reaction


The Morbius trailer was released starring Jared Leto. Join us as we watch it and react to it in this edition of Topic Time! What did we think of the trailer, and what was the surprise at the end?

Morbius Trailer Reaction | Topic Time

Mike Spider-Slayer and Brant Fowler watch in real time the Morbius trailer and give their reactions to the movie. How does this movie tie in to the rest of the Spider-Man universe? Will it be connected to Venom or the larger universe, and will it have any ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe containing the Avengers franchise?

What did you think of the Morbius trailer? Leave your comments below and let us know!

And if you liked this reaction video, tell us and maybe we’ll continue doing these for trailers on Topic Time!

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